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  1. MarkJ

    Help me choose a new system....

    turbo Thomas does. These are the headers I have on my car from him. But I did have some alignment issues on the ports that had to be rectified. What is the Eisenmann system referred to here? Never heard of it.
  2. i'm hoping to go on the Saturday. Am also booked for Race Retro the week after
  3. MarkJ

    Spa Classic 2019

    Yeah I had looked at those chalets but seemed a fair trot to either the track or Stavelot so they aren't really an answer. Will keep searching. Hit another obstacle though today after reading the latest gov.uk website information on driving abroad after brexit. It seems that our euro cover insurance will no longer be valid and if you get crashed into by some manic Belgie or Frenchman then you wont be able to pursue a claim. ...wtf?! I think that depends on 'how' we exit, but food for thought. (or more project fear!) Latest advice is here... https://www.gov.uk/guidance/prepare-to-drive-in-th... And more detail from the RAC is here... https://www.rac.co.uk/drive/travel/driving-abroad/...
  4. MarkJ

    Spa Classic 2019

    hehe always a wise guy
  5. MarkJ

    Spa Classic 2019

    last time I was there was 2011 sadly I remember Stavelot being quite cool in a typical Ardennes village style. Was there much near the actual circuit? I cant remember. My mate fancies poshing it up a bit at La Source but not if there is nothing else there.
  6. MarkJ

    New red knobs!

    I was going to shout up Carbone.Pl do them, but someones beat me to it. They apparently restore every switch and instrument in an IB or 964 etc to 'as-new' condition.
  7. MarkJ

    Pedal cluster-identification

    you want to get a wire brush and some ACF-50 in there too Phil to get to work on that nasty rusty stuff expect more than a few of us have a similar issue hidden down there.
  8. MarkJ

    Spa Classic 2019

    you forget, these are lazy Belgians! don't forget on our Spa trackday they wasn't even going to open their bar for about 40-50 thirsty Brits staying at their hotel until our handy Dutch translator told him we would probably burn down his hotel if he didn't start serving some beer! The bar owners excuse was he is paid EU subsidies so didn't need too
  9. MarkJ

    Interior refresh - Winter project

    I kept the top caps too, they weigh bugger all and tidy the edge up neatly.
  10. MarkJ

    Spa Classic 2019

    which village did you guys plump for near the circuit? Most hotels seem to be listed as approx. 12km away from the circuit which isn't useful for someone who likes a beer or 10 whilst at the track Anyone know if they run a bus/shuttle service between nearby towns and the circuit during the Spa 6hr?
  11. MarkJ

    Cayman S 987 Gen 1

    the wheel looks good, nice and sports-purpose
  12. i got one off Jason, works well. Though the red paint didn't last too long to the hoop, maybe not powder-coated?
  13. MarkJ

    Cayman S 987 Gen 1

    Thought afterwards as well that I've got the super light spyder wheels and vented discs so bit less unsprung mass, plus it's a lighter car, which would make quite a difference under braking.
  14. MarkJ

    Zandvoort & Bilster Berg - Nov 2019

    Wow that is some circuit to be honest my main focus is doing Zandvoort in the IB (always wanted to) , but if there were others doing BB as well then I'd happily do both
  15. MarkJ

    Cayman S 987 Gen 1

    are standard S brakes that poor then? cant say i've had cause for complaint with the CR on track and the last run out at Brands GP was heavy on braking and I was properly 'on it' racing about with other high end pork and beemers