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  1. that actually looks pretty cool and better than the Integrale modern make overs I've seen. Would still rather have the original but wouldn't say no to this if I was loaded.
  2. i might have to start thinking twice about using the Integrale as my winter hack am hoping that all the mud that gets packed up under the arches offers some protection from the salt
  3. that Fulvia is in truly horrific state! did they say 25 kilos of filler out of it?! Wing panels are like a patchwork of panels welded together. Lucky for Harry he's minted, the rest of us mortals would have probably have to walk away and sell off the spare parts. good on him for perservering as the car is personal to him. looks like the guys who work on my Integrale are doing the work, at Brands Hatch. Recognised the mechanic in blue overalls.
  4. think MSP4's would be too modern on an IB? I have them on the Cayman R and they are super grippy, which suits a 335bhp car on wide wheels but maybe take the fun out of an old 911
  5. wowza, how many sins hidden in old cars bodywork especially Italian models
  6. Do places like Shelsey allow, say a group of us IB'ers to book runs up the hill? That would be a great day out and something different to the trackdays. Have always fancied a crack at a hillclimb run just for the experience. My problem living in Kent is they are always a long way away and the runs are so short. But if a group of us went and had some fun competing v each other in a light hearted fashion it'd be a cool car day out.
  7. was just a racing incident to me, both hard chargers were never going to back down and it was inevitable at either that corner or another, or the next track etc. Bit rich of Max and RB calling out LH for aggressive driving! Max has done the same on several occasions and wiser Lewis has pulled out of it to avoid contact. The real shame was everyone was robbed of an epic race long fight between them. Both could have given each other a tad more room and carried on fighting. Felt sorry for Leclerc, leading 50 laps!
  8. @World Citizen yes sorry meant San Marino, not Remo 😂 I have had my eye on it for a couple of years but the pandemic scuppered my plans. It looks a fantastic event. and wow, on the 3 stolen porsches at the Mille Miglia….jeez. 😡 Yes that Zell Am Zee event has got a whiff of James Bond about it for location and also looks a great event
  9. Going to see the Mille Miglia would be an epic IB roadtrip so atmospheric parking up in those old town palazzo squares at night and following the route they take. Or how about a trip to San Remo to watch the annual rallying legend festival up in the hills? usually October so sunny with cooler temps
  10. great photos, probably would have gone to this as well but somehow missed the posts on it. Looked a great day out and lovely weather!
  11. was thinking the same yesterday when I popped on here. This site used to be buzzing with IB chat and what people were doing with their cars, now I only read about what other car they admire or non-IB stuff. Guess none of us are doing much with our cars. Still using mine weekly but nothing worth writing up about.
  12. Hey gents, am booked on a trackday at Doni GP in September if anyone wants to join me. Really looking forward to it after a long hiatus Its with Opentrack and know there are at least 11 other Porsches of all ages/types going so far. More the merrier. Cost was £249 I think, bargain for the full GP
  13. nice looking car for a modern, does look like a Ferrari 458/488. Think they've been a bit lazy with the weight saving considering its always been the mantra of Lotus but maybe you can spec carbon parts for more cash? Less is more Will check it out at FoS this weekend.
  14. looks like a new car after all that work, great job, and reminds me mine is long overdue a bit of tlc on the paintwork. This winter me-thinks.
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