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  1. I have one listed here inc valance (item 64):
  2. Nice 1 chaps - will post up again once things settle down. No need for payment in the mean time - no parts going anywhere other than to those that asked for them. Cheers gazza
  3. I think I'm going to press pause on posting stuff out if thats ok? Had to nip into town to grab some food bits earlier and swang by the post office and it was rammed - dont fancy standing in that queue to post stuff as things stand. Yup no preblemo - thanks for the email. Sounds ok in principle - let me check postage first and confirm if thats ok? Cool man, consider them yours Excellent, as above I'll sort postage costs once the dust settles and get back to you if thats ok?
  4. Welcome @JohnBoy, looks like a nice purchase - dont think we've ever seen that car on here 😎 How are you getting on with it?
  5. Nice work Richard - I hope you get to meet Natalie at some point and you can share a drink and a laugh.
  6. I looked hard to find the least-worst pic! Some were less flattering
  7. Yes I used to love them too back in the day, a mate had one (posh tw4t from london) and used to love bombing about the toon with him in it but they really havent aged as well IMO
  8. What a driveway @Gio , bet you had many fun drives out! Sometimes I wish I'd done the 205 thing back in the day but just couldn't get away from the VW Golfs - they have both matured well over the years and still look great to my eyes.
  9. great pair of cars - sensible power, skinny tyres and a barrel of fun!
  10. Looks fab, nice find. How long have you had it? Just saw this on PH: https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=23&t=1861188
  11. Yes exactly this, will look mega breezing past other cars with its 400nm's! I especially like the finish on the roof - that needs preserving
  12. No problemo, lets sort collection if we are all still alive in a few weeks!
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