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  1. Next up some empanadas, again never tried them before but seemed a good use of some leftover a chilli. Made some traditional 'rice and pea' to go with them which was pretty nice too. Fried rice, chips and curry sauce (plus some wok fried veg in satay sauce). Ribeye with pasta, greens and a creamy mushroom and onion sauce Had another go at a steak and ale pudding - looked great before it went on but filling was too wet and the pastry case didnt brown up so looked a bit pale - tasted fab though! I'd post a pic of my big
  2. Tried roasting mushrooms instead of frying to make a batch of mushroom soup to try to boost the mushroomy flavour - worked great! Oldschool classic - toad in the hole! Only ever had poutine on the slopes with a gallon of beer so decided to try to DIY it, very dirty, very tasty and not much hassle especially if you have some leftover sunday roast gravy
  3. Nice work on the cooking guys, been a bit slack on my uploads so heres a catchup... Roast pork & potato wedgie type things. Never cooked an enchilada before so gave them a go with some home made guacamole - guac was nice but the enchiladas were pretty average. Roasted chicken legs marinaded in Pesto and other stuff - very very nice and super easy.
  4. Ok chaps now that we have a bit of normal life going on I'd like to get some of these sorted so I've grouped all your requests together so can.... .....those of you looking for parts posted please confirm your delivery address and and contact number to me via email jevvyg@gmail.com. .....those looking to collect please also email on jevvyg@gmail.com me to arrange collection date / time. **Please include item number and forum name in email to help keep track of stuff.** 2 - Black RHD door cards £80.00 : (Plus postage) @KnuckleHead 5 - Blac
  5. Just use a fast servo + Arduino - job jobbed.
  6. Nice work Jonny, a project that has had significant ponder time in my head too so its nice to see you having a go. I might have missed it but have you considered fitting a low-point drain / valve for the cooler and lines - be nice to increase the oil change effectiveness as a free 'win' with the mod.
  7. Looking good Haith. Have you checked if the manufacturer recommends which end to have the heavy bit of the car? Some 2 posters have a "strong" end. Also you can tweak the arms so you get the rear of the car closer towards the centre-line of the posts rather than having all the arms equally extended, this helps with car balance and force put through the floor bolts.
  8. Might be worth grabbing or making one of these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VS205-Sealey-Tools-Remote-Starter-Switch-Electrics-Remote-Starter-Switch/182876198426?epid=1150857617&hash=item2a9445561a:g:i60AAOSwsl9bnLok
  9. 5 light snubs*, light pedal application: 50mph – 30mph 5 medium snubs, medium pedal application: 70mph – 40mph 3 hard snubs, hard pedal application (no ABS activation): 100+mph – 30mph** Cool down period – 5 mile run with very little brake (Do not sit at side of road with foot resting on brakes when hot, this is likely to damage the disc). The bold underlined bit is really important, using the brakes to an absolute stop is the worst thing you can do while bedding them in, slow right down then roll to a stop without the pads sitting against the discs.
  10. ...muuusst....resssiiisst...sheee.weee....jokkkke...againnnnnn (ahem) Looks very nice, well done
  11. Thanks for the reply, sounds fairly efficient and not too time consuming - much less than I thought it would be at least.
  12. Excellent purchase - they look fab! I used to often bump into a local one of these and we'd always have a little tussle - great cars!
  13. Look great. How long does it take your Pizza oven to get up to temp and how many logs do you need? MMmmmmmmm!! Nice 1 Eli, nice and rustic looking. Look great mate, whats your 'bab recipie? @Mondrian I've been wanting to do a bit of a faux (elephant leg) Doner kebab thing for a little while now but all the oven based options look more like meatloaf than a kebab sadly. I'll probably still give it a go but spotted this one and thought it might be something you might have the facilities to execute well?
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