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  1. Very impressive, looks fantastic.
  2. Sincere condolences for your sad loss.
  3. Great photos, looks like an event to see at some time in the future.
  4. Good video. Some cracking colours.
  5. Great looking car in a great colour. As has been said, a spoiler is up to the individual. I've run mine with a spoiler and without over the years. If you have an engine cover with a spoiler fitted, it's only four bolts and half an hour to change the lot over.
  6. Happy New Year guys!!
  7. Welcome Doug, I'm sure you'll enjoy it here and pick up a lot of tips for your restoration.
  8. Great looking car Haith, love the colour combination.
  9. Your annual mileages are worse than mine 😂
  10. Looking good Haith. I do like a bit of polishing.
  11. Brilliant story, well worth popping across to DDK for a read.
  12. Good to see you are still playing Porsche when you have time.
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