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  1. b'ah up until last week my car hadn't been fired up for 6 months. I let the pump whirr into action, gave it two stabs on the throttle and she rumbled into action first time
  2. couldn't wake up day after, had to hit Ctrl-Alt-Del Yes, was Oxford Jab for me, They seem to be rattling through people now, our local surgery was like a production line, very efficient. Had no real side effects other than a punched arm and slightly achey joints next day.
  3. show off off to get my Microsoft chip installation this morning
  4. i gave up looking tbh after a year of uncertainty with the economy. I also lost a third of my normal annual income last year so buying new toys got dropped off the list My enthusiasm for an Esprit has waned for some reason too and started looking at Cobras for lairy summer fun Too many cars i'd love to own / enjoy. Still like the Esprits but finally concluded i would be mental to px the CR for one besides, at 10yrs old its becoming a classic car too!
  5. They did that for me initially after I had been with them for a couple years. They had issued a big premium hike for renewal and I produced quotes from competitors which they matched. Following year they tried their luck again but this time they wouldn't budge on price so I binned them. They got greedy once official pcgb insurers imo. They were competitive before that.
  6. MarkJ

    Cool vids

    Pure Porsche racing Porn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lykziXDfQVo&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhluscP7_mw
  7. was that through PCGB Chris or as an independent customer?
  8. MarkJ

    Cool vids

    superb! just watched at full volume
  9. I like both of them That pork looks seriously mean, imagine turning up to a trackday in that Maseratis look and sound mega but their running costs are crippling, with really expensive parts.
  10. ah balls, just checked my emails after reading that
  11. do all branches of esso have the super? There's only one Esso garage in my area and its small so not sure if they have it. (as I keep thinking of signing up to the PCGB Esso card for Ethanol free and discount fuel)
  12. bloody good drive, Italian tune up style! My poor IB hasn't even been fired up since last September. Hope it starts and runs. Then haircut and pub or vice versa Got the Members meeting at Goodwood in May too
  13. MarkJ

    The New GT3

    I was totally un-excited about this launch must admit. Instantly thought just another bloated GT car with too much grip and power to have fun anywhere except on track. Add in all the driver aids and where's the visceral feel and excitement knowing your pushing the car's and your own limits? To me the last of the GT3 range to do that and properly engage you was probably the 996 and 997. This thing will do ballistic speeds with computers making all the corrections in the background
  14. hope you keep that amazing steering wheel....looks genuine to me what a sad state of a once lovely car look forward to seeing its ressurection and love the look of an ST
  15. I must be alone in finding Mercs so dull only variants I ever found interesting were the gullwing 300sel, E190 and top end AMG's with their burbling v8's the rest are cruisers for fat businessman oh and this because its nuts ...
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