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  1. MarkJ

    320hp, 820kg

    love it, must be like flying a light aircraft
  2. superb write up and picture blog, looked a fantastic trip
  3. looks awesome in that low rear shot, absolute beast
  4. MarkJ

    IB Track Day

    I'm not sure I can do the 10th. Got manic deadlines early September, will try but wont know until nearer the time.
  5. wow lucky guy! I'd be doing 40 track days a year with that car
  6. I blame the b*stard councils for killing off towns (as well as the internet!) , high rates/rents for the shop owners, expensive grotty car parks and painting double yellows over every road within about a mile of a town centre then nearly all town centres are just clones of each other with the same chains of shops. No smaller shops /family business' who take pride in their business appearance. Ironically I worked on the multi-million quid design for Whitgift centre re-development back in the 90s and it all looked spangly and sharp compared to the horrible 50's drab concrete that was there before. I guess 25-30 years later it all looks dull and outdated again. In another twist I was lined up to do yet another massive re-development design of it about 3yrs ago at my last London practise but I left the company before it started. Sounds like that newer re-development has been shelved/postponed ?
  7. I like that splitter underneath RB's front spoiler, is that carbon fibre?
  8. I would say that bhp figure is about right as RB had a similar engine build to my own, ( the only real difference being the bigger throttle body and 993 induction on his. Mine made 249 on the dyno, so your little extra oomph comes from the TB and induction probably, and maybe a few more ponies from his less restrictive gt exhaust over my stuffed to the hilt for 'trackday noise test' box. The 9m rollers were notoriously generous. Mine had a high tick over at about 1200rpm but i got the motec guy to tone it down to just below 1k (at the cost of a stumbling start up at cold).
  9. Great turnout tonight, enjoyed that and good to see everyone again. Stirling effort from Fraser to join us
  10. still good for tonight gents? I'll be there from about 7.45
  11. Great, so everytime we overtake some jobs-worth driver doing 33 on a 50 we can be all over the news i come across drivers daily who are like creeping death in their snail like pace and dithering decision making that it drives me insane some days, and its getting worse. I'm still convinced these drivers are worse than the odd nippy driver as they just drive along in a friggin day dream rather than having your senses on alert. Having said that, there are also complete selfish pr*cks on the road who pull dangerous dick moves in stupid places. (usually driving an Audi or SUV on a school run 😉 )
  12. wow, stunning build Axel, ….i'd get rid of the girlfriend
  13. I tried to hunt down a Fulvia bargain whilst in Italy during Spring but the penny had dropped over there too and I couldn't find one for sensible money. I think Rallying has had a bit of a nostalgic upsurge this year so anything with a bit of rally heritage has been pulled up in price.
  14. Any interest in a summer meet up? Weatehr is good and its 1st August next Thursday, be nice to catch up with some fellow iB-ers, its been a while!
  15. Ian you will be pleased to know the Fulvia is one of the cars that has gained in appreciation rapidly this year (according to my classic car mags) so without doing anything you have probably gained a few k Lovely little cars, would love a rally spec HF...or looky likey
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