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  1. I, too, have a Ferrari itch to scratch. It’s a very normal problem...
  2. I’m with RB on this. My only regrets from selling will be because I loved my IB and certainly not from a financial perspective. My overall thought is how lucky I was to have 11 fantastic years of motoring - many never have the chance.
  3. Yes - my car! It is going to Malta. Very sad to be selling. I have a 997 which is amazing, and just couldn’t justify my IB. Also have MGC and TR4, so just too much stuff. Really straight car which needs a few things doing - not unusual - they all do. Will probably regret for ever - we’ll see. Collecting Cars is a superb platform for selling, but it’s quite nerve wracking. Sat at £25k until the last 3 minutes and it then went bananas.
  4. I can help on the MG front. Based in Gloucestershire.
  5. 2 years ago, I went on a track weekend in Nantes in convoy with a great friend who had terminal cancer. I was in the IB, he was in his 997 which I now own. We departed Nantes for Calais at 5am on a Sunday and gave it big beans the whole way. 2 months later, cancer got the better of him. On the very morning of his death, his widow and I both received 5 fines each - exactly the same cameras and exactly the same speeds. It was VERY expensive but one of the best runs I’ve ever had. At his funeral, his sister went through the alphabet to paint picture of him. ‘S’ was ‘Speeding with Sam’. I am wierdly fond of French speeding tickets...
  6. Michelin Alpins. 195/65 R15. Dated week 9, 2012. Barely used, with loads of tread. Grubby, but would clean up well. Collection from either S Derbyshire or near Cheltenham. £100.
  7. Nothing special - we have a couple of old Bantams which are fun for charging around on.
  8. Busybee - I’ll PM you. Sam
  9. Thanks for that link Mondrian. Busybee - see For Sale section the blasting cabinet that I have for sale. I also have a Sealey Parts Washer for sale, but haven’t listed it yet. Sam Haha - we were posting at the same time.
  10. NJP - I think I want to keep 1 x cylinder mower and that’ll be the Suffolk Punch. Have just seen a nice reconditioned one one eBay for £400 - quite expensive! But many thanks for your interest. Sam
  11. David - will PM you. Sam
  12. Dave - will PM you. Sam
  13. Was summoned by my Mum this weekend to start sorting through my Dad’s various sheds and garages. The poor chap has bad Parkinson’s Disease and is not able to do much for himself anymore. He’s had some amazing cars in his lifetime - Rolls Phantom 1, Invicta 3L Low Chassis, Maserati Sebring, Aston DB Mk3 and numerous E Types, Healeys etc. Sadly, these are long gone, less the trusty MGC... Anyway, thought you might enjoy a few pics of some of the other treasure that I unearthed. Don’t really know where to start with it all, but have just placed a sandblaster and 2 welders in the For Sale section. And do get in touch if you desperately need any classic lawnmowers... Sam
  14. Am having a clear out of my Old Man’s garage and have a sand blaster and 2 welders for sale: Sealey Sandblaster - £100 Sealey Mightmig - £100 SIP Turboweld 6 - £140 Prices based on a quick bit of internet research but happy to be put straight if I’m way off. Items are at my parents in S Derbyshire or I can get them to mine near Gloucester. Sam
  15. Few more pics, as requested. No idea if it’s Brooklands Green. I just thought standard BRG. My uncle bought her in 1980, so in the family for many years. Much spent on performance and handling. A pleasant thing...
  16. A couple of days late, but I polished my MGC and barbecued a leg of lamb. Loved every minute...
  17. Yup, got it. I’m ready for the challenge. Although all I do is make tea and encouraging noises. We have people lined up for when studs break and all that. Easy peasy. Famous last words. Will report back in due course...
  18. Yes re next level. But I have befriended an excellent local mechanic who lets me use his workshop at weekends. And he’s doing the exhaust with me. He has worked on IBs before. Result...
  19. Oil service successfully done. Thanks all for the pointers. Really enjoyed doing some spannering, and saving some money at the same time. Next job - replace the exhaust system!!!
  20. Alex - have you still got the A3? Sam
  21. https://angliacarauctions.co.uk/classic/saturday-20th-june-2020/1986-porsche-924-s/ Me and my boy are thinking of putting in a low offer on this. I have asked the auction house for current owner’s details, to try and get a better feel for the car. Do we have any 924 experts out there? Any tips on specific questions, beyond the standard ones? Many thanks. Sam
  22. Do it Dr Rock. I dare you...
  23. I’m currently loving these. A blue one cruised past me in London recently and it was impossibly elegant.
  24. I would buy something like this, if I had any spare cash...

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