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  1. MarkJ

    Sweet Rides

    worth remembering that your normal Mini-lites were originally designed for rallying so they are quite chunky/heavy I think, unless you buy some mega-spendy magnesium wheels. Deep dish mini-lites look ace with some dish on them, bit like the campy's, otherwise they can look a bit flat for narrower widths. agree that car looks stunning though.
  2. Not unless I win the lottery but then I’d go and buy a race car and have a lot of fun instead. The new 2020 Porsche sprint series using these looks ace though
  3. jeez, what sort of shoddy dealer was selling the Black edition that couldn't (or wouldn't) rectify those faults for a sale? @wingonut, sounds like you had the same conversation I had with Gert a while back now. I was more than happy to go and get the GT exhaust fitted but I've kept delaying while I wondered whether to go for the sport cats or even kept the car. ps...you guys seen the GT4 RS Cayman that is coming out? oooft.
  4. Natural successor to our IB's...so makes perfect sense @busybee, I've been contemplating a trip to Belgium to see Gert at Carnewal for the last 2 years! Firstly just for the GT exhaust that a lot of owners rave about but also for the sport cat 200cell headers. I think they give the Cayman a sound it deserves rather than the neutered euro emission catalytic whisper they can suffer. Only problem if you get it fitted over there is he needs the car for 2-3 days to get the headers off as well. Over here P-specialists quote ridiculous costs to swap out headers. Not sure if the Black edition is similar, but us CR boys are blessed with a superb induction roar inside the cockpit when on the loud pedal so a fruity exhaust probably only benefits with the windows open or if listening to your car on tickover.
  5. great set of pics Chris, captures the event well
  6. just ordered the Outlaw calendar with an added donation, thanks for the heads up
  7. cant quite work out what you are showing on the microfiche as both slides appear to be two different garages. First slide has a double garage with the beams spanning full width, second slide has a single garage width of 2.6m and the external wall steps in?. The mesh is a D49 wrapping fabric but still has decent capacity. Do you know if they built a sleeper wall mid-span of the garage width to support the beam & block floor?
  8. do you have the original builders/engineers drawings for it? If its got a 75mm deep structural screed over the top of the beam and block floor (with mesh) then it can take 2.5 tons/m2
  9. ha 300mm you can land Chinooks on it 100mm would work for a single light car space and no lifts, but it would crack or break its back eventually for a 5.4m span or driving a 4x4 back and forth.
  10. No problem, if you need more info nearer the time, just shout up. The edge thickenings protect against ground frost and anchor against movement if you have clay soil or ground likely to swell and shrink when it soaks/drys. Most builders will try and skimp on them
  11. Ivan, the garage base slab should be 150mm thick with a layer of mesh in the top (25mm-35mm cover) - as anti-crack. Ideally the slab edge should have a 300mm dp thickening into the ground but depends on ground conditions or slope of ground. My double garage was 5.4m x 5.4m and I can walk all the way around a Cayman or Integrale sized car. Old garage slabs are often only 100mm thk without any mesh and often why you see them cracked up. Nice work on the lift install Jonny. Must admit I was all set to get one a few months ago but the installation put me off as most suppliers say they just deliver it on a pallet and leave you to it. Not a lot of help to me with a sloping gravel drive to negotiate and 300kg to manhandle!
  12. that photo is mental, just shows how ridiculous car sizes have become. I followed a white range rover down a reasonable size country lane yesterday in the CR and it literally took up 2/3rds of the width of the normally two way lane. I was sat behind it thinking its as big as a transit van and predictably drove like a hearse, scared of puddles and pace No wonder all the roads and car parks are blocked up by the SUV posse, lets see if the little climate change whingers get their mums out of running a tank to school.
  13. cool, will order my Esso fuel card then have always been a Shell V-Power fan and used their loyalty card discount scheme, which has always paid out quite nicely, but not tried it since they moved to the app.
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