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  1. This didn’t look bad and maybe a discount available .........a cab though........https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Porsche-911cabriolet/114139275724?hash=item1a933b21cc:g:qzQAAOSwr8BeOcJ9
  2. Nah was up to all sorts today.......tools everywhere 😂👍
  3. All fitted lovely. Henry sent you an IM? Raymond
  4. I’ve just bought some 65/60 profile tyres for the hotrod in 15 both for comfort and stance look. Haven't tried since the 80’s but it is a backdate. After research I went with newer Asia tyre manufacturers o happy to update when trials begin. I am also looking for good set/dry grip but road use only and tyre choice limited in 15. Fitted wheels on car yesterday and they do fill the arches. Rears, 60’s, are similar hight to 245 45 16 thats come off but fronts are a lot taller than 205 50 15 as expected. I was running diff nights F&R. Went with 215 60 15 and 195 65 15 Nexen Blu
  5. Fitting mine today also but doubt 15 mins record will be broken😂
  6. Boydyrs


    Precise measurements and a good router should make short work of that before painting. Maybe a paper template first would be good idea.
  7. I’m thinking get to Perth, then to Blairgowrie via Stanley, then across to Pitlochry, then via small glen back to Perth and then double back to Crieff via mid road and then home via Stirling etc?
  8. Hi looking for a pair of 7’ x 15 bbs alloys.......minilites also considered As long a straight and true any restorable condition would suit WHY pls? Raymond
  9. Andy get yourself some Bridgestone so2 or Yokohama adoo8rs approx £300/£400 full set. Really nice for a std 3.2. https://www.tyreleader.co.uk/car-tyres-225-50-16/?m[19]=on&m[8]=on https://www.tyreleader.co.uk/car-tyres-205-55-16/?s=S&m[19]=on&m[8]=on&orderby=prixD https://camskill.co.uk/order.php
  10. Ha fame at last....😂
  11. Great day, Time passed to quickly.
  12. Congrats Andy and best of luck for MOT that I’m sure won’t be required. Let’s catch/do a run soon?
  13. No Rs........wee hotrod😂
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