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  1. age 37 - Black 964 C4 paid 14K in 2005 age 42 - White 911 IB paid 12.5k, sold the 964 for 17 age 48 - Cayman R - still got it 5 yrs later
  2. Best fitting panels are from EB motorsport in my experience. I've tried several cheaper alternatives over the years and its not worth the faff or shonky fits. The EB stuff is spot on. (bonnet, ducktail boot lid, RSR bumpers front and rear).
  3. Bet the SUV driver had a panic attack with that behemoth sliding downhill towards it
  4. I quite enjoyed it, watched both episodes and thought how nice it was to finally see a range of cars put up against each other and compared in a car program. You don't need to agree with their choices and without driving them for yourself its impossible to concur from your armchair, but still interesting. Liked the use of a good track and good roads for the testing. Wish they made more tv like this on a regular basis. Tyrell, Harry and even Number 27 are my regular car YT hits too
  5. Merry Christmas to all 🤩 and all the best for 2021
  6. Wrong model era for me Roy, but thanks for the link. winter/xmas/covid must be biting as both Aston and Lotus cars I mentioned that I had contacted in the last week or so have got back to me with price cuts, the Lotus a whopping 10k lower...figure that out. But it was priced 'optimistically' The Aston was a more conservative 1k price drop.
  7. MarkJ

    Cool vids

    if I lived local to Tyrells, i'd offer to sweep their floors for nothing just to be in the same room as the amazing cars he gets in that place
  8. B'ah you are all going soft Got to say all this world upheaval with covid, taxes and the green crusade makes buying any performance or prestige car feel a real lottery. I cant or don't want to suffer massive depreciation on a car due to external influences in the coming years and fear an Aston with its big lump of an engine would definitely suffer one way or another. Yet to me it would be a great way of continuing my trips to europe with a bit more panache and luxury and has always been on my 'want' list at some point. Maybe a 2L 4-pot Esprit would be the safer option. though got quoted 59k
  9. Just had another horrible thought, what’s likely to happen with these sort of cars on the taxation front? 4.3 or 4.7L engines 😳 think they are already £580 a year to tax. Will they be priced off the road or devalued by the green hordes in the very near future ? 🙃
  10. agree on both statements, have long loved the 105 but the prices are mental for what was once a family saloon car with a bit of grunt (for the time). Even the Fulvias are daft money now unless you get a base model.
  11. its such bulls*t to pick on cars as the devil of global warming. Try improving house thermal efficiency first or banning industrial cattle farming, cruise liners and reducing/improving global airflight. Car emmisions are miniscule in comparison, just a handy easy financial target and political points gathering
  12. B*stards! you just know our government would/will love to do similar. Just as well i'm heading towards the latter end of my driving days with all this endless 'fun-capping' going on what a bleak future the world has with no comedy, no *beep* and no fast cars ….boo sucks. Bet the only thing stopping our mob doing similar is that the UK classic car industry is worth a few billion and performance cars probably even more. There is a really good recent Harrys Garage video where he debates all this rather well.
  13. I don't like the fact they now use Mercedes engines either. Sure they are great engines but it now sounds like a Merc, where is the identity of it being a great British car? Hate the way we sell out all our famous best brands. I agree with you Les on the previous DB7 being a thing of beauty and sounds incredible. Ironically I have been perusing the classifieds all week and genning up on my buyers guide for one. I really had to resist booking a test drive this week as not sure this year is really the time to spank out on a different car though hopeful of a decent return on the CR if I do.
  14. He nicked that line from 'Quick' Vic Elford He demonstrates that in his 911 performance handling book.
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