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  1. Anyone else looking for a place on this? I've booked but can't make it now.
  2. I have a good condition, black LHD dash top for a 3.0SC (two vent slots) that I want to sell. Any suggestions on value?
  3. The engine needed a top end rebuild which I didn't have funds for. The engine builder knew someone who would be interested and the deal was done. A sad day but no point dwelling on it, there are plenty of other cars out there.
  4. Thanks Ian. I ran the red 997 turbo in the AMOC series with Mike in 2014. It was a lot of fun and I'm hoping to have another go. It won't now be in the yellow 911 though, I sold it yesterday.
  5. I'm hoping to do a few sprints and hill climbs in the 911 next year. I have one question for those that have done this, what do you do about a tow hook/loop for the front of the car?
  6. That would make sense. Mine has the black trim which also was on the Letter of Origin as specified new.
  7. Just to confuse matters slightly, I have a Letter of Origin from Porsche for my 1976 911S (built Dec 1975). One of the options fitted to my car was headlamp rims in the exterior colour. So standard is probably chrome but you could have them exterior colour as an option. For some unknown reason a subsequent owner changed mine from exterior colour to chrome!
  8. Agreed! Joseph, that car really is gorgeous!
  9. Thank you for the warm welcome! The original colour is Light Yellow according to Porsche. I'm not sure if this is the correct light yellow or not as I believe it has had a respray at some point. This photo shows the yellow a little better. From what little history I have, it appears to have spent nearly all of it's life in Japan.
  10. Hi, A longtime lurker on here but thought now is the time to introduce myself. I'm Chris and I live in SW Devon. I've had a 996 Turbo and a 997 Turbo in the past but I have just become the proud owner of a 1976 Porsche 911 2.7. It's come from Japan and is currently being looked over by Robin at Auto Umbau. No surprises so far and the body work is in good condition. It's been modified over the years with later seats, wider wings, 16" wheels and a 3 litre engine out of a 1979 SC. Looking forward to getting it registered in the UK and on the road. Chris
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