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  1. swift911

    Here’s where we left it?

    I’ve had a word with my wife and she’s denying all knowledge.
  2. swift911

    Here’s where we left it?

    I’ve just had a parcel delivered by Hermes while I’m out. I’ll look forward to looking for it, as this is where they left it....... Can’t beat modern technology
  3. swift911

    When you take your hobby to work

    Well done, that's great..........can you make me one that smells of old 911 so I can close my eyes and pretend I'm sitting in the car......maybe not.
  4. swift911

    Welcome to Impactbumpers

    Welcome Jack. Look forward to reading about your search and purchase.
  5. swift911

    Good to be back

    Welcome back.
  6. swift911

    Finally found a mint Car Care Kit

    There are loads on eBay with prices as high as £50. Just search Porsche gloves.
  7. swift911

    Finally found a mint Car Care Kit

    Give over Phil, they at least need to come from Waitrose.
  8. swift911

    Finally found a mint Car Care Kit

    Wow, that's amazing.
  9. swift911

    Finally found a mint Car Care Kit

    I also have everything that came with the car when new....gloves, service book, radio instructions...etc...
  10. swift911

    Finally found a mint Car Care Kit

    That’s great. i have the plastic bag you put the wheel in should you have a puncture and have to use the spare.
  11. swift911

    unit 11 no longer trading

    That’s a surprise, Jonny’s been trading a long time with a very good reputation.
  12. swift911

    E10 Fuel introduction

    It's my baby lol
  13. swift911

    E10 Fuel introduction

    I've been using this for years. It's second nature to add a glug each time I put petrol in.
  14. swift911

    3.2 Carrera Suspension

    Fully agree with the above. I took mine to Chris even though it felt fine. He was still able to make a massive difference.
  15. swift911

    Do you like Porsches per se?

    I love the air cooled stuff, I'm just not keen on the modern ones. I don't doubt the technology is fantastic, but it just does nothing for me. I remember seeing the odd one when I was young and thinking that one day I would have one. I went to the 76/77 Earls Court motor show and stood looking at the white 911s in white with Martini stripes. Then there was 'Top Trumps' cards, I was mesmerised by the 935. I'd day dream about going to Le Mans to see them.........all a long time ago.