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  1. A mate of mine was picking up his brand new GT3 from the main dealer a few years ago. When it was started in the show room, it belched out so much smoke, we all went outside. The car was fine and never gave my mate any engine problems. It did however have gear box problems and had to go back to the dealer within the first week. It turned out to need adjustment of some kind. He got it back a few days later and everything was fine.
  2. Received mine today. Great piece of kit, many thanks.
  3. Looks great Barty. Look forward to reading all about it.
  4. PM sent, sorry about the delay.
  5. That’s brilliant Haith. Wish I had more room.
  6. I’d really like one please.
  7. Looks good. A great way to look forward to getting back on the open road.
  8. I watched the video at the top of the thread, then spent all afternoon watching other Harry’s Garage videos.... thoroughly enjoyable.
  9. I’ve always wet shaved. But now being of more advanced years, 59, I sometimes give it a miss at weekends. It’s something I don’t like doing and long for a male grooming product, the likes of which women use to wipe on and wipe off. But, I have to admit to sporting a moustache, something I’ve had since leaving school.... I don’t follow fashion.
  10. Looked great, I’ve always had a soft spot for the 924.
  11. That’s brilliant Dave. I’m coming to the end of a Beetle restoration - a lot of it not done by me. It won’t be as nice as yours, it’s a later 74 with Euro bumpers, but it was one of those can’t leave it there at that price purchases. It looked pretty good when I looked at it, but my goodness even good ones can rust badly. Not being a Beetle expert, it’s been a great learning curve. Nothing is quite as straight forward as it should be. Anyway, but for this lockdown, it would have been on the road within the next month. I’m really looking forward to getting it finished, can’t wait for the power of 34hp.

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