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  1. Hi Jev/IB community, Can someone send me that link by IM of the company selling the SO2 around £350 a set pls? Anyone going to the rennlist thing at Donny next weekend? Boydy
  2. Here is starting point and first drive pics from last week. Lots of body mods from g50 to backdate and almost all new parts now on car.
  3. I’m not too good with this stuff but those who know me are aware I like hot rods. Well just collected this last week and working through snagging etc to get it to my personal preference.. Found in darkest Fife, stored without engine or box for over 10 years. Missing many parts. Engine/box found 10 miles away on a trailer and now completely rebuilt with 964 cams. had been hankering for early car for years so this looked great opportunity
  4. Henry replied by mail.....did you receive?
  5. Henry apologise as I’m late t9 patty. Can you still supply these for my 3.2 g50 backdate? Raymond
  6. Busy what are you thinking of selling? I’m in market for a good roller or base car? Happy for pm etc? Raymond
  7. Wow that was a while ago.......done 2 other cars since then!
  8. Hi lee where are you based and can you send me some pics and price pls......sms/WhatsApp?
  9. its a 9M build & Mark Clowes paint job and one of approx 4/5 built at 9M before Colin and Mark parted ways. think its a lambo colour
  10. Anyone have a spare very good interior roof panel that fits sunroof from an SC or early 3.2. My g50 one is metal, heavier and distorted thus causing closing issues. Pls PM m ear call on 07836707805 if yo7 can assist as pretty urgent? Raymond
  11. Do you have a part number for the bmw equivalent THS? boydy
  12. kenny wished you had posted these for sale last month! LOL
  13. Hi anyone have a good set of 3.2 Carrera fuel injectors part 0280150158 i have 3 that are playing up New or SH Raymond
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