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  1. I’m not 100% sure about selling it, I do love the way it looks. But I know it’s not the right car for me, and that is unlikely to change. Having done two trackdays in it, the car would certainly benefit from a bigger engine.
  2. Sadly yes. I absolutely love it and every drive has been an event. But I need to be realistic and accept it's not the right car for me at this time. I need something I can just jump in and drive all year round, I have no technical knowledge and even less time due to work/family commitments. It's been a great summer with it and I have no regrets but after a serious health scare last year I know that time is precious and when something isn't right for me then it's best to move on.
  3. CQ8

    Half Roll Cage - Bolt In

    Price reduced to £325
  4. PM's not accepted, can you PM me?
  5. They're yours then. I'll PM you.
  6. I booked to do both days but cannot make it. My tickets (inc the trackday) are for sale in the "For Sale" section at a significant discount...
  7. Boxengasse, 17 & 18 August I booked this back in February but typically cannot now make it. It's short notice but I'm selling my place on the trackday on Saturday at Silverstone on the Stowe Circuit and admission for one to the evening drive in cinema, as well as the event at AutoFarm on the Sunday. Total price I paid was £365, I'd would take £250 for the lot.
  8. This came in my 3.2 when I bought the car but I now I have rear seats installed so it's surplus to requirements. I don't know anything about it other than it's a bolt in half cage. £400
  9. Sold outside of the forum.
  10. According to the advert, the engine is stock apart from turbo motor mounts, headers and a Steve Wong chip. I don't know if those last two items would add any significant power, probably not. The brakes are stock, they are fine for road use but they started to judder after a few hard laps at Goodwood. I've since changed the fluid but nothing else. Suspension I'm not sure about! I would love 300+bhp but will stick with what I have for now.
  11. Twinspark Racing 911 ST style steering wheel, 360mm Also included is the 1974-1989 steering hub/boss and the 911R horn button. All of these three items have to be purchased separately and the total cost of all three if you buy from Twinspark racing is 745 Euros (plus shipping), approximately £664. This steering wheel has never been fitted to a car and is in as new condition. £550.00
  12. Hi Brads, Absolutely! It's sitting in my garage. I don't know anything about it's manufacture.
  13. Good points MarkJ and Northy. I will look through the paperwork again but I think the gearbox was rebuilt in the last few years.
  14. A few shots from Goodwood. Ha! I know, that reads abit wrong. It's an old farm, not Blenheim Palace!
  15. Nothing too crazy! First on the list is the gear change. Driving at Goodwood was fine, I was only using 3rd and above. But on the road, getting into first, first to second and then third down to second are all horrible! Hard to get into gear, resistance etc. For example, coming along a dual carraiageway upto a roundabout, it's clear to go so drop to second.... wait... hang on... it's in there somewhere... ah, got it, and off we go! It's spoiling the experience at the moment although it is making me think about my driving and it's less of an issue than it first was. I know these 915 boxes aren't the best but if I can just get the changes abit cleaner and the lever to slot home then I'll be very happy. After lost of reading up join threads on here, I have decided to go for the Wevo classic shifter. I was over in the States visiting friends so I ordered direct and asked for the parts to be sent sent there. In addition to the shifter I ordered a PSJ coupler and Tube Guide Bush. Unfortunately, only the latter two parts turned up when I was there. I'm still waiting for the shifter as they have had issues with parts supply for this. Hopefully it will be sent soon and then my friend will bring it in July when he visits the UK. There is an aftermarket short shift kit on there at the moment but I will probably take this off. The reverse lock it is causing the lever to lock in fifth which is not ideal when you want to change down! I'm also going to raise the suspension a fraction so it can get over the speed bumps on my drive. We have raised it a little already since I bought it but not quite enough, it's still grinding the towing eye. I'm also thinking about putting the heating back in the car. It was pretty chilly driving to Goodwood in March. It's running a sports exhaust with headers so I need to put some (I think) SSI's in and various other parts. I'll mainly use the car in the warmer months but it would be good to have heat if it's chilly. I know the system isn't perfect but it's better than nothing. I have thought about that, gold wheels would set the paint off nicely. I wasn't sure if they did them in that size, I think the wheels are 11x15 on the rear?

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