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  1. Ha brilliant - thanks Nige. If I give some a go I will report back.
  2. Too skinny and too low profile, would look odd and handle like a shopping trolley How old / worn are your rears? Perhaps a longer term view if the rears are already half worn / very old might see you move away from the Goodyear and fit a front tyre that will match a rear you will fit next year - just a thought. Nothing wrong with the goodyear, I ran them for many years with no complaints.
  3. So if you want to match the rears then you will have to go 205/55 which will give away a little ultimate grip bit will make the steering a bit lighter, feel a bit more nimble and provide a touch more tyre sidewall height and compliance. If you want to stick to the 225/50 then you will have to look at a different brand to the rears. 245/45R and 205/55F is a nice combo for road use.
  4. What size / brand do you have on the rear?
  5. Name a corner of the Nürburgring Nordschleife after Sabine Schmitz https://www.change.org/p/nürburgring-1927-gmbh-co-kg-name-a-corner-of-the-nürburgring-nordschleife-after-sabine-schmitz
  6. Agreed, however she certainly packed in some living during her shortened life 😒 RIP you little belter!
  7. Oh-sh1t - that needs sorting. Those blue things - put them in the bin, they have no place on a Porsche. Get some proper crimpers and crimped connectors and do it properly 😉
  8. 912E diagram... 912E_Wiring_Diagram.pdf I'd start by switching bulbs around and see if the problem moves with the bulb.
  9. Cheers @Nige, not used Foamex before does it accept staples ok?
  10. A timely reminder as I need to do a pair soon - thanks. https://southboundtrimmers.com/files/Trade Pricelist 2021.pdf
  11. I recognise that spot - its where you end up if you miss the turn off for your house Lookin good Haith, is it fast?
  12. Depending how strong the fitter was you may have some luck with something like this to get to the screws along the front edge, you have nothing to lose by giving it a go...
  13. Yeah still kettle based, a wolf in a wolf suit! I bet its a scream to drive.
  14. Its FOGOF only I'm afraid - Free One Get One Free 🤣 Consider it (*them) yours! Any of your choice or chip the SHERIF a few quid to keep the forum server topped up with firewood
  15. IB Friday! IB Friday! IB Friday! IB Friday!
  16. "Sold" to the man with no rear bumper
  17. This bit? I'd not get it powdercoated tbh, it will just corrode underneath and flake off in big chunks. You could get it vapor blasted... Edited to add a before pic:
  18. Ha, I like it. Saw this a while ago - 996T meets covin!
  19. Govt & media remain fairly hush-hush about AE's , anyone who does suffer an AE should be reporting it using the governments Yellow Card system: https://yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk/ Summary page of reported AE's here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronav... Pfizer AE breakdown: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/governmen... AZ AE breakdown: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/governmen...
  20. Cool, I'll drop you a PM with contact details and you can swing by mine - I'm about 25 mins from burghfield.
  21. Blue fibreglass front and rear one piece bumpers - FOC / IB forum donation Burgundy front and rear alloy bumper blades - FOC / IB forum donation Black fibreglass rear bumper - FOC / IB forum donation Red fibreglass rear bumper with moulded over-riders - FOC / IB forum donation Red / white bumper blades - NOT FOR SALE I need them all gone ASAP so ideally need collecting within 7 days if at all possible otherwise they are going to the tip. Pics: https://www.flickr.com/gp/149549574@N07/78ZWe0
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