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  1. RB won't like it, but I recently fitted 60 profile 'taxi tyres' on my spare set of 15s as a change from 50 profile Kumho V70s (road/track tyres). I'm happy with it on the doughnuts so far, with a far nicer ride plus lighter and more vibrant steering with skinny little 195s up front. It was fun on a cold, damp track too, once I got confident with the added movement. It sometimes felt a little 'over-tyred' on the Kumhos, and less tyre is a lot cheaper 'upgrade' than more power
  2. No way to borrow short-term, allowing you to finish the 911 and achieve its full value rather than fire-sale as a kit? The added sale price would more than cover some interest P.S. You have a great car history!
  3. The most obvious mod not yet mentioned for trackdays is an LSD, not cheap but it makes a big difference to stability and handling
  4. I picture the SCOM team sat round the computer with tea and biscuits, laughing their socks off at the massed ranks of the PH lynch mob. I find it pretty funny too and wonder what the actual asking price is for anyone genuinely interested who contacts them?
  5. Me too, but luckily that meant out sailing After 'working' Sunday, I reckon I can easily justify a spin out into the Downs in the 911 tomorrow lunchtime
  6. Sorry your day ended like that, and hope damage is minimal
  7. No push buttons, it's a kneel in a muddy puddle with a spanner job. They're based on the rally exhausts fitted by the factory in the 60/70s. The centre pipes would be open in the stages for less back pressure but could be capped on the road sections to keep noise down
  8. Sorry Mark. I definitely can't make Sept as I'll be in the middle of the Boat Show, but I may not make it at all now, thanks to a couple of large projects brewing which would consume time and budget. Best to ignore me and I'll fit in if I can nearer the time
  9. ^ you're not still pretending that's a 3.2 are you?
  10. None on a standard SC so far... Where did they all disappear to after that group buy?
  11. I've always much preferred the narrow version, as it seems more suited to the minimalist style I envisage for a Speedster
  12. Mine too, I thought it near perfect when I saw it at Spa a couple of years back
  13. That's going to look great You just need the 60 profile rubber now to finish it off....!
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