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  1. "So while I yearn for an Esprit as well, as they are gorgeous, I have a feeling I would always be on edge when using it, expecting something big to go wrong every so often." Hey, I drive a 28yr old Lancia throughout an English winter, i'm always on edge but thanks for the extra insight. We are all spoilt with our IB's on the whole, they are so much better built than 90% of the rest of the classic car world.
  2. Amazing quality work, is this a money no object complete restoration? its virtually a brand new old 911 now Be nice to get all these old cars re-jigged, bet plenty of them are well out of skew after 30-40 yrs of use and previous history. Is it something you can only do with a stripped down shell? If not, what sort of money are we looking at for a jig alignment ? Mines going in for a re-spray soon hence the interest.
  3. whats the Retro tour then Anglophone? I've been wanting to do some kind of rally/tour for ages using either my IB or Integrale. edit: this one I presume https://heroevents.eu/event-schedule/retro-classic-tour-2020/ looks great, may try and do that next year now I know about it thanks for the tip off.
  4. that was the same for me before I bought the CR. It was a choice between an Aston or a Cayman and I asked anyone and everyone I encountered in the car world. All I got was tales of high bills and un-reliability for Aston sadly, which is a real shame and also annoying that its always a Brit car manufacturer that cuts corners or tries to fleece you with maintenance. (not that they are alone on that these days!)
  5. I went last year, it was ace, especially if you like watching rally cars in anger on the live stages. Walk around to the open barns that are packed full of tasty rally and race cars Had every intention of going this year but it clashes with something else
  6. I like exige and Evoras, but they wouldn’t give me much the CR can’t give in spades. not a fan of the Elise really. Plus they aren’t old school cool like an Esprit
  7. Nah, i like them but its a pure track toy, should have got myself one of them a few years ago when you lot stopped playing on track in your iB's @Silver, not sure that counts as a sports/gt car
  8. to be honest I feel back to square one as I cant bring myself to give up any of the current motors. They are such great 'drivers' cars in their own rights. Each time I think I've convinced myself I could live without one, then I drive it and change my mind! I will definitely test drive a couple though as it can hopefully convince me one way or the other. Must admit, being a motorsports fan, I find the thought of driving a Chapman designed chassis quite exciting, plus we probably have Lotus to thank for the mid-engined marvel that is the Cayman as they pioneered it.
  9. Ha no! I’m not sitting here on a pile of cash waiting to buy cars you know 😄 Not had a chance to even go see one yet. Better off buying a boat at the moment!
  10. Most articles/reviews I’ve read all state the aircon works well in them as stock but that the heating system is lame. Black and gold looks ace Longers.
  11. yes that's more like it and sure i'd read elsewhere a similar figure, just that weight plate in the Brightwells threw a curve ball
  12. one image surprised me in that set....1389kg that's not a lightweight sportscar by any stretch, considering its vintage too when cars had less electrical components and safety gubbins. or am I reading that plate wrong? is that max alloweable weight?
  13. crikey that is cheap. The red seats look like comfy chesterfields from a Gentlemens club good looking car though. Full width scenic roof too, nice.
  14. some nice MOD landies on there on the cheap you would think they could sell all those trucks to some tin-pot dictators army in the Congo (or less well off military) rather than auctioning them off for peanuts, or would that be un-ethical? @Carrera2, yes did wonder if I might find a Lotus lacking in oomph compared to our 911's, likewise guys waxing lyrical about its sublime handing...maybe compared to average cars or even run of the mill sports cars, whereas we are already blessed with mighty fine handling in a lightweight IB. Starting to get a feel that they are better to admire than own, but still intend to try one or two and make my own mind up. Harry of the Garage states his Lotus to be his 3rd best favourite car in his big collection, so that's quite an accolade from a guy who seems level-headed and owns some serious cars.
  15. so they now spray whole chassis in ACF-50? wow that's an escalation from its original useage. Must cost a few quid too.
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