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  1. kenny wished you had posted these for sale last month! LOL
  2. Hi anyone have a good set of 3.2 Carrera fuel injectors part 0280150158 i have 3 that are playing up New or SH Raymond
  3. I have a set with cross pipe from a 964T in not perfect but whole and usable condition if required? Raymond
  4. Fin are these liners from the original batch or the latest recent batch pls? very interested for my hotrod backdate? Raymond
  5. Another long shot and I don’t know why this car hates me so much but maybe someone has a New/VGC oil thermostat for 911 g50. Pls pm me if anything available? boydyrs
  6. Any joy dave? NP Dave. I'm happy to try collect or pay/arrange postage etc if you have the parts? PM me details and we can discuss? Raymond
  7. I could be here a while.....bought a lhd ruby 64 Rs for £19k, got stolen/wrecked then a rhd 64 for £27.5! Offered a one owner 930 with factory 935 ungraded engine and bits for £11.5k, 3.2 CS for £24k and a few 64 c2 for 7-11k back in the day? Did ok out of all of them and the rest but if I had sold in last 4 years.........😂😍
  8. Apologies in advance for so many wants lately but this is a long shot but maybe someone has a 915 4 speed g/box? Pls pm me if there is one lost in the shed? boydyrs
  9. NP Dave. I'm happy to try collect or pay/arrange postage etc if you have the parts? PM me details and we can discuss? Raymond
  10. Colour changes arn't any worse that std painting if done properly as i've done on almost all my cars. Baltic to maritime/Nogaro etc would be good.....says thye guy who went Red to Rubystone...LOL I usually do engine bay, door checks etc and leave front luggage as it is really diffcult but also leaves option to go back to original later and us usually covered by carpet.
  11. PorscheApostle, my car is an 88 3.2 so believe they are the same for 964/993.whats location for pick up etc if you dont mind and can you PM me you contact details pls? Hi Lund that would also be good?
  12. Hi does anyone have a sunroof gearbox available at a decent price Mine keeps working then sticking and they seem unserviceable? Raymond
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