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  1. No problem, I'll wear the T-shirt in bed.
  2. IB under pants a possibility? PJ's?
  3. Can we organise a visit to the Dr Rock private collection of IB badges please?
  4. You bstd, very jealous. Pretty much the only shops are go to are smelly junk or record shops!
  5. See today at lunchtime parked up
  6. As a youth I used enjoy shoplifting in the original Whitgift centre/ early 80's - aahhh those were the days. 95% of the stuff I need is bought online, the only time i go to town centres is when I'm forced to buy new clothes by the mrs.
  7. Pretty much always been like that in Croydon.
  8. He was chained up in a box, starred in Pulp Fiction.
  9. R2D2

    adding a voltmeter

    Good idea sopor, I rather liked the voltmeters that came in the 924 etc after my recent locked out experience I have been thinking about installing one.
  10. I used Synstrip BTW - works well but you do need to leave it for about an hour. As mentioned above, this does go off and becomes next to useless.
  11. Yep, tastes disgusting - stick with meths.
  12. R2D2

    Dashcam dilemma

    chaps, i know what you are saying and it drives me mad too but speeding around in built up areas (i.e. 30mph zones) is not great however brilliant a driver you are - have you been on a speed awareness course? that extra 5mph makes all the difference when trying to stop in order to avoid that collision i was shown....i was naughty naughty boy. Chris - i have had a very similar experience to yours recently, angry driver getting out of car etc etc only in my case, sadly, i think he had a point! Dash cams? Soon we'll all have cameras embedded into our eyeballs and don't get me started on thought crime.....you'll be busted just for thinking about taking you IB out instead of doing your weekly chores. I agree with this entirely Craig.
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