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  1. Hiding a facebook link behind clean looking direct URL is a bit naughty! Direct link here for those that wish to avoid FB https://www.oilcooled.com/ No trackday this year? It was the only part of last years events that actually involved driving 🤔
  2. The circular disc just slides upwards towards you
  3. Ha brilliant! Our old Cayenne used to amuse me in a similar way. I remember setting off from newcastle once with a full tank and enough fuel to get all the way home, after a bit of fun on the a69 and a few overtakes it had decided that we only wanted to get half way home Enjoy your new toy buddy, sounds like its quite an experience!
  4. I agree, ok for a couple of secs for a quick test but leaving the fuel pumps running without the engine running is a bit of a risk because if you have a leaky or failed injector it can fill a cylinder with fuel which wont compress like air does when you try to start your engine and bend some very expensive parts that are impossible to un-bend
  5. jevvy

    Daisy going 3.8!?

    The engine should have long studs on the flywheel end which go through holes in the gearbox which you put nuts on to secure the 2 together as seen in this pic Its these studs that you normally use to fit an engine to the yoke along with tube spacers as seen taped to one of the arms in this yoke pic: If your engine is missing these studs you will need to buy some to fit the engine but in the mean time you can find some M10 bolts instead. Make sure you get the length correct (measure hole depth + yoke thickness) so you dont wind them into the bottom of the threaded holes in the block and damage anything (M10 bolt can apply a lot of force), you can use washes under the bolt head to make fine adjustments to the depth the bolt winds into. Or buy some generic M10 studs and fit them to the block and use nuts on the other side of the yoke. HTH?
  6. "Posted 53 minutes ago" Eeeeekkk! Have a good day mate and take your time to go round the car super carefully before you drive off. Look forward to the "I'm home" update later.
  7. The track or the drivers? Track looks like it might be the Stowe circuit? Had some fun there last year Is that tyre smoke from the KY19 HRO car? Nice pics
  8. jevvy

    Daisy going 3.8!?

    Was a great car! Remember this OJ? You catch us up at about 1:25...happy daze
  9. I'm not saying anything else until you do, I look forward to your thoughts
  10. Which in reality means "...because its very scary, skittish and fragile"
  11. A mate had a few - felt more like a kit car than a real car IMO. Early Elise is about as far back I'd go in the classic Lotus market.
  12. jevvy

    Daisy going 3.8!?

    I'd perhaps consider that option if the engine was bare with no engine loom and ECU but since those are in hand then it makes sense to use them (for various reasons). You could just use the 3.2 MAF conversion stuff with the 964 ECU if you wanted to and were prepared to put up with the earache from Wayne while he's remapping it If it were me I'd get it all fitted using as much standard 964 kit as possible to reduce fault finding headaches if it doesnt start - once its running and some miles have been done you can start swapping bits out to see if they have any benefits. What chip is in the ECU @Busybee? Is it a Timmins generic chip flashed for the 3.8 and cams?
  13. jevvy

    Daisy going 3.8!?

    Yes mate Carbs certainly make a 3.2 engine easy to remove Get the thing on a stand and fit the tinware - it will be obvious what needs doing - refer back to the rest of your fleet for inspiration . I prefer a good epoxy on tinware as they are flexible and powdercoat tends to chip/crack then flake off in big sheets whereas a decent epoxy will stay stuck even if you do get some chips etc. 317 was the correct graph, the 340 one was incorrect. I agree you should get it up and running with the plastic intake first and see where you are power wise - leave the Vram for a free upgrade next Christmas You may be able to use RB's MSD setup to activate the Vram so make sure its removed carefully and labelled up ready to refit if its needed. 993 RS (and Powerkit) had 3.8 and Vram (slightly reconfigured) so its a known factory recipe. I like the Vram in babs car as it makes it a bit more grunty round the houses but can sometimes feel a bit flat and less zingy compared to a non-vram as there is less of a surge of power higher up the fun scale. Looks like the 964 barn door jobbie to me (with taped up cover that needs investigating @Busybee):
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