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  1. Looking forward to see how you benders get on. Sorry, couldn't resist! David - mdf is fine if things kept nice and dry, but even MR MDF puffs up like a mo-f when damp. Looks like you sealed it up though which will help.
  2. Its just a simple rotary switch. I don't think they even "click" when activated. When you are testing for continuity test all three pins as one is not used. It just pulls off IIRC, its possibly repairable.
  3. pretty nifty that Mr Jev
  4. Cool - I'm gonna try this next time. I always find holding the screw absolutely still (with an inevitably oil covered screwdriver) whilst tightening the nut the trickiest part....
  5. timing chain tensioner oil pipe? oil pressure sender unit leak?
  6. R2D2

    Dash gauges.

    Cool cheers David I'll let you know when I have sorted dosh. Thanks Nathan
  7. R2D2

    Dash gauges.

    David, cheeky offer of £50 for the oil/ fuel gauge with the damaged bezel? Nathan
  8. I use 10w50 Rock oil also, mainly because I like the cut of their jib but also because I'm big fan of Rock n Roll
  9. You lot are so lovely, group hug please
  10. tres cool - someone should smudge the words "clean me" white van style!
  11. I had a blue Boxer which I always thought was the little man's Grifter. Mine was "grifter" blue with the union jack motif. Now if you were really posh you had a Vektar....
  12. I have two of the aluminium frame 1" steerer tube types - no cracks but yes I've since read of the issues with some. I owned and raced one in the very early 90's and never managed to break it....but I was a lot skinnier then!
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