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  1. awesome footage, seen before but gets my racing juices going everytime
  2. Ooh like a bit of Kremer racing bet that’s spendy
  3. Would be all over this but the delayed IB euro road trip (and lack of work!) means I can’t commit yet.
  4. those dates 12th-18th work fine for me
  5. 161k...for a recreation wow, great looking car mind.
  6. Mine have done 10k already including two track days and several tours in Europe. Still look good 😊
  7. I've got MPS4's on the CR and they are amazing tyres, good on track or road. Night and day difference to the Goodyear F1 Eagles fitted as standard. Though I do miss broad-siding out of turnings with a dab of oppo-lock as the Michelins are too grippy!
  8. i'm still happy with September as the Plan, it gives a little breathing room (s'cuse the pun). To be honest, having now been unpaid for 2 months and my savings/pension taken a battering from the stock falls I might find it hard to justify laying out a couple of k for a weeks hooning at the moment/so soon. If the economy doesn't bounce back like we all hope it will, I could be out considerably longer until people get back to building things. But don't want to think negatively like our beloved press
  9. 158k?! That is mental 😵 saddest thing is it will probably never be used like it should be
  10. at the rate of knots the world seems to be re-opening, beginning to wonder if we shouldn't have stuck to our guns for June.
  11. I love Oak green on a Porsche. I took a 997 Targa for a test drive once (at the Silverstone experience centre) in oak green with camel interior and smoked glass, and it was gorgeous. Pretty rare to spot an older 911 in that colour.
  12. that was an exciting round of driver changes this morning! spices things up nicely for next season. It was always more exciting to have the annual driver merry go rounds, this modern philosophy of finding someone 'safe' for longterm is a bit dull. Bet Bottas has a twitchy butt today How about a final swansong from Alonso in the Renault i'd' like to see him back personally.
  13. Nifty device ajd, well done
  14. So what is the state of play now, are some of us still going in September? Hope so. Shame the original group is getting splintered but guess a smaller group is more manageable/achievable anyway.

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