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  1. bloody hell Rob you are a demi god in this arena amazing work all round, wish I had half your skills. Assume you do this for a living?
  2. Looks fab in the photos and vids beaky posted up on fB, some cool looking roads and your weather was amazingly spot on
  3. He’s still turned into a bell end 😁 one of ‘the’ best drivers ever for sure and have long loved his skills, drive and enthusiasm, just wish he’d leave the political BS at home.
  4. sorry to hear you are off to NZ Richard, but all the very best naturally. What a shame our group road trip never happened for a great send off tour and happy memories. But looks like you are having a great time soaking up the scenery and roads.
  5. it would be fantastic to be able to see a grid of these racing again. Im actually annoyed I missed them at Brands as i live just down the road but didnt know they were running.
  6. nice, cant beat a good road trip / trackday combo we used to do them here until everyone got old/too precious about their car value If they put you in a duff group of modern euro sh*tboxes you can always have a word with the TDO and get them to swap you into another group, done that before 👍
  7. Mine has separate relay and fuse for each side, think that's wise considering the current involved. Not had any fuses or relays pop in 5yrs...thankfully.
  8. not a fan of sessioned trackdays must admit, always prefer the open pitlane. But if already booked and not been before, I wouldn't let it put you off. Goodwood is infamous for making it sessioned due to car number restrictions but I still had great fun doing that track. Hopefully they'll group more appropriate cars together rather than a random selection.
  9. good link, shame they don't offer a fitting service too. They would probably get a queue of 911 owners. interesting what they say about using correct sealant for waterproofing to prevent the elements corroding. Mine didn't have any sealant, just the normal pork rubber. Still works fine after 4-5yrs thankfully
  10. I would copy/paste all your info on here into an email to Charles Marsland. He is retired from any spannering now but still acts as technical advisor for 3.2's for PCGB. He knows just about everything for these cars. 3.2carrera@googlemail.com worth a try and he's a lovely bloke.
  11. wow, great work and man-cave envy can you do my white car next?
  12. me too! Italian finesse with a muscular engine.
  13. good to hear its gone to a racing enthusiast with a few quid behind him All true race fans would love to see Williams back up amongst the action.
  14. its a cracking looking track and kudos to Haith for trying to organise a day there. I just cant commit to it this year with all that's happened/still going on. It would make a good adventure for a full weekend or few days as its a 6hr+ trip each way just for me to get there! But with an IB posse for evening beers and banter it would make the trip more worthwhile. Maybe try again next year when hopefully we all get a less disruptive year.
  15. forgot to post these up, looked fab in that ice blue colour
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