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  1. swift911

    New ignition leads

    I got my Beru leads from Euro quite a while back when they had a sale on. The price was a fraction of what Porsche wanted.
  2. swift911

    Stone guards

    Many thanks for that, glad you've found it interesting.
  3. swift911

    Stone guards

    My car is from 1989 and came with 6 x 16 inch front wheels with 205 x 55 x 16 Bridgestone SO2 tyres and 8 x 16 inch rear wheels with 225 x 50 x 16 Bridgestone SO2 tyres.
  4. swift911

    Stone guards

    As far as I know, it was the Turbo and Super Sports that had the black sharks fin stone protectors. I'm not keen on them fitted to narrow body IBs, but it's personal choice. You could always fit clear ones if you are looking for protection.
  5. swift911

    Flapper box springs

    Thanks for the quick replies guys. I’ve just ordered a couple from my local Porsche Centre. Impact Bumpers to the rescue!!
  6. swift911

    Flapper box springs

    Is it possible to buy flapper box springs? I’ve looked on the web and don’t seem to be able to buy any for an 87-89 car.
  7. swift911

    coronation street

    I never watch Corry.......honest.
  8. Thanks, glad you like it.
  9. Brilliant day out. Great to see you guys, many thanks for all your effort organising it once again Dave. Those roads were a joy to drive along.
  10. That’s such a shame in more than one way. I was looking forward to meeting you and it’s a bugger when a car fails it’s MOT. Hope all goes well and it’s an easy fix. See you next time.
  11. Hope that weather forecast is wrong, I’ve not seen rain for months. I’m in Italy at the moment and there’s certainly non here. I get back the day before our run out.
  12. Really looking forward to this.
  13. swift911

    Nurburgring Record

    That's very impressive. Cracking in car footage.
  14. swift911

    IBs in use thread 2018

    Sunday night out.