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  1. Mill911C3

    Carrera 3.0 vrs. 74-75 Euro Carrera

    FYI, ordered issue 9 of Duck & Whale. The author told me it's completely a new article. I'll give you all my take when I get it>>
  2. Mill911C3

    Carrera 3.0 vrs. 74-75 Euro Carrera

    Anybody read the article of the same topic in 'Duck & Whale'?
  3. Mill911C3

    Monterey Auction 2018

    After all this time I 'never found' what (or) if they sold for. I don't really care either, mine is worth the 'smile' !!
  4. Mill911C3

    Early Steering Wheels....

    I saw one for sale somewhere maybe 5 months ago. I'm old, I don't remember where. Good luck >
  5. Mill911C3

    Whale tail specific wording

    Oli, I feel for you. I contacted the dealer who sold my car to a Dr. in Germany. Dealer told me, kindly, the same, that at that time in as the dealership, all records were "PAPER" and they just didn't see the reason to take up the 'file space'. SO, I got nothing too<<< I even tried my contact into Porsche Archives, told they were "to under-staffed & busy" to do that research. My #1 original owner has died as well. Well, we can dream (&) we own the cars !!!! If you figure a way, let us know.
  6. Mill911C3

    Monterey Auction 2018

    Viewed, posting this information in the cars for sale heading, but reading the rules, one must own the car to post there. SO, while looking at the 'Flat Sixes web-site' they've listed all the Porsche models to be auctioned off. Shown as 'Lot 92' there, verbiage only, noting a 1977 911 Carrera 3.0 Targa with "Pre-Auction Estimate $115,000-$145,000". Also 'Lot 5034' writes, verbiage only, noting a 1977 911 Euro Carrera 3.0 with "No Pre-Auction Estimate. Watch for these>
  7. Mill911C3

    Heated Windscreen Install

    Gents, I just learned of the 'Heated Windscreen' (or) Windshield> I am in the throws of posting, what I've compiled so far of, option codes primarily for the Carrera 3.0 in my registry site. I have a member here in the states who has this 'Heated Windscreen' in his car. Was this a factory option & if so does anyone here know its code #? Thanks much>>
  8. Mill911C3

    Reassembling my CIS on my C3

    I'm good with that answer. I'll give it a go> Good tea?
  9. Hello Group>> Since I now have time & with this 70*f day, I finally started back reacquainting myself with the task ahead of me, reassembling the CIS back to my engine. I know the answer for my first question. Does the Intake Tube ID need cleaned for better performance, but how to is the open question? Since the Intake Tubes are off & the injectors are visible, I see rust<<. I have no knowledge if they'd ever been changed. So in my Intake Tube cleaning process, will the injectors be cleaned as well (or) should I just replace them. If I'm to replace them, are the requirements for our C3 different than those of a '1978' SC? I didn't see the injector nozzles called out in my PET program+/- Thank You Gentleman
  10. Again, because I am not tech savvy I feel I need to start a new topic using the correct title. I hope I'm now offering information most of you have read.
  11. Mill911C3

    2.7 RS vrs. Carrera 3.0

    WELL, with all my begging I've finally bitten the preverbal bullet & received the last copy available thru Ebay>>> As I start reading the article, I come to the realization the comparison is between the 74-75 "EURO Carrera" & our C3, not the RS. After I go to Staples to have the oversized pages reduced so as to post them, I will. 'BUT', during my read I see the words Recaro describing this units "optional seats". I ask the gods, is there some area of what seems to be the same seats displayed in the article as in my car, that I might find the Mfg'r. Name "Recaro"? To be continued>>
  12. Mill911C3

    2.7 RS vrs. Carrera 3.0

    No, it's 1 page I was sent and it's out of the Total 911 Magazine. I believe I copied the page at the beginning of this quest.
  13. Mill911C3

    Original Porsche Key Pouch

    Hello group, I just missed out on scarfing up an original Porsche Key Pouch. SO, I figured I'd start a search hoping some kind soul could have an extra>> And wishing 'all' joyous holidays !!
  14. Mill911C3

    New to forum. 1977 carrera 3.0

    Copper-Bronze & Cork, very nice colour combination>> Welcome!
  15. Mill911C3

    2.7 RS vrs. Carrera 3.0

    A little behind fitting attachments into this forum, hope this works at least for my question. First thanks all for your inputs! Especially Alex, it's a joy reading your's! I was sent the above page from, I forget. He told me it was 1 sheet of the Total 911 article. I've searched for the magazine here in the states with '0' luck. Again, does any kind soul across the pond wanna send me a copy, or at lease photo copies of this, BUT, in colour please. AND, sorry for my delay in asking, I'm just too busy<<