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  1. Race car just missed reserve last night on CC so is now listed in Buy Now for a few days if of interest….https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1979-porsche-911-sc-historic-race-car Any questions just ask? Raymond
  2. Great to meet, drive and catch up today. Weather was great too. Till next time🏎👊👍
  3. Hi I would like a set for. 3.2 narrow body backdate and happy with price delivered. Pls advise what is required and when? Raymond
  4. I would be interested but again depending on restrictions easing etc?
  5. Brilliant and in but.....there’s always a but.......I have something on early Friday evening! Not sure of plan, route or timings so early morning, 9/10am would be good if possible? Happy to help with route if required but also go with flow
  6. For Sale Historic 911sc Race Car For Sale. 1979 Porsche Championship Winning 911SC Race/Hillclimb/Fast Road Car Engine 3.0ltr Twin plug engine built by Mike Bainbridge 285BHP 10.5:1 Compression 95mm Pistons PMO 40 Carbs Neil Bainbridge RSR Exhaust & Headers ARP Rod & Head Bolts Throughout Burn Bros twin Plug Distributor ’66 Steel Rockers with DC 62 cams RSR FG Shroud and Tin Ware MSD Ignition Manicore leads 285BHP, 230Lb Ft Torque GearBox Built and Refreshed by Mike Bainbridge Strengthened 915 with ZF LSD & 9.35 CW&P Tall first gear with Close ra
  7. Phil, if box hasn’t been checked or rebuilt 3rd & 4th are always the week link as they are used in anger the most. Probably synchro wear.
  8. Yip I’m in depending on dates. One thing to consider is Cyclists on roads at weekends however. Not unusual when out walking to see multiple packs of 10/15/20 out in batches which does result on backing up traffic on A roads. Just an observation not a judgement.
  9. Just ensure PO register car as historic only and not any other easy available option like disabled as it can cause issues later!
  10. I would also be interested in a narrow body set pls? When required pls send payment details etc? Raymond
  11. I would disagree with the Mercedes statement re handling etc as this is on rails
  12. Apologise for being controversial but why would anyone put 2 rear tyres of a different brand from front? Fit new tyres on rear when fronts are 4+ years old especially on basis that a 911 will require 2 sets rears for fronts during this cycle. Tyres are the only contact point with the road and it’s a performance car so new rubber will always give best grip/performance and a set is normally sub £500 fitted. Over 4/5 years, when rubber is going hard, it’s a low cost to change, ensure safety for owner or car and ensure best piece of mind enjoyment and security when driving hard or in all
  13. Boydyrs

    FG Tinware

    Fin sent you PM
  14. Boydyrs

    Lightweight SC

    Lovely looking car
  15. Boydyrs

    FG Tinware

    Fin are these off your 3.6 engine, if so can yes I’m in, or what engine? Raymond
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