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  1. Best place I ever found was just off J11 of the M1 near Luton. It's a professional Lorry Wash facility. For £25, I drove my CS up some gi-huge ramps (gulp) and they set about it with a steam washer like I have never seen. Half an hour later, the car was spotless underneath. My CS has no Porsche underseal so I then let it dry out for 2 weeks, then covered with POR-15 from Finnegans then a couple of hand painted layers of Black Waxoly. It's not as pretty as the red 3.2 in this post (that is clean) but it's very well protected. Hope this helps
  2. Hi Steve - Top Car. (I would say that wouldn't I....) One of the prior owners was Mark Mathews and I recall him sending me piccies of the car many years ago just after he'd had it converted to track condition. He even remarked that somewhere in the pedal box, he'd had something gold plated - "just because he could". If you are interested to learn something more about the car, then I've got some information on file somewhere, so PM me and I'll see what I can do. Cheers Steve PS - is your car on the register ?
  3. Hi there. If you are looking for a "sure fire" way to check to see if you have a genuine CS there are a few pointers that whilst not impossible to copy, would be rather tough om the would be converter. Engine mounts. The CS used the much stiffer cabriolet mounts - suffix "xxxx007" - just look into the engine bay and take a look Engine - the CS has a Porsche Blueprinted engine and sodium filled exhaust valves to cope with the higher RPM. Look for "SP" on the block Single interior passenger visor. V5 document. The CS was homologated as a 2 seater car and whilst it is possible (£) to retrofit the rear seat belts, it's unlikely that anyone doing this would consider re-homologating. Simplified wiring harness - again, you just have to know where to look... but the lack of foglights, heated / electrical anything allowed Porsche to reduce the no of cables in the loom (so.. they didn't just junk the foglights, but went a little further) Hope this helps ! Steve
  4. We finished that article yonks ago but glad it has come to see the light of day - it was orginally to be included in the Register section of Pork Poached but Steve M pulled it due to length - hence the seperate article. Incidentally, Mike still has his CS tucked away somewhere and has had offers for the wrong side of silly ££'s for it... but under pain of ex-communication from his children, refuses to sell. Who's looking forward to the summer ? I know I am.. living where I do now, I've seen more water than I need for one lifetime..
  5. Bootiful (as they say in Narfuk). However, it has to be said that black is one of the bravest shades out there. I remember re-spraying a Chrysler Alpine in Black a few years back, and apart from being deafened by the rattly tappets built- in to the engine, then spent the next few years admiring every single stonechip... Never again ! Your job looks the business - congrats
  6. The only thing you need to do is to change the dampers to Bilstein "Sports" models - Green in colour. In addition, the CS has an LSD fitted along with Cabriolet engine and gearbox mounts. There are no other changes to the suspension. Good luck !
  7. Good question and one asked many moons ago by Mac. It seems that the lightweight (?) spare of the CS is not man enough for the job as a crumple zone in itself and any impact needing to rely on the spare wheel to deflect pressure is going to be serious enough to possibly have it dislodged (and therefore rendered useless) I asked the Porsche bods in Stuttgart (I have an office there) and they were adamant that it might help... or, it might even hinder. In other words, inconclusive, but I'm willing to learn on this one.
  8. Hi Jez Is that your car I-spy in the back of PP ? How did you do @ Silverstone (yesterday ?) - Hope the CS is going well on track and can concurr with Andy T - remove the parcel shelf for even more aural treats. FYI, my specimen had it's only remaining sound deadening panel removed (inside the engine bay at the top) and is also one of those without Porsche underseal and no spare wheel. When weighed it was..... GUESS.
  9. ClubSport

    V Power

    I have Dyno evidence, that no matter what I did, the Optimax / V power allowed the car to produced more (~1 or 2) hp more than with the BP Super Fuel. When I contaced the technical rep @ BP, he was not at all surprised by this. Hence the new 102 octane Fuel (which I saw being used in anger @ the trade day @ the Autosport show.) Trouble is, I think it's a little pricey ! (and moreover is really better suited to adaptive knock sensing that the open loop system we have on the 3.2.
  10. Anil is spot on. The "intake mod" mentioned is just the lack of carbon canister. No other changes from a stock 3.2. However, there are some "Ruf approved" mods to the airbox if anyone is interested. Steve
  11. I hate to agree with RB but he speaks sense. In most of the 300+hp runs for the 964, the way to get this high HP is by replacing the Bosche Vane AFM with a MAF. AS many have mentioned, the resitriction on the 3.6l 964 was all about inlet and deliberate. So, I doubt is only a chip on a 964 could achieve 300+hp. Coming the the 3.2 then most of what RB suggests about the 3.2 seems right. It's quite a "lazy" engine from stock, but the limit is the piston design w.r.t. combustion speed and pre-ignition. The 964's twin plug heads is far more efficient as it runs higher CR's Twin plug heads on a 3.2 would be a better bet, but why go to all this bother ? Just reduce the weight by a few kg and the effect is similar
  12. Looking @ the CD's worth of pictures sent by GTPP, (thanks to James Lipman BTW - superb photographer) then I just cannot believe that car in the mag is actually in my garage... Hmm... I always think that few cars can carry off White really well, but Porsche is one of them. (did Ferrari ever do a car in White ?)
  13. Aloha Here is my 'ickle Porka. Not sure how long it's gonna last though... (despite the fact that I love it). Currently resident in Rushden with my coach and CFO - Mitch
  14. There are only a limited number of CS's produced without any underseal and those cars that have been weighed are a lot closer to 1100kg than those without. In fact, one CS owner took out his rear windows only to discover that (shock) they were in fact 1mm smaller than he expected. W.r.t the sound deadening, then all of it is removed with the exception of the rear engine bulkhead and the little foam pad under the rear parcel shelf. However, having a "rich" history, my car is devoid of these luxuries. Porsche did not build an RS with the CS (they were broke @ the time) but they did go some way. For example, even the fuel tank and entire under bonnet area is devoid of sound deadening panels - it's just painted metal However - they were still not trying hard enough IMHO. They could have easily ditched the adjustable headlights, electric mirrors (or even lose the passenger mirror completely) and so on. However, as Andy has explained, a lot of the weight loss came from trim reductions Rgds
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