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  1. According to the advert, the engine is stock apart from turbo motor mounts, headers and a Steve Wong chip. I don't know if those last two items would add any significant power, probably not. The brakes are stock, they are fine for road use but they started to judder after a few hard laps at Goodwood. I've since changed the fluid but nothing else. Suspension I'm not sure about! I would love 300+bhp but will stick with what I have for now.
  2. Twinspark Racing 911 ST style steering wheel, 360mm Also included is the 1974-1989 steering hub/boss and the 911R horn button. All of these three items have to be purchased separately and the total cost of all three if you buy from Twinspark racing is 745 Euros (plus shipping), approximately £664. This steering wheel has never been fitted to a car and is in as new condition. £550.00
  3. Hi Brads, Absolutely! It's sitting in my garage. I don't know anything about it's manufacture.
  4. Good points MarkJ and Northy. I will look through the paperwork again but I think the gearbox was rebuilt in the last few years.
  5. A few shots from Goodwood. Ha! I know, that reads abit wrong. It's an old farm, not Blenheim Palace!
  6. Nothing too crazy! First on the list is the gear change. Driving at Goodwood was fine, I was only using 3rd and above. But on the road, getting into first, first to second and then third down to second are all horrible! Hard to get into gear, resistance etc. For example, coming along a dual carraiageway upto a roundabout, it's clear to go so drop to second.... wait... hang on... it's in there somewhere... ah, got it, and off we go! It's spoiling the experience at the moment although it is making me think about my driving and it's less of an issue than it first was. I know these 915 boxes aren't the best but if I can just get the changes abit cleaner and the lever to slot home then I'll be very happy. After lost of reading up join threads on here, I have decided to go for the Wevo classic shifter. I was over in the States visiting friends so I ordered direct and asked for the parts to be sent sent there. In addition to the shifter I ordered a PSJ coupler and Tube Guide Bush. Unfortunately, only the latter two parts turned up when I was there. I'm still waiting for the shifter as they have had issues with parts supply for this. Hopefully it will be sent soon and then my friend will bring it in July when he visits the UK. There is an aftermarket short shift kit on there at the moment but I will probably take this off. The reverse lock it is causing the lever to lock in fifth which is not ideal when you want to change down! I'm also going to raise the suspension a fraction so it can get over the speed bumps on my drive. We have raised it a little already since I bought it but not quite enough, it's still grinding the towing eye. I'm also thinking about putting the heating back in the car. It was pretty chilly driving to Goodwood in March. It's running a sports exhaust with headers so I need to put some (I think) SSI's in and various other parts. I'll mainly use the car in the warmer months but it would be good to have heat if it's chilly. I know the system isn't perfect but it's better than nothing. I have thought about that, gold wheels would set the paint off nicely. I wasn't sure if they did them in that size, I think the wheels are 11x15 on the rear?
  7. This should probably go in the hot rod section but I can't post there. I've been meaning to start a thread on my new purchase for a few months and following the incredible support I received from members on here during my recent breakdown (see below) has prompted me to get on with it. I purchased this car from Williams Crawford in February of this year. It had been for sale for a while with them and, although I dismissed it originally, as the price came down over time I found myself coming back to it time and again. I loved the colour and the fact that the shade gives it a more subdued appearance compared to the usual brightly coloured RSR reps. The car is an early lhd 1984 3.2 that was delivered new to Germany. Moss Green is the original colour and that stayed when the RSR kit was fitted by the previous owner. It's not a concours car, probably closer to a condition 2 car but this is perfect for me as it means I won't be too precious about using it. When I bought the car it came with a half roll cage in the back and the rear seating area was carpeted. I wanted to change this as I have two boys and wanted to be able to take them out in the car with me. As luck would have it, a quick search on eBay turned up a complete rear interior set in black leather: carpets, seat bases, seat backs, parcel shelf and most importantly (as it was from a 964) three point seat belts. The whole lot was being sold by a chap local to me who had converted a standard 964 to RS spec. Williams Crawford fitted the whole lot and it works very well. So far I have managed a trackday at Goodwood in March which was great fun and then I took the car down to Spain in February. Unfortunately it didn't make it due to an issue with the alternator / voltage regulator, read the full story here: That brings us pretty much upto date. The car is back home in Devon and I have been using it whenever the sun is shining. I've had a 996 Turbo and a 997 Turbo but I enjoy this so much more, despite the obvious performance deficit. This is the first running air-cooled car I've owned! I bought a lovely yellow 1976 2.7l at a auction in 2016. It was a Japanese market car that had just arrived in the UK and although it had been fitted with later flared arches and a 3.0SC engine, it was in great condition. It did need a top end rebuild due to the head studs and when I was offered what I paid for it I took the decision (unwisely) to sell. That car subsequently turned up as a cover car on Classic Porsche last summer. I knew it was a good one! I then imported a 1980 SC Targa project from Florida last year but with a couple of other projects on the go (old Astons) I realised I would never get round to it so sold it on. I plan a few mods on the RSR in the near future but I will update the thread as and when things happen.
  8. Just to update this and draw the thread to a close, I made it home last night without any issue. I left the track at Aragon on Sunday night and stayed the night in a great hotel in the Rioja region ready for the drive up through France on Monday. I left at 9am and by 4pm I was returning the car to the agency in Poitiers. I caught a taxi to Damien's where the car was ready and waiting. It was a lovely evening so I headed across country on some fantastic empty N roads on the way to Nantes. The car ran faultlessly and it was great to be enjoying all the 3.2 had to offer. From Nantes to Roscoff, the next day's drive also passed without issue. I cruised at 110 km/h which was the limit on the dual carriage way and this ensured I didn't fall victim to the numerous speed cameras that seem to be prevalent in France these days. For the last few miles into Roscoff, I fell into a convey with an English group of Porsches. A 997.2 Turbo and two Boxsters. It was a great trip and, despite the issue, I absolutely love this car! Empty roads! A quick stop at a Chateau On the ferry in good company!
  9. Yes! Trackday at Aragon. Just had the first day, glad I decided not to miss it and wait for the car. What a track! Are you there Roy?
  10. Update Spoke to Damien first this morning, sadly another slight issue cropped up meaning the car was not going to be ready until Friday morning. This meant I would have missed the first of three days on track so I decided leave it with him, and to hire a car and drive down to Spain in that. I'll collect the Porsche up my way back up. Aside from the alternator/regulator issue, the top of the pulley is not seating properly on the fan. It's has worn away the metal of the block it sits on at the front of the fan. On top of that, some of the shims were broken making it hard to get the right clearance so I think this is what was causing the noise I could hear in the car. Damien is going to replace the fan and this should fix that. This issue was also stopping him getting proper tension on the fan belt. He tested the alternator, which was giving inconsistent readings so this confirmed it was worth checking. It didn't sound that healthy when he spun it by hand for me on the bench either, the brushes were quite noisy. He was concerned that the voltage issue may get worse as he was only testing it with the engine cold. This would make sense as it was fine for me when the engine was cold and then got much worse as it got hotter. He offered to pull something together with a fan from a car in the workshop but for me that was too risky with the same alternator. So when I get back to him, the car will have a new battery, new fan, new fan belt, and new alternator/rectifier. Hopefully that should solve all the issues.... I have to say everyone I have met during this breakdown has been fantastic. Aside from Damien and his team, the receptionist at the hotel sorted a hire car and then ran outside to grab a taxi that was dropping someone off so that I could get to the car hire place 20 minutes away. The taxi driver told me (in French but I managed to understand most of it!) all about his classic Mini that had the same problem with the rectifier and even gave me the name of the auto electrician that fixed it. Then the lady at Sixt car hire was fantastic, giving me lots of advice and a choice of cars, and telling me which ones were good and not so good. I settled on a brand new Peugeot 2008 Estate with an auto box. The 500 mile drive to the hotel in Spain was nowhere near as fun as it would have been in the 3.2 but I've made it in time, and the Porsche will be ready to collect on my return.
  11. I'll let everyone know what happens in the morning... I've not had the car long, and wanted to do a thread when I had something to talk about... no excuses now! This is only actually the second time I've driven the car, the first was to a trackday at Goodwood in March. The instructor got in the car, asked me how long I had owned it and burst out laughing when I told him two days! There is a mesh grill on the front, but it's quite fine and difficult to see in the photos.
  12. Thank you. I will keep updating the thread.
  13. Update. Well I have been rescued by Damien from Atelier Gobin. He came and collected me with a covered trailer that he was able to get the car onto as he'd brought extra wood as well to help with the lowness. I was just disappointed he was not wearing a super hero outfit! @mean in green yes very relieved I didn't have to use the motorway nominated agent, I know they can be eye waveringly expensive. He brought the car back to his workshop and gave me a tour. Wow, the cars is definitely in safe hands! It's full of beautiful 911's in all states of repairs, some projects and some restored. They have a stand at Retromobile if anyone has been, and sold a 2.2S to a businessman at the show this year who had just popped in for a look around as he had some fee time! That's proper impulse buying. There's a lovely two owner 2.7RS that they have repainted and just sold for mega bucks. So I know my 3.2 is in safe hands! The workshop tour was almost worth breaking down for! As Jevvy says, this is all part of the trip and not having a plan has worked out for the better. On top of it all he is a really, really nice chap. Without prompting he made the same diagnosis as you chaps and is going to replace the alternator and internal regulator tomorrow. He also suggested replacing the battery which is probably sensible as well after the overcharging. It was only a Halfords one that was in the car when I bought it. He agrees it was a very good decision to stop. Damien then dropped me at a Novotel just up the road so I'm now free to relax until tomorrow. If he gets it going then I have a nine hour drive tomorrow to catch up, I'm due for a trackday at Aragon on my motorbike on Friday. If another unforeseen problem crops up and he can't get it done then I'll hire a car and drive down. Then maybe pick it up on the way back. Really appreciate the help and responses from everybody here. Some pics: Awaiting rescue Loading onto the trailer All loaded up
  14. Well I seem to be in luck! The specialist was at the garage doing a stock check, he used to live in England so speaks excellent English, and he’s coming in one hour with a trailer to rescue me! He doesn’t have a regulator but can get one tomorrow morning so I will be back on the road tomorrow. My French friend said there is a saying in France that when you are this lucky you need to speak to your wife as she’s probably having an affair...!
  15. Yes, you’re right of course. My French friend has confirmed it is a national holiday. Not just a holiday, but the purpose of the holiday is to celebrate not working! So nothing is open. If somewhere has the parts, how long would they take to do the work?
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