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  1. didn't think about the gaping hole for unwanted air flow! Not sure if it comes pre-blanked or already open but a good point. I was hoping to just bond a mesh into the inside lips rather than fit a frame. Thanks for the offer Mark, i'll have a look at the panel when it arrives and make a decision then. Maybe a small diamond mesh would be a good option to cut down the air flow and still look the part.
  2. Thanks Mark. (and all). No front mount oil cooler Jev, nice idea but extra weight and probably not needed for my engine, though it does run a little warmer since it was given extra horses.
  3. Can anyone measure or tell me the oil cooler bumper aperture size for an RSR style front air dam? I haven't got the bumpers yet (they are arriving soon) but want to get the grill mesh ordered ready for it. Thanks.
  4. sounds amazing through my surround sound love it, well done Doc
  5. I sent that link to my mate who's got a 280Z that he's modified over the years. He told me he had been in touch with those guys and had taken their car for a test drive but found it less exciting to drive than his own car and it was 95k to-boot ! style over substance?
  6. wow that is nice, the Z's have been unsung for years but they are a cool looking motor
  7. not thought that far ahead! Doubt I would ferry it, though Eurotunnel seem determined to carry on disappointing everyone with their shoddy service. Tunnel- then blat east through Northern France & Belgium (no toll roads!) to Holland. Otherwise its a drive to Harwich and a ferry to Hook of Holland.
  8. funnily enough I bought a touch up pen this very eve! Try Motornuts.co.uk. They say they can match any colour in the world to any car. Just put your reg in or colour code if you know it and they will have it. Their site says you can even match old paint if you speak to them. They do pens or aerosol.
  9. if opentrack do the GP again this year there I will book that up as it was great last year and the most realistically priced. Still hoping to do their zandvoort day later in the year too.
  10. German firms are usually pretty good in my experience. I've bought and returned motorbike items before for no quibble refunds/replacements. I wouldn't buy that line about the welds are functional rather than aesthetic, if its poorly made its sub-standard (especially for high price kit!) and who says a shoddy weld wont fail? Im more surprised that they don't think its shoddy.
  11. Silvers car is reaching higher levels of fame these days, cavorting for the latest PCGB meet at Brands Hatch Looking good !
  12. for a comparison, here are some pics of Turbo Thomas exhaust bits, much tidier welding. Got this kit on my car. I think the Eisenmann guys are taking the pee offering their shoddy welding for such high priced parts.
  13. jeesh, that looks like I welded it ! #refund if I was you.
  14. got rubber floor tiles and mats, though I was working outside the garage on the tarmac last week. Its more the getting up and down and contorting underneath that was doing me in, no longer the nimble whipper-snapper I once was
  15. thanks mate, that's what I thought Will keep my eyes out for a deal I think.
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