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  1. Oooh you are soooo particular Mark! I like the idea of a Winter Solstice run, we could include a trip down the A303 and doughnut around Stonehenge dressed as Druids!
  2. As above, either reference sensors or the ECU. Do a search on here for "BMW Part Number" for an alternative part number for the sensors which avoid the ridiculous Porsche tax on these. Also, the sensors have a habit of seizing to the bracket and people have knackered the bracket in the past trying to remove them and the bracket costs £££. So unless the just twist out easily, best to remove the sensors and bracket as one and then crush/ drill out the sensors on the bench. You will have to adjust the gap between the sensors and the flywheel which you have probably seen in the manual - not difficult.
  3. Yep - its to protect the sensor cables
  4. Graham - that looks freakin awesome!
  5. R2D2

    Horn stopped working

    All this talk is giving me the horn.
  6. Cool, useful find Mr Angus
  7. Lucky you! On my car I'd had an issue with the original starter gear mashing into the ring gear because of alignment issues....didn't want that to happen again.
  8. Chris Assuming they've sent you the right one (!), this is what I did: Pull the gear of the new starter out to its maximum "reach" and then tape some cardboard around the shaft so its held in this max position. Wrap 1 layer electrical tape around the starter gear, pressing the tape into the teeth so that the overall size of the starter gear is increased by the thickness of the tape. offer the starter up onto the studs and twist the unit until you feel the starter gear mesh with the ring gear, tighten up the bolts just enough to hold it in place, use a sharpy to mark this position relative to the gearbox, remove starter, tape and cardboard and install the starter aligned with the pen marks. The tape has given you the required gear lash thereby preventing the starter gear from meshing too tightly with the ring gear when hot. Harder to put in words than to actually do. No idea why they don't explain this but there you go.
  9. Pinched off Pelican, in the photo with the stat out off the engine you can see the pry slot formed by gradual reduction of the lip/rim depth. The first photo give you an idea of where this slot is relative to the car. Enjoy!
  10. From memory there is a lip set into the rim into which a screwdriver blade can carefully inserted to pry the stat upwards.
  11. Any fossil fuel burning vehicle is a polluting vehicle. Phil, I checked for you and was told its because you keep popping wheelies n stuff up and down Shaftesbury Avenue? They also haven't forgotten that time tour up Leicester Square, terrifying tourists etc.
  12. yeah yeah yeah, was waiting for that to come up! Well done you guys.
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