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  1. Thanks for heads up, our ferry still sailing at this stage on 28th June from Santander to Plymouth
  2. so thanks to all for your tips on this, I like the idea of Hotel Terradets, looks lovely and I think we will stay our 1st night there. I'll be travelling with my kids aged 10 and 8 - the 3 of us, they are seasoned travellers (and big Porsche fans naturally) but stopping somewhere where they can swim in lakes, rivers, waterfalls etc is near the top of their wish list. so in summary, we have got as far as Hotel Terradets so far and still working on the next move. Some good suggestions above, I won't be doing the dining thing so much with these two. More the nature and old towns to explore
  3. thanks for help, I've been in touch with Max at Frazer part who has been very helpful
  4. That's great guys, thanks very much. If you have any route suggestions Wingnonut would be good to see them
  5. Hi, my car was hiccupping (slightly) and had been identified (as by Julia 911 in Barcelona where I live) as a faulty Air Flow Meter (swapped with another 3.2 in the workshop AFM and ran fine). I understand that some companies can refurbish them or does anyone have any suggestions?
  6. Hi, I will be travelling to UK in my 1987 911 Targa from Barcelona (where we have been living last 4 years) and plan to take ferry from Santander end of June. We would like to enjoy some nice driving roads, take it easy and spend 4-5 days travelling there from Barcelona. Any suggestions, tips would be appreciated. We will of course have to keep an eye on travel restrictions etc but at this stage that is our plan A!
  7. Thanks Simon, I also found an old posting on here mentioning KMI petrol injection who are also able to source or rebuild them and have sent an email to them
  8. Hi I've been informed by my (well respected Porsche guy here in NZ) mechanic that my 911 is in need of a fuel distributor. I have to admit I almost fell over the cost of one here in NZ (£2500 and upwards) so I thought I'd put a posting on here for any suggestions. Apparently these don't often crap out, is it worth getting a second hand one? Any advice or tips would be much appreciated. Cheers Allister
  9. Hi New to the forum but have owned my 1980 SC almost 2 years. I brought the car back to NZ with me earlier in the year after owning it in the UK and travelling all over. I am now on the hunt for some shock absorbers, does anyone have any recommendations? It may be cheaper to order from the UK or states so any tips/links would be much appreciated. It is purely for road use so don't need expensive high performance etc. Cheers Keewee
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