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  1. Think a 964 c4 would be a good candidate for conversion. Certainly make for a nice sleeper off the line. 🐢
  2. daveuxb

    LE a bit sick

    On the contrary, Ive always been passionate about Porsches and Porsche engineering, but more so the people that own them. Their plans for their cars the enjoyment they receive from them and their experiences they have with them, is something i revel in as those that have met me will testify. Ive been lucky to have been able to experience the two sides of the coin ie ownership and now from the other side the servicing maintenance and repair as an occupation. This hasnt changed my perception porsche owners but further driven my desire to provide a great service and experience for the people in
  3. daveuxb

    LE a bit sick

    Lets apply logic to this argument. I always ask what did Porsche do? Ive owned many different porsches in my time and spannered all of them to the best of my knowledge. Ive been fed bits of info from russell lewis over a period of 8 years and have never been able to fault his advice. Now That i work with the man i realise despite my understanding of the cars i have owned and rebuilt the level of knowledge and understanding a Porsche trained class 1 tech has with 40 years of experience has is far beyond anything i will ever assimilate. The internet is a great place for he who bangs the lo
  4. daveuxb

    LE a bit sick

    Youve got this mod Kevin. ?
  5. Sorry im a bit late to the party Henry. Great progress on your project. That is indeed your speedo sensor for an early 964. Its a 2 pin as it creates a sin wave much like an abs sensor. Just cable tie it back. Later 964s received the speedo sensor from th3 abs sensor. Wrt lambda sensors, temp sensor wasnt used on rwc and is therefore not required, the lamda sensor can be bridged out with a coding plug available on 3.2 carreras non cat cars. However depending on your engine are cat converter will be required for mot as mot shops will check. There is also a change in 91 lambda sensors for the d
  6. Nice to see you Alex, sorry I didnt have a chance to chat, but just hectic at the min. Gonna arrange an open day in the summer and a Barbie for the lads l90 guys and ib lot , hopefully the potholes will be sorted by then(bloody farmers!) . Heres hoping for this year with the project mate.
  7. Horsepower costs money, how fast do you want to go! good luck with your build.
  8. All done. Happy days.
  9. Result crossing fingers for you mate. Ive got some gen turbo steel wings which i had shot blasted and primered. They were pretty rotten but the arches are good. They owe me 300 quid but to you gratis that said theyre pretty fecked.
  10. Weve got a 924 series 2 coming in soon Les. Looking forward to a transporter engine. Is it diesel? Installed a new cambelt tensioner roller, front crank oil seal and o ring, balance belt and cam belt, new cam chain and runners. Installed the cams. There is a special tool which holds the cams down as the cam bridges are fragile and numbered machined and line bored to the head. If you crack one you need a new head :/ as they are matched and porsche do not supply them individually! The balance shafts are set correctly by placing the shafts in the upright tdc plane of the engine and ensu
  11. Soooo! Circumstances have somewhat changed in the last year and Ive now the facilities a man with the knowledge to turn my hand to other p-cars namely my own 968 and as its done 130k now I thought it be prudent to carry out some pms. Im really enjoying my 968 its a proper porsche. But as we know gotta make sure theyre all ok so took the time to do a head gasket, water pump and belts. The engineering on these engines imo is much more refined and delicate and dare i say more complex than the flat sixes ive become so familiar with over the last decade. Its certainlt not a quick afternoons w
  12. Sucks Dude, but body shops are notorious for this id like to offer an alternative but the 3 guys i know all have the same issue. Great work but youll see your car next millenia. And the fastest one is eye wateringly expensive. Restorations arnt money makers for body shops when you way the labour involved against the time and profit. My 964s neen sat under a cover for a year at the bodyshop. Still there. Promises promises. You just give up after a while.
  13. Oh Crap dude. Is it your doing or the bodyshop?
  14. As been said it's unlikely to be a transmission fault if the noise is in all gears. Clutch release bearing would be my first guess. Get the transmission out have a look and then order bits. No use second guessing until you see the cheap stuff.
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