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  1. Yes they are cutting out all of the rot, these openings were just used to assess what they are working with.
  2. Progress update. I went to visit the boys at Dunmow Coachworks and things are progressing nicely. All the glass is now out and I'm relived that the bottom of the windscreen recess and scuttle area are solid in both corners. We decided that the drives side front wing is beyond redemption so a new one was ordered and duly delivered from Porsche. The kidney bowl and sill on the drivers side had bubbling (passengers side is all good) so this has been cut back and exposed and thankfully the rot is localised and not as bad as we thought. The front of the kidney bowl is rotten but the side
  3. Definitely worth the ride out. Jason and Nick are both top lads and have painted several of my cars over the years. I have always been delighted with their work.
  4. I’m located in Bishops Stortford. They seem pretty happy with the overall condition, we were all expecting worse. Fingers crossed nothing more sinister is found when they start on the kidney bowls.
  5. My 3.2 is being restored by Dunmow Coachworks in Essex and today I visited to check on progress for the first time. Both Jason and Nick who run the business are Porsche guys and, having carried out great work for me in the past, it was an easy choice choosing them to restore my P & J. Despite looking in really good condition there were a couple of rust bubbles appearing and I was in no doubt that some rot had set in to the inner front wings and drivers side kidney bowl / sill area Thankfully now she is stripped down things are too bad and the inner sills are all good, but I do n
  6. Turns out that the poor connections were caused by loose wires in the white two pin plugs that are fitted in the footwell before the wires go through to the door. I simply cut them off and soldered new wires and hay presto no more crackling.
  7. For Christmas my wife bought me the Blaupunkt Breman to replace the nasty 1990’s head unit that currently spoils the dash. Having fitted the stereo today it would appear that the speaker wires to the front doors have seen better days as if I wiggle the wires the speakers crackle and either become very faint or stop working. I have checked connections and all good. I would like to fit some fresh speaker cables to both doors and any advice on how to route the cable through to the doors very much appreciated. Matt
  8. If another run is made please add me to the list for a set for a 1986 narrow body Thanks Matt
  9. Thanks Roy. I did have a look at Camskill but unfortunately they don’t have any premium brands in the 215 only makes like Nexen. If the rolling radius difference of the 225 is less than 2% I will probably go for the 225 as this offers a far greater choice. Thanks Matt
  10. It appears after phoning around the usual suspects that the rear tyres are only available as Pirelli (215/60/15) at over £250 a corner. I want to fit good quality tyres but to fit an old design for top money seems crazy. Any recommendations for tyre suppliers who can supply other brands or do people fit different sizes the the 15” rims? Thanks
  11. Yes 195, typo, thanks for clarifying. M
  12. I have just become the proud new owner of a 3.2 which hasn't really been used or serviced for the last couple of years. Due to lack of use I have decided to give the car a major service including all new fluids / pads / discs / tyres etc, which has open up a few questions for which I would appreciate some guidance from the initiated. Tyre Size: The car currently is currently running 196/65/R15 on the front and 215/60/R15 on the rear, but the tyres are old and cracked and need replacing. Having checked the owners manual it would appears the tyres should be 205/55/16 front and 225/
  13. Long term forum lurker and new seriously smitten 3.2 owner saying hello. Car about to undergo recommissioning as she hasn't been used for the last couple of years so I have many questions which hopefully the enlightened will be able to answer.
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