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  1. I’m trialling Nexan eco Tyres at present in 195/65/15 & 215/60/15 F&R. Feel good in dry so far and waiting on rain test soon. This on a 3.2 backdate hotrod.
  2. TA let me know when ready and payment reqd.
  3. Pair for me pls Phil?
  4. Hi James replied to PM and sent payment.....have you received? Raymond
  5. Apologise late to the party......any left as I would like one? Raymond
  6. I have a complete rear lid and spoiler from ‘88 3.2 Carrera if required? Raymond
  7. No FIA papers but valid for many different series. It’s very rare, no rust, strengthened shell, 140bhp, 5 speed dogleg box Lsd cage is work of art. etc etc
  8. If someone is looking for a well sorted classic race car relatively cheap I have this that’s finished and been in storage for 2/3 years?
  9. Yep Agreed John but i dont think i paid over 6K back in the day for any of mine. Aware of values and constantly watching market, low supply, but they were plentiful back i the day....im just wondering what garages they are all locked up in? anyways apologise for interrupting original thread
  10. I still cannot get my head around why ‘74-‘76 narrow body 911 command 45-70k in recent years. Appreciate maybe getting rarer etc and I love them, had about 4, but with their invariable quirks why are they so desirable when rejected for years?
  11. Boydyrs

    Porsche 911 shell

    Sent you a PM.
  12. Matt is there not a g50 version available? Raymond
  13. what no pics?😂🏎

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