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  1. Unbelievably late to this thread, haven’t been on here till recently - hope all unfolding for you ok - glad that you survived unscathed, having just sold mine after owning for a similar length of time (slightly less miles - 50,000 compared to your 74,000), I wish you well! How’s the insurance process coming along?
  2. Hi Mondrian I don’t seem to be able to pm you, could you try messaging me and I’ll see if I can reply?
  3. Let’s meet halfway - postage is £3.50 - how about £21.75 all in?
  4. https://www.design911.co.uk/mobile/#part;id=21344 Unused - retails for £39, will take £20 plus postage
  5. This MSA Approved fire extinguisher fits absolutely inch perfectly into the rear footwell of an IB car at 375 mm long and 108 mm diameter - it fits with a centimetre to spare either end so no movement, or you can use the brackets to secure it more permanently. Bought in May 2018, next service date May 2020, these extinguishers have a 10-year lifespan (see link below for more details). It has never been used, comes with the mounting brackets and quick release straps it retails for upwards of £70, and I will take £40 plus postage, which appears to be £9.99. http://vi.raptor.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&item=291043352489&category=33722&pm=1&ds=0&t=1541085275000&ver=0&cspheader=1&oversion=8a351eac
  6. Pleasure Mondrian - pm details
  7. Hi - bought this FIA approved track day helmet just over a year ago, I’ve worn this once in front of the TV, but sadly even at XL (61-62 cm), it’s still too small for my massive head. Totally immaculate, and kept in a cupboard out of the light, and with bag but no box, these helmets retail for £275. I will take £175 plus postage.
  8. Bloody hell mig, you don’t hang around! Yes - pm me deets, I presume you are au fait with PayPal?
  9. A must have in any impact bumper collection - the venerable, market leader in the world of car battery chargers: the CTEK; the firm that put the charge in battery chargers. It has served me and my 930 well over the last couple of years, but as I now have a BMW and they never have any battery problems, I don’t need it it anymore. Currently retailing for anywhere up to £70, mine is in perfect working order, with the box, all leads and manuals, it’s even got a cute unused carry case for the aircooled man about town. Yours for £30 plus postage.
  10. Hi - I know that these are very rare and most replace with the non-reflector pieces, but they are not in the first flush of youth - £50 plus postage to a good home:
  11. Hi all Now that the beast has gone to pastures new, there are a few things I don’t need, namely: One passenger side door pocket Has definitely been reupholstered at some point - the felt is nicely done, the leather will need trimming and finishing and there seems to be a light dusting of redness inside the pockets, but the plastic is complete and uncracked unlike most I’ve seen. £80 plus postage Also lhd side and rhd door pocket upholstery with leather trim, I think from memory these are original Porsche, but I bought them awhile back and can not be sure, but they are in unused condition: £50 plus postage And finally, two unused plastic bracket door pocket repair brackets for the main bit of the door pockets along with all the pop rivets you’ll need - both sides and fitting instructions seems to retail on eBay for £55, I’ll take £20 plus postage:
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