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  1. 4 x porsche books. Job lot for £50 Plus postage
  2. Hi Ivan Please can you call me 07493833659
  3. Ivan ,I sent you some pics this morning. Not sure that it's workable to send it all that way ,I am not geared up to package windows unless you get someone to collect. Please let me have details for posting. I can work out a price. Cheers
  4. Hi Ivan Can take pictures tomorrow,it's in my lock up. Post code SO19 2DY Hi Chris Ok ,if Ivan passes ,you are next.
  5. Great Please send me details , I will work out postage. Cheers Oops. Explains a lot....😄
  6. floor boards ,ok condition £30 under wing washer tank and plastic £30 heater cowl £20 Quarter windows ,ok £30Bumper strut ,ok £30 Wing infils ok £35 Numberplate holder £20rear windscreen.ok £45pasenger seat ,good condition £80pair of door pockets ,ok but need coveringpair of bumpers ,they need blasting and repainting but otherwise straight and not corroded.£125 No postage included on any items , will be extra. Or make an offer on the lot. I'm in Southampton
  7. Hi Gregg. Very interested. Will pm you.
  8. Hi Interested in the Fiesta Where is the car located Cheers Theo
  9. Tenner is fine by me -great resource .Not had a 911 for a few years but hoping to find a project soon .
  10. theo5042

    Sc parts

    Jon -will email pics. Will post some as soon as i can figure out how.
  11. theo5042

    Sc parts

    <a href="https://ibb.co/iLxH2m"><img src="https://thumb.ibb.co/iLxH2m/1511725071377_1890426433.jpg" alt="1511725071377_1890426433" border="0"></a>
  12. theo5042

    Sc parts

    Hi all I have the following from a clear out. Inner door handles pair.Good condition. £75.pair Door bin tops .Good condition. £60 pair Head light trims. £40 Pair Rear side glass.Reasonable. £30 pair
  13. Nice project Dave-hows it coming along.?
  14. theo5042


    Hi Will take rear shelf -door cards -bins-and console. Sent a text. Please confirm a price. Thanks Theo
  15. They are not easy to make-although the ones i do are not that thin-or that pricey
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