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  1. Yes almost the same but they have a dimple at the bottom that needs filling and you will need later fuel filler neck parts.
  2. I didnt know you came into porsche world via the 944, no wonder you low over-steer-fear!
  3. Yup it was a once only pedal to the metal late night adventure, took a good few miles for the adrenaline shakes to fade
  4. Thanks @johndglynn I'm actually helping someone with their 2.7 targa widebody resto at the moment near Heathrow and pass Windsor on the way so if you want me to swing by and have a look over your car just let me know. Heading over there on Saturday if you are about?
  5. Around 1999 / 2000 I bought my first Porsche, 1987 LHD 3.2 with BBS. Drove it every day to work and back - never once let me down. Purchase year: 2000 Seller: Private Age: 27 Price: £7,500 Saw 248kph on the speedo one time on a private road - dont think I'd dare go that fast these days too old and sensible.
  6. Excellent, a few toys on a car like that do make a difference. I have a brand new K04 Hybrid turbo for a BAM engine somewhere that I doubt I'll be using so if you want a bit more ooomph give me a shout and I'll try to find it.
  7. Perfect and great colour, always like those - how you getting on with it? Which engine?
  8. Best wishes to the IB massive - hope Santa was good to you all. My best gift by a country mile was...
  9. Ha it was certainly drift spec setup 😆 Everyone spins that car the first time they drive it - well except babs 😇 My dad having a lap at Lemans in 2009 [img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50747898637_2c2ddaeefe_c.jpg[/img] And his skidmarks after being used to a 2CV throttle pedal. [img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50747898682_0a3a09abe2_c.jpg[/img] Practice is where you build confidence and lower the fear with plenty of space to not damage things if you get it wrong - this was a fun day at Curborough in 2011 - pre HD!
  10. jevvy

    Cool vids

    Happy Christmas everyone
  11. @ 10:25 made me chuckle as did the "let the smoke out" reference!
  12. Like RB I learnt how to do this in a cheap crap car (mk1 Fiesta), I think its better to lean in a car your care less about the mechanicals. I learnt the following in this order: rev matching downshifts (no braking) double declutch downshifts (no braking) clutchless changes up and down the box heel/toe downshifts heel/toe double declutch downshifts You basically need to unlearn all the timing you have turned into muscle memory over the years and dance your hands and feet to a different beat. Some thoughts that might help you get this nailed
  13. 964 alloy bonnets get bent out of shape and sad if you try to fit them on an earlier 911, I'll take it off your hands and make it a happy bonnet again Joking aside there is quite a bit of adjustment available but all depends where it is to start with so will take a bit of fettling to find out. You are a svelte chap - can you not get in there with a torch and get someone to close the lid on you
  14. Is the Devlac bit not a US thing? Uk version used to be https://www.opieoils.co.uk/p-806-mobil-mobilube-1-shc-75w-90-fully-synthetic-performance-gearbox-oil.aspx but its a long time since I used it so you will have to double check specs for yourself. I've been using the millers stuff in my old IB G50 and 964 G50 for quite a while now and been pretty happy with both the Limited slip and non Limited slip versions: https://www.opieoils.co.uk/p-115247-millers-oils-crx-ls-75w-90-nt-competition-fully-synthetic-transmission-oil.aspx
  15. Assume you also did the main fuel filter too?
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