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  1. Booked - see you guys up there
  2. After a bit of experimenting I fitted mine at 45 deg angle in the corner between wall and ceiling all round the work area, seems to throw the light better than mounting them flat against the wall or ceiling. Half of the lights I fitted I used adjustable suspension mounts a bit like these (with a 45 deg adapter): https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/RTWPSK.html A bit flimsy but the few times I've needed light at a different height they have been canny useful. Once you go LED batten you don't go back!
  3. jevvy


    Have you exercised the pistons? They might just be a bit gummed up and will come back to lift with a pit of pedal pressure and a block of wood to work them against. If its just a loaner then a little bit of R&R might be better than spuking on new calipers?
  4. Garage sounds fab, nice work. Got to be LED for lights, I have these in my garage and they are great: https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/RTWPLED25.html I even use them as work lights under the car as they are very robust and I have fitted each one with a 3 pin plug so can be unclipped and used anywhere. You can find cheaper alternatives but the output is often less so make sure you get all the specs and compare apples to apples.
  5. You sold a turbo charged Porsche and bought an automatic BMW - well I oughta! Look great mate, bet its a hoot to drive.
  6. Once you get the knack with it you can be pretty much bang on every time, I always check with a feeler gauge afterwards anyways.
  7. I have a car on a laid up policy with RH https://www.rhspecialistinsurance.co.uk/ About £90 a year for a 40k value. I suspect your car will be in a similar ballpark. If you need an official valuation you could contact the owner of this site John Glynn who also runs https://www.porschevaluations.com Hope you get sorted and back into the car sometime soon
  8. I've tried all sorts over the years but find this home made tool the most useful Tighten down the adjuster then eyeball where the left pin is pointing to then rotate it until the other pin lines up with the same location and nip the locknut.
  9. Cheaper than underbody wax No rust and no stuck fasteners - whats not to like!
  10. I wouldn't expect anything less from you young man
  11. Can you not extend the wires and fit it to a foam covered baton in the ceiling somewhere as then its safe for different heights of car? I've removed the little grey ramp extensions on mine - they just get in the way. Garage looks cracking - nice work
  12. jevvy

    996 or 997?

    Yup thats where I would be for a first watercooled 911. Nice find, looks tidy and tight and some good options. you read this thread yet? https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=230&t=1668289
  13. Hahah excellent - what a find. Busy few months for our Matthew!
  14. Good luck man, roads should be empty with all the folks having 9am rugby beer!
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