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  1. unless i see oily hands in DIY scenarios i'm not interested. £22? - p*** off! PS is everyone else ******* bored of self isolation already? I love my family but...
  2. An elbow rub will do love xx
  3. You are so uncaring about Nige, WC.
  4. Good stuff. Prob is we got spring coming with the usual hayfever stuff
  5. I bet the sales of Covin 911's have dropped dramatically. Sorry, just had to.
  6. How are you feeling Nige?
  7. Not really Mr G, too early to tell.
  8. Or maybe the government is doing the right thing? You never know!
  9. Potentially a lot, tragically. Will self isolating, shutting schools etc down make that much of a difference to how many develop ARDS? Yes if everyone can hole up in their own personal cell. Is there enough food available to stock every household for 2 weeks? Of course not. Unless replenished, after 3 days most food stocks will be exhausted which means the food industry has to keep moving, which means transport, packaging etc etc has to keep moving and so on. Doesn't it make more sense to isolate/ protect the higher risk people? Yes. Last week I was laughing all this off as hysteria, but feel differently now and suspect we'll end up in the same boat as Italy in all likelihood, as will the rest of Europe, spending a lot of time in face masks queuing outside supermarkets.
  10. How many on here have had a confirmed fail of these units? Very few I'd wager.
  11. I will take the fuel lines please - pls let me know postage Second dibs on clutch if Nige gets cold feet.
  12. Hi David I'll have the 911 Carrera, 911 Turbo one please. Thanks Nathan
  13. Hi David, yes please. Just let me know total and I will sort out payment. Many thanks
  14. I'm take these please David "I'll take these please" I meant to say!
  15. chris! What happened?
  16. R2D2

    2035 ban?

    WC, when you say the world isn't ready are you talking infrastructure, mentality, economically etc? Or a heady mix of various? Just interested.
  17. With Bosch parts, the Porsche part numbers are a little hard to track, below are the correct equivalent Bosch numbers i believe: Bosch number for 3.2 is 0 280 150 158 = 240 cc/min @ 3 bar Bosch number for 964 is 0 280 150 731 = 193.9 cc/min @ 3 bar So going back to the original point, the ebay injectors listed in Shirish's original post will be fine. Which is good cos I've already bought the things!
  18. Hi Ras, Where did you get the 196cc/min data from? Bosch 0 280 150 158 Flow at 236cc/min, the alternatives flow at 240cc/min so should be fine. Cheers
  19. Ambassador, you are really spoiling us! Good choco-skillz!
  20. Not fitted yet Chris - putting any spare time into finishing the 928 (complete engine rebuild) so hand are full. Can confirm that they look top quality though!
  21. Chris If you don't mind me asking, what was the cost for the fuel line pack? Thanks Nathan

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