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  1. That is heartbreaking , you would not believe your car had that much rust from the first picture . However looks like you'll be back on the road to fully enjoy a great car. Still sad what some people will do to get some extra money for their classic car, and a real warning to get you car checked over before purchase Good luck
  2. Good to hear you and family well Alex You’d better keep on using it, or you’ll loss it. How often do you over hear your other half to the family saying, but he never uses it, and we could do with an extension 😳 Car looking great by the way👍
  3. I kept having this problem with my car. I only realised why when replacing the inlet manifold gaskets. The breather hoses were heavy and completely blocked full of emulsion Since changing a couple of years ago, I have not seen any in the oil cap, so maybe something to look into if it does return?
  4. I would also check your feeds to the coil in case it is indeed the alarm playing up. When this happened to me , the alarm stopped the spark at the coil after initially being there on cranking. I only found the fault after a great deal of help from this forum 👍 Good luck
  5. Vincent


    Thats a kit of the road going D type. I think Steve McQueen had one that sold for an amazing amount of money a while ago Lovely, and like you, have never seen one on the road ! Only 16 where made as a fire destroyed a lot of cars in the 1950's
  6. Well done Shirish with the sale, your exploits will be missed on here as you’ll be You and your brothers cars were my inspiration in that magazine article, when looking to buying mine All the very best and let us all know about your next purchase, as I’m sure some of us will have driven or owned one
  7. The switch is most likely stuck on the shaft, will need a slight pull, or flat blade screw driver to help. I did repair mine as a wire inside had come adrift. Just take the black cover off and check continuity at different positions. To see if break can be re soldered Good luck
  8. I have a cracked air filter housing, so depending on price, would be interested
  9. Congratulations, with not the ideal drive home. Must of felt amazing after all this time, now with two newish arrivals at home. The melting or loose fuse is a common problem, a great feeling when a repair like that gets you home, without hanging about for a tow truck ! We have now two weeks of sunshine with no rain, enjoy your car, it looks great with that interior too
  10. Yes, same here with the weather from Ireland home . Two big accidents in a very short space, with Aqua planning, I would imagine. Good news about your wife, new cars are amazing. Would not have been the same in an old car like ours ?
  11. A switch for a previously fitted alarm system, mine is on he other side on an 87 Carrera ?
  12. That's unlucky, I have used a G clamp to remove an oil filter in the past, I think someone secretly tightens mine overnight Good luck with the repair
  13. Oh trust you Jevvy to come up with a far better answer than me I’ll put my chocolate toolbox away Good idea with the brake pedal, I’ll use that next time
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