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  1. yeah but they mostly split on the wrong side of the gasket for it to matter. You can see a less than perfectly aligned rubber boot in an earlier pic you posted: Dont go crazy replacing parts without getting the basics right first.
  2. jevvy

    Seat fixings

    These? You can find part numbers in the relevant PET parts PDF for your car
  3. hook up a nice long + & - wire from the ICV to the drivers seat and connect to a multimeter so you can watch the voltage while you start it up. If the settings make zero difference I suspect you may have a wiring issue.
  4. If making changes to the idle speed settings in the software doesn't seem to be having much impact on the engine you need to check all that kit is working as it should. Have you watched the volts at the ICV while the engine is running? also do this while making adjustments and check you see changes to the readings.
  5. This sadly. Did anyone else notice the location of the MOT station on the MOT history check site is now no longer visible?
  6. Have you had a practice on a few random bolts / studs of the same size threaded on a nut and clamped in a vice? Well worth doing all the learning / *beep*-ups you need on some sacrificial parts before having a go at the real thing if possible. Also +10 on all the other go-slow and use cutting fluid tips mentioned above.
  7. These guys? http://lovetyres.com/tyre/Bridgestone-Potenza-S02/205-55-16 http://lovetyres.com/tyre/Bridgestone-Potenza-S02/225-50-16
  8. I found a limited production orange pen the other day, must get that on the next Silverstone auction and cash in!
  9. All the hardware used on the 964/993 throttle interface is quite nice but all parts need to function as they should for it to work properly. If you look at the part you call the barrel on yrs vs Henrys you will see there is a difference both in terms of their size and the way they fit in the plastic clip. On the the factory setup the barrel actually clips into the plastic part but can pivot easily and the tip of the throttle cable (actually a rod at this point) has a sliding section that can slide through the barrel - this is all important. If you look at yours the barrel looks bigger than factory so the black clip has been modified which has removed its ability to grip and secure the barrel. When you lift off the throttle quickly I suspect the barrel and clip are having a little dance until one of them finds a way to fail somehow. If you can find a replacement barrel part (bespoke or from an old 993/964 throttle cable) that is the factory size then you could get a new black clip and job-jobbed. Depending on hoe you have zip tied it you might not have made things much better, got a pic? Have you checked throttle pedal throw and pedal stop? Given the problem with the microwsitch I wonder of some over extension of the throttle by excited new owners may have given something a tweak. You need to make sure full throttle at the pedal isn't leaning on the throttle assembly at all and on the flip side make sure max pedal also gives you wide open throttle.
  10. The ones we got for babs 964 just before Oulton were late 2018 dated.
  11. This is who i get most of my tyres from. They bought all the old UK R888 stock when Toyo launched the R888r and are selling them off hence the mega deal: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4xToyo-Tyres-R888-225-50-16REAR-205-55-16FRONT/123506770984?hash=item1cc193c428:g:ZwQAAOSwBLlVQ4ji
  12. ...in summary... F205/55 & R225/50 - will make the car feel more light and agile and gives good tyre selection options (Inc SO2). On paper this looks a bit under-tyred for such wide wheels but in reality if you pick the right tyre it wont be that much different visually. F225/45 & R245/45 - slightly heavier but more panted feel, decent tyre selection and is what narrow body 8" fuchs user would do to stretch the tyre a bit to clear the front arch however it does change the sidewall ratio F/R from spec. F225/50 & R245/45 - As above but closer to correct F/R sidewall profile so if you have room this is the better looking 225F 245R combo. F225/50 & R255/50 - 'magnus style' Such a shame SO2 stopped doing the 245/45 rear.
  13. Nice mate, yr on a charge! Could you wang the info thread link into your sig so as people read the update posted here here they are just one click away from the 'meat'?
  14. This is like Dragons den - exciting!
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