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  1. I would disagree with the Mercedes statement re handling etc as this is on rails
  2. Apologise for being controversial but why would anyone put 2 rear tyres of a different brand from front? Fit new tyres on rear when fronts are 4+ years old especially on basis that a 911 will require 2 sets rears for fronts during this cycle. Tyres are the only contact point with the road and it’s a performance car so new rubber will always give best grip/performance and a set is normally sub £500 fitted. Over 4/5 years, when rubber is going hard, it’s a low cost to change, ensure safety for owner or car and ensure best piece of mind enjoyment and security when driving hard or in all
  3. Boydyrs

    FG Tinware

    Fin sent you PM
  4. Boydyrs

    Lightweight SC

    Lovely looking car
  5. Boydyrs

    FG Tinware

    Fin are these off your 3.6 engine, if so can yes I’m in, or what engine? Raymond
  6. Boydyrs

    88 turbo backdate

    Awesome looking car and build A. Lookin fwd to next instalment!
  7. Red 944 1985 with 15 Fuchs purchased 1989 for £5500 at age 27. Replaced 6 months later by early 1986 944 turbo + £2K. First 911 was a ‘72 2.4E bought 1992 for £7.5K
  8. Ken Mills is very experienced and knowledgeable. He is also a really nice guy but I would call him direct. He is one of a few companies that can manage any issue or improve on this system and hence always really busy. He really helped me with meter head on turbo race engine but refurb was 9/12 months out due to work load. He did give me pointers that really assisted.
  9. First yellow car is a Zeemax Kit and second is Strosek.
  10. Sounds like a plan John. I can get a bit wayward sometimes.
  11. I always us 1ltr swepco to 2ltr 75/90 mineral in race 915 and never had any issues. Tried full swepco once and gears seemed to stick/stiffen especially when box really hot. Hope this helps.
  12. Jon I’m sure you will come up with something really nice when completed. I love to put my own stamp on my cars so if mine I would look at removing bling, heavy sound deadening, updating suspension, lsd, remap etc......here’s the but.......keep interior and change exterior to Sepia with splits or Fuchs colour coded! Think it would look epic with duck, rs front splits only.
  13. Boydyrs

    911SC WUR

    Cool Ian and glad all sorted
  14. Was someone looking for a working WUR for an SC? I also have meter head and various intake stuff Boydyrs
  15. Boydyrs

    911SC WUR

    Was someone looking for a working WUR for an SC? I also have meter head and various intake stuff Boydyrs
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