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  1. Thats what that report was!!! £1/4 mil car really shouldn't have that many faults though.
  2. jevvy

    Fire stick

    Has anyone seen any footage of this actually putting out a realistic fire instead of items with a splash of turps sprinkled over them? I've p155ed out more severe fires than those!
  3. Whenever I hear this nowadays I just cant NOT remember this from family guy:
  4. You can tell if they have sagged much by putting your finger between the underside of the rubber mount and the washer below it - if there is enough room for your thumb to fit in they have sagged, if you cant even squeeze your little pinky in the slot then they are nice and tight Even when sagged they still hold the engine fairly firmly. This is deffo not related to your sloppy shifter.
  5. Well we cant be having that, let me sort that out for you! 3.2's are lazy, you want a zingy SC. Fuchs are the only wheels that should be on an IB, dont buy one without. Didn't you know red cars are 10% slower (hangover from their yuppy posing days). Have you decided on the oil you will use? Tyres? Everyone likes talking about tyres! Better?
  6. Its used to locate the shifter cage and provide the left/right pivot. Although not specifically designed to tension that movement if its too lose the shifter can feel slightly more sloppy than usual. Considering you now have a proper hot rod I'd be tempted to keep the gold car on factory bushes (if it needs them), I cant imagine that is the issue with the shifter however - sloppy engine mounts feels like more like when you have a heavy wheelbarrow sliding around in the back of an estate car
  7. Are you not just getting a bit too used to the G50 shifting? Or perhaps this locating pin is slightly too lose? https://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/694740-adjustment-shift-linkage-915-gearbox.html
  8. I see. Well once the engine is on the floor and the car in the air you will have space to separate engine and gearbox, once thats done you can move the gearbox off to the side and pull the engine to the back and you will only need an engine length of space to then lower the car back down.
  9. A motorcycle lift works when you have a lift as the car remains horizontal but when using jacks the car ends up at an acute angle which makes the interface between motorcycle lift and engine/box quite difficult to manage.
  10. 1. whats your intake height like compared to standard? Just measure up to the top of the intake from the ground and deduct the distance from the ground up to the underside of the engine. You then have to add the height for whatever you will rest the engine on (e.g. pallet) and you will have total height required. I'd be tempted to remove rear wheels and lower the car so the engine rests onto something then undo engine mounts and lift the car off the engine - much less precarious. 2. It is but just doesn't make sense to do it like that, much easier as one lump.
  11. Difficult, a friendly bobby might be happy and show some discretion but a difficult insurance adjuster might be less accommodating. That was one of the things I liked least about the V70's, tread depth when worn was very much open to interpretation as they wore and felt illegal to use when still actually having some measurable tread depth. My avatar pic is a V70 after driving home from a trackday, felt I pushed my luck a bit too far with that one
  12. Dear boy thats a tea tray not a whale tail - you have clearly spent too long looking at oily bits!
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