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  1. Ian, I have been using sets of these for 10yrs on noisy Ducatis, they are great. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F151297288860 Alpine Motosafe. Search for them on eBay from various sellers. Only about £13 normally and will last a few years. Can be cleaned in hot water too. You can still chat To someone next to you without shouting 😋
  2. mental image of dog driving WC's car I use my motorbike earplugs for long drives, they are filtered and cancel out any drone, wind-rush from an open window etc whilst amazingly you can still hear the essentials or even chat. Cuts down fatigue on a long trip, a very useful item to have even if you don't ride motorbikes.
  3. longest I've driven is 12hrs straight in the IB, twice up from South of France. You feel like a zombie with tinnitus next day 😁 plus I have race headers/twin-out and very little soundproofing. i'd rather pit-stop overnight than wear myself out before 5 days of epic driving.
  4. The B500 route does seem too good to pass up. Weesens too far to do in one hit from Calais really without getting fatigued for next day, so somewhere like Metz/Saabrucken could be a good overnight stop from Calais.
  5. great photo Fraser looks like you are on one of those Peking to Paris long distance rallies....or very Bond like That road looks superb too
  6. They are every year Swifty especially now lmp1 is a shadow of itself.
  7. Watching it live, GT pro is a superb battle already
  8. MarkJ

    Cup holders on DDK

    I’ve had my car 10yrs and never once thought what I could really do with is a cup holder! When are you guys driving around with cups of hot coffee? 🙃😁
  9. not sure Gt3 aluminium doors are on any options list and the price for all the extras would be exorbitant, but get your drift. Clubsport and normal G series maybe
  10. I'm far from a worrier, my path is well travelled, I like an adventure Colmar (like most of Alsace) is a lovely area to stay in. Great wine and beer too I can recommend Ribeauville as a cool smallish town to stay in. Hotel we had was secure parking too. An old French guy used to lift his sash window every morning and berate my car reverberating off the town walls
  11. cool, was just checking city driving is a bore I also remember the un-pleased looks the Swiss townies gave us all when we trundled slowly through a sizeable town last time.
  12. nice buy, if I hadn't gone spendy for the CR (Damn youtube vids suckering me in ) I would have gone for a black edition. They have great spec and are a little more tuned. I expect you would have to spend some bigger bucks to get 360 out of it from 320 though! But 335 must be more realistic as that's what the CR is. (CR has bigger exhausts, aggressive ECU mapping but also superlight wheels, alloy doors, lsd etc.). Its a bit like saying a 964 can be made a 964RS with a few tweaks
  13. just shear volume of water! I live ontop of the North downs and it not only rained all day but from 5pm-midnight it was full on monsoon downpour with no let up. Gutters and French drains couldn't cope. Unfortunately neither of us looked in there until morning so everything got soaked overnight in the standing water. it was carnage locally, all the country lane banks got washed away, so roads are strewn with flint (not good for tyres!) and debris, trees came down, lots of flooding etc Gets depressing when its day after day on the bright side the Delta was fun splashing through the flood waters
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