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  1. Well done on the Amazon, great looking car.
  2. If you want them cleaning thoroughly, I’d suggest a professional car detailer. That way, both the seats and carpets could be done using hot water extraction and won’t be left soaking wet. On the other hand, most car accessory shops will sell DIY upholstery shampoo that you spray on and wipe off yourself. just don’t use anything that leaves a residue, or it’ll make them get dirty again very quickly.
  3. Good luck, couldn’t give mine away.
  4. Welcome to IB. I’m sure there are people on here that will be able to answer your questions.
  5. For the sake of a couple of small stone chips, is it not easier to add a drop of thinners to what you’ve got.
  6. Oh well, I was looking forward to watching it. Wonder who came second 😂
  7. Interesting, anything’s worth a try when you can’t get something undone.
  8. 😂 maybe I should get a David Dickinson tan to go with it.
  9. How’s £200. The panels, the wiper motor and connector and a yellow tyre pressure sticker. This also includes postage.
  10. You’re a hard lot to please 😂 How about £210 all in. This for the two panels, the free rear wiper and connector and the postage.
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