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  1. Sad news. That’s no age at all.
  2. Very sad news, far too young to go. I met Sabine at the ring a few years ago, she was was so friendly and happily posed for a photo with me.
  3. Andy, if you do need those two pieces, you can have them for £65 all in. No worries if you don’t.
  4. Not sure if these are any help, but I still have them if they are.....
  5. Booked both of mine today, first one in a couple of weeks and second one in June.
  6. I managed 12 miles to warm it up on the way for the MOT last Saturday. It was great to get out and the car passed without any advisories.
  7. Southbound Trimmers do Porsche carpet, but I’m not sure if they do individual pieces. Sometimes see used pieces on eBay. Sometimes see some for sale here on IB.
  8. swift911

    911 Tinwear

    No takers - sale ended.
  9. I’ve only done 120 miles in the last year. So taking into account Insurance, tax, MOT and its annual service. It comes to about £900. That’s not including the petrol and annual valuation. Making it £7.50 per mile. I can’t really blame Lockdown, the previous year was worse. Hopefully this summer will be better and I can find some time to use it.
  10. swift911

    911 Tinwear

    I thought these would have been snapped up. Final price reduction for a couple of days, before they go back in the garage. Don’t miss them. £80 all in.
  11. I don’t use me much, but it’s kept MOTd, taxed and insured. I also have it serviced each year.
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