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  1. Chaps, plastic or metal don't they still have flexible rubber "ends" though? Sorry if I've missed something.
  2. Good response. Looking at PET for SC's and 3.2, my reading of PET gives the following for the tunnel pipes: FLOW SC -79 and Turbo: 911 356 066 07 SC 80- and 3.2: 911 356 066 08 RETURN SC -79 and Turbo: 911 356 062 07 SC 80- and 3.2: 911 356 062 08 I don't have PET for earlier IB's
  3. Bimmers are great, no getting away from it! Funny, a good friend used to have a 90's 535 which was named the "Millennium Falcon"!
  4. Shirish, I would interested in using yours to get a quote from Pirtek, would be helpful for other 3.2 users on here. Nathan
  5. R2D2

    9m sleeper

    I agree. Why is that foam pad thing there anyways?
  6. Joking about the meth reference obviously! Evil stuff. We had some fuel hoses made up at Pirtek for the 928 using the old hard fittings - not cheap IIRC but might be worth getting a few quotes before shipping funds abroad?
  7. BB - My brother bought a plating kit for the 928, have to say the results are impressive despite being a bit of a faff. You have all these vats of various washes/ chemicals - you know, just like the kit you use to knock up a bit of crystal meth for the weekend. Leics - are you referring to the 044 trend?
  8. Yep they must have. Popped the bonnet via the 8mm hole / bent Eire trick so all done.
  9. Yes! But I'll try again just in case! Good thought RE rear quarter Leics - reckon one of the kids will fit in there.
  10. Hey Jev - its firm - just won't turn at all. I do recall though that the keys have never worked in the door locks regardless of battery. I suppose if the lock nut has gone away the key would just spin? Mr Nige - pretty much ready to drill the sucker already. Did consider busting the glass as I have some spares but just couldn't bring myself to do it! The good Doctor - i'll try the passenger side
  11. Kev - run him over in your LE, that will learn 'im! Gave up with that mag ages ago.
  12. I think we've already theorised that Fraser has dungeon where he keep these badges in neat row (on the wall, next to the iron maiden)
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