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  1. Beautiful colour - looks lovely, congrats!
  2. The lot I think - step 1 the immediate stuff - clutch, oil leaks etc step 2 the rest, wheels etc step 3 bodywork and paint! but not returning to stock, keeping it as jammo intended Hi Ian, hope all well
  3. She’s not as bad as all that - just needs a little refreshing
  4. All 4 calipers needed replacing (which made the journey down south interesting!), she stalls intermittently at idle, neither windows work consistently, nor does the sunroof work at all, she’s got the usual rust, leaks from both engine and gearbox, the clutch needs replacing, one shock is shot, as is one of the drop links, various dings on the paint work, the hugely expensive RUF speedlines need a refurb and the ‘lightweight’ rear seat delete turns out to be a surprisingly heavy piece of plywood slung over the back with the rear seats mostly in place beneath! big thanks to Matt at Typ
  5. Hi all Thought I’d maybe keep a thread going on this. Some of you do know the car as Jammo’s ‘blackbird’. I helped my friend buy it from the owner after Jammo in 2014 and now I’m helping him by keeping it in my garage and slowly bringing it back up to speed. Here she is on the day I picked her up in Manchester - she had sat for quite a few months and hadn’t had an mot for 18 months:
  6. ‘In the shade it like velvet’ - such a terrible write up, filled with grammatical errors and tedious motor trade cliches; you’d expect better from someone selling a near-on 40 grand car.
  7. Jim Rummy


    Thanks incredibly kind Nige, thank you for your offer. I think the owner of the car plans on getting me to slowly get the car back to its former self, so any changes will be permanent. I think I’m best off buying the recon ones from Matt. I’ll wait to see if the backs are cooked too before pushing the button. Thanks again
  8. Jim Rummy


    As I wrote it I twigged that it probably was ...
  9. Jim Rummy


    My local garage said they had to crowbar them off, so I think they are toast sadly Matts recon and pads are £296 incl vat for the front axle and I presume I could get a few quid back for the old calipers?
  10. Jim Rummy


    Sorry calipers not rotors - Matt at type 911 has them recon at £100 a pop so might just go for those
  11. Jim Rummy


    Hi All My Jammo, Blackbird loaner’s brakes are seized - specifically the front calipers, maybe backs too. Discs seem ok. So that’s new rotors and pads. The old ones look highly average - I doubt they are stock, but they don’t look very sophisticated. Any advice on what pads and rotors I should go with?
  12. If I had the loot, I’d be all over it - perfect car
  13. Looking good, you still selling Longman?
  14. That’s a hell of a thread!
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