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  1. I have fitted a Dansk Sport silencer since 2010 and still in fine condition. Lovely deep tone and tested many times at 102dB for track use.
  2. Yes, thats the kit. Its a charity day at Goodwood and the organiser wants 20 cars on at a time (98dB day) rather than just 10 on a 105dB day. Thats a kind offer but I am in Cornwall ! I noticed that most had tag welded the plate to the exhaust and then attached the discs and bolted them to the welded plate.
  3. Attended a test day at Goodwood for the forth coming 73rd.Members Meeting. Quite a few cars had a devise called Supertrap to lower the dB limit. Spoken to a few and it reduces by around 5dB with no increase in engine temp. I will try this in May and let you know. It might be useful info. Incidentally met Chris Harris who was testing a very early 901 in prep. for the MM.
  4. Thanks for your reply. I usually only do 105dB days at Goodwood but this 98dB is a special charity day and is only open to 98dB cars so as too allow the max no. of cars on the circuit at any one time.
  5. Anybody got any actual experience of fitting an extra silencer to a one out sport exhaust. I always register 102dB but I am attending an event that has a maximum 98dB. There is only 2 inches of exposed exhaust to clamp on to. I have looked at ACT track silencers and decibeldevils but have no real life info. Thanks, Steve
  6. I've been hillclimbing and sprinting mine since I bought it in 2009. Midland Hillclimb championship takes in Prescott, Shelsley Walsh and Loton Park. Bugatti Owners Club has the Prescott Gold Cup. I would suggest you stay in the road going class as competiton is a bit stiff otherwise. Have also sprinted a few times at Goodwood. Brighton Speed Trials is a good fun day. You will always be welcome in a classic Porsche.
  7. Thanks for replies. I will be sticking with Valvoline and now at a better price !
  8. I met up with Porcshe Classic at Goodwood Revival where they had a garage. The staff were all from Porsche and were recommending the Porsche Classic Motoroil . 10W 60 for models of 3.0L or more and 20W 50 for earlier models. Now I have been using 20W 50 for my 3.2 Carrera for 5 years now. First Mobil One 20W 50 which I now can't get but currently Valvoline VR1 Racing 20W 50. Both cost £100 for 10L so I am not to bothered about the cost of Porsche Classic. But, why do they recommend 10W 60 ? They are Porsche so they now what they are doing. It seems the 10W 60 is fully synthetic whereas the 20w 50 is multi grade. Anybody else going for the Porsche Classic OIl 10W 60 ? If you put your car away for the winter Porsche Classic personel recomended that the oil is changed before you put the car away as any small impurities are then drained away and don't filter to the bottom of the sump. Any thoughts, Stephen
  9. Please do not use a metal snapping mouse killer as it does not always kill outright. Some die of starvation or dehydration and some eat their legs to get out . Please use a humane mouse catcher.
  10. Hi Theo, I haven't received your PM but have sent you one with my email addy so you can contact me directly via prices etc. Stephen
  11. Hi Theo, Home now but how do I access your PM ? Steve
  12. Replying on iPhone as am on holiday ! Can get/ send posts but not P M so will be in contact when I am home on Sat . Thanks
  13. Hi theo, that is what I am looking for. I have kept the original door panels so all I need is the rear from window back to rear of seats and the front floor and centre consul. I will keep the aluminium foot rests. I would like good quality carpet . I have also thought of putting some light sound proofing in the rear before carpeting. Will the carpet still fit. Any thoughts welcome. What sort of costs am I looking at. I have found a local trimmer who can do the job. Thanks, Stephen
  14. After having a stripped out car for a while now I am looking to put a RS style seat delete carpet etc in. There are quite a few suppliers like Southbound Trimmers, Lakewell, Type 911 . Can anyone who has done this suggest which is the best quality ? I seem to remember a member on this forum who made their own -theo? was it. Thanks
  15. Have removed the interior some time ago but know want to calm down interior and think putting in RS style carpets may be just the job. There are quite a lot of suppliers like Southbound, Type 911,Design 911 , Porsche 911. I even seem to remember a fellow on here has made some - theo ? Can anyone recommend a good quality RS style carpet set. I understand you are better of with the soft style carpet. I will also be putting in some Dynamat Extreme sound proofing. A pic below so you can see the exterior style. Thanks, Stephen
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