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  1. Interesting and well worth the wait.
  2. swift911

    911 Tinwear

    Yes, I saw them in the garage yesterday.
  3. The car.......... The car is a 1989 Porsche Carrera 3.2 Sport, Grand Prix white paintwork, red Fuchs alloy wheels, red Carrera side decals, black leather and leatherette seats with red piping and red carpets. The options when new were…. 058 Recoil Bumpers 243 Shortened Gear Lever 330 Blaupunkt Toronto Radio Cassette 335 Rear Seat Belts 383 Passenger Sport Seat with electric height adjustment 387 Driver Sport Seat with electric height adjustment 425 Rear Wiper 473 With Spoilers 474 Sport Shock Absorbers 490 High Fidelity Package, 8 speaker system with amp 494 Amplifier System 650 Sun Roof 975 Luggage Compartment Trimmed In Black Velour Carpet Being a 1989 car, the gear box is the sought after G50 which was only available between 1987 and 1989. The wheels are standard 16 inches diameter, six inches wide on the front and eight inches wide on the rear. The car is the last of the impact bumper 911s – the flat 6, 3.2 litre 231 BHP engine being considered by some to be one of the best air cooled 911 engines ever made. This is the last true 911 model, after this, all the following 911 generations also have an additional model number. The bodywork is excellent, the paint still has the original slight orange peel finish as it did when it left the factory. A few things that I have replaced.......... As regards things that have been replaced, not all were replaced due to them not working, some were replaced as a precaution. These included the ignition leads and the brake flexi hoses. I thought after 25 years, new ones would be better. The new ignition leads are Beru, the same as Porsche fit from new and the flexi hoses are genuine Porsche. The wheel nuts have been changed, not because there was a problem, just because new ones look better. The nearside footwell fan was making a slight noise when it was first turned on, so a new one was fitted. A stone cracked one of the headlight lenses, so both were replaced to make sure they looked the same, not with the new unbranded Bosch ones, but new old stock ones, the same as the original ones with Bosch embossed on them. Service and MOT.......... The car had been serviced every year before I bought it and whilst I have owned it, I have continued to have it done each year. The servicing isn’t something too complicated, but I’ve always left it to the professionals so I can have the service book stamped. The original service book is full, so a new service book is now being stamped each year. I have used the same place for MOTs since I bought the car. To be honest, I stand and watch, it’s a great chance to check underneath without having to lie on my back. The car has never even had an advisory while I have owned it. 25 year engine check.......... I took the car to well known Porsche specialist, Redtek, in 2013, because I wanted Nick Fulljames to service it and check over the engine due to it being 25 years old. When the car went on the ramp, he called over the technicians to show them how original the car is underneath. As well as other checks, a leak down test was done and all the cylinders were found to be in excellent condition. Everything you would expect from a well looked after car with such low miles. Nick took the car for a test drive and reported he thought the car was excellent – the engine pulls hard though all the gears and each gear change is smooth and precise. I bought the car in 2003 and have enjoyed every single mile. It's been a very difficult decision to put the car up for sale, but it's just not getting used these days. 132 miles between the last two MOTs and 80 miles the year before that. It's ready to drive anywhere. Everything is there, right down to the original radio instructions in the glove box and a full tool roll in the boot. If you are interested in the car and would like to know more about it and see more photos.... The car has its own website 1989carrera.com I'm based in the northwest, not far from junction 27 on the M6. Please PM me on Impact Bumpers to make contact.
  4. Sad news. That’s no age at all.
  5. Very sad news, far too young to go. I met Sabine at the ring a few years ago, she was was so friendly and happily posed for a photo with me.
  6. Andy, if you do need those two pieces, you can have them for £65 all in. No worries if you don’t.
  7. Not sure if these are any help, but I still have them if they are.....
  8. Booked both of mine today, first one in a couple of weeks and second one in June.
  9. I managed 12 miles to warm it up on the way for the MOT last Saturday. It was great to get out and the car passed without any advisories.
  10. Southbound Trimmers do Porsche carpet, but I’m not sure if they do individual pieces. Sometimes see used pieces on eBay. Sometimes see some for sale here on IB.
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