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  1. What a beautiful thing! Enjoy in good health
  2. Mine too Phill - i’ve always found it to be very accurate
  3. Nasty! Regarding the chrome door window frames, surely these can be removed and put onto the new door? Or are they damaged too? Hope you got compensation!
  4. Entirely normal - it’s a dry dump - so there’s only oil in the sump once the car has been at idle for a bit; hence why you can only measure the oil on these cars with the car warm and at idle and once much of the oil has returned to the sump.
  5. Jim Rummy


    Thanks all - hi Ian, I did consider center gravity and actually had her booked in there awhile back but I do worry about the costs escalating - although I realise that they will sort it out as few can. I will probably take her there. I’ve heard good things about Fenn Lane too, thanks, may consider them too - thanks again
  6. Jim Rummy


    Fellow air-cooleds, is it a tough job replacing the shocks on these old beasties? The garage that shall not be named refurbed my suspension (allegedly) some 5-6 years ago, but the shocks themselves were replaced when I bought the car 10 years ago. To be honest, I think it may just have been the inserts on the back. Anyway, the offside front now makes a bumping and occasionally shearing sound over big bumps and the whole rig squeaks. The car also feels too floaty over bumps at speed, so I’m thinking as the bushes look fine and the garage that should not be named replaced them with superpro bushes (allegedly) 5-6 years ago, that the car is probably due new shocks. Bilsteins? £700 odd quid? Can I fit myself with help? Thanks all Ben (Jim)
  7. Those panel gaps! This weather! Perfect combo - cold(ish) and clear! Loving it
  8. Would have been better with the Saab wheel at the front and a Fuchs at the back surely
  9. Good list! Glad she’s sorted, shouldn’t need that lot doing for quite awhile now
  10. Turbo owner here of 10 years and 50,000 miles and many gallons of rain, but not one rain related problem, even on a drive down through France last year when it rained solidly for 5 hours of the journey - these cars are very very can do; they just go and go - more so than my mates British classics, classic Ferrari’s and the like.
  11. Must be a long list
  12. Hi All Missed this due to various things, how was it - it sounded very promising?
  13. Lovely lovely seats! What did you do about the seat foam? They are nla aren’t they?
  14. hi - just seen this! do you have a set of wides left? I'm in east Wiltshire so close to you in berks?
  15. I'm also with Admiral multicar after my 17 year old passed her driving test - quite stunned by the savings; agreed it yesterday. Prior to Admiral my insurance from separate companies was: BMW M2: £950 Gold Gti: £800 911: £280 Daughters VW UP!: quoted £1,400 😳 Total: £3,430 Admiral multicar total: £1,716 ... Still a whole chunk of money, but a staggering saving on what I thought I was going to have to pay out.
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