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  1. I was there to spectate, but without my car. I thought it looked quieter that previous years. Saw some great cars and met up with a few people i'd not seen since last year. I left at lunch time as soon as the rain came and went for a leisurely pub lunch.
  2. Wow, looks like a new car. I really love the colour. I now realise it was a mistake to sell my flat engine cover.
  3. Welcome to IB John. Love your cars.
  4. Bet it surprises a few people away from the lights.
  5. Hope all is well soon Graham and you are back behind the wheel on the open roads.
  6. Your car looks great on the 16s. What a great day for the first drive of the year.
  7. After you have cleaned them, I would use ‘Rim Wax’ to protect them. I would just add, if you have the wheels balanced, remove the wax first. I lost all the weights when I didn’t.
  8. swift911


    You’re right Gary, but I do like the white one.
  9. I saw a similar thing happen to a friends 911. He used a razor blade to cut through the fan under the pulley, once through, he momentarily turned the key while i pulled it out, being very careful not to get my fingers caught.
  10. Welcome Justin. Look forward to reading more about your mods.
  11. What a cracker. I was once offered a 92 RS for £29k. I decided to stick with my 3.2. The same guy also offered me his 3.2 club sport, I also turned that down. You can’t win em all.
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