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  1. Think it was mine a long time ago.
  2. swift911

    3.2 Owners say Hello

    Welcome to IB. I'll look forward to reading about your road trips...don't forget your camera.
  3. swift911

    The Old Guard.

    I remember your car, it looked great. Your video is still on You tube....
  4. swift911

    Footwell Blowers

    I bought a new one. My thinking being, if the first one lasted 20 odd years, then the new one should do the same.
  5. swift911

    3.2 Owners say Hello

    Welcome to IB. Great looking car in the best colour....well I would say that.
  6. swift911

    Happy New Year 2019

    Happy New years guys, all the best for 2019.
  7. swift911

    3.2 Owners say Hello

    Hi to both you newcomers, welcome to IB. Great looking cars in very different colours. Couldn’t help noticing the interesting Renault in the background of one of your photos targatails, you don’t see many of those.
  8. swift911

    Another IB stolen

    That’s bad news, hope it’s recovered undamaged and the thieves are caught and strung up by their b...s.
  9. swift911

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas guys, hope you all have a great time.
  10. swift911

    The Old Guard.

    Northern Run 2007
  11. swift911

    3.2 Owners say Hello

    I agree, great looking car. Welcome to IB.
  12. swift911

    Baltic blue 3.2 on carandclassic

    Pity the photo's on the advert aren't bigger, or am I missing something.
  13. swift911

    Oil tank popping

    A Mahle oil filter.
  14. swift911

    Gulf Blue 2.7 now 2.8 Carrera

    Looks great.
  15. swift911

    Today I did this in/for/with my IB 911

    I like that, nice one.