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  1. Hi David, yes please. Just let me know total and I will sort out payment. Many thanks
  2. I'm take these please David "I'll take these please" I meant to say!
  3. chris! What happened?
  4. R2D2

    2035 ban?

    WC, when you say the world isn't ready are you talking infrastructure, mentality, economically etc? Or a heady mix of various? Just interested.
  5. With Bosch parts, the Porsche part numbers are a little hard to track, below are the correct equivalent Bosch numbers i believe: Bosch number for 3.2 is 0 280 150 158 = 240 cc/min @ 3 bar Bosch number for 964 is 0 280 150 731 = 193.9 cc/min @ 3 bar So going back to the original point, the ebay injectors listed in Shirish's original post will be fine. Which is good cos I've already bought the things!
  6. Hi Ras, Where did you get the 196cc/min data from? Bosch 0 280 150 158 Flow at 236cc/min, the alternatives flow at 240cc/min so should be fine. Cheers
  7. Ambassador, you are really spoiling us! Good choco-skillz!
  8. Not fitted yet Chris - putting any spare time into finishing the 928 (complete engine rebuild) so hand are full. Can confirm that they look top quality though!
  9. Chris If you don't mind me asking, what was the cost for the fuel line pack? Thanks Nathan
  10. Top job this, well done that man.
  11. "But also when selling your 911, a new, unused cigarette lighter is one of the best arguments" whats that all about? Is it so you can claim that no-one has ever, ever ever smoked in your car?
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