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  1. So nice I do like them Boxsters. It is always a difficult choice to get the mix right with a daily between having something you enjoy but not so special that you feel bad running the miles up on it. The 968 is great it was my daily for a while and so practical with that giant load area at the back. I have top admit I love my gti as a daily they really are fun. BTW: I have no images of the 968 hosted anywhere as been away for the forum for years I will post some when I get around to finding a hosting place
  2. Loving this post and beats my mk5 gti as a daily I have F1 Asymmetric on my 968 and think they are great, they grip and wear well and I only got them after finding loads of happy users online.
  3. hey my old mucker One of my hippy customers was selling his low miles mk5 gti that he has had from new so it was an offer I could not refuse I love my T5 daily so it kinda feels like I am a happily married man that has everything he needs then went to the pub and fell in love with the bloody barmaid so went and complicated his little life .
  4. It got worse last week I just bought a gti to add to the list so even less time to drive the speedster. I would love to catch up with some of you this year so will keep an eye on the events section.
  5. Sounds like a similar argument that goes on with the mk5 gti vs the m7 gti. With the mk5 being 80% of the mk7 for 20% of the price.
  6. Aldo

    912 sleeper

    Such a nice car. I need to spend more time on here I have been missing too much.
  7. Just saw this thread. So sorry to see this
  8. Was just going to say make sure you take that our for Airport, Embassy and prison visits
  9. It is a sports car nothing wrong with red inside or out. Very nice Christmas present to yourself
  10. My problem is too little time and to many cars. I love driving anything so often jump in my companies van, if not I have a V50 T5 which I love as a daily and my children love it too as it is the car we take on family adventures, if not in the above I nick the wife's Merc or fly about in the 968 which I love too. I also walk a lot as hate traffic :)
  11. Not many mate last MOT was around 18 months ago and realised I did 40 miles in that period when I got a new MOT a few weeks ago. I have two businesses and two children so not much time to play and when I do no back seats means the children normally come out in the 968. I took my youngest out in it on Sunday as I got it new front tyres which were full for tread but 2003s I will be using sit more as love it just kind of got distracted for a few years.
  12. Ha ha I have been busy. I will have to upload some:)
  13. Just came across this old post. Can't believe how long I have had the old girl. How you all doing?
  14. If you need any crazy feature oak beams for widow sills if you can make it to my yard CM210LR I will let you take a few from this batch FOC https://www.encorereclamation.co.uk/product/reclaimed-oak-beams/
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