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  1. Can I take those please for a mate of mine. Regards Dean
  2. All sorted now, thanks for your input. Bought a pair from a pal who's car had 55k on the clock before he upgraded to oil fed kit. I've bought the rebuild kits for $27.50 each and hoping Mr. Bainbridge will rebuild for me. He's told me to stick with the original setup.
  3. As little as possible LOL, this rebuild is costing me ££££'s. I do have a friend who's found his that he removed for pressure fed items and he's just checking the part numbers. Hit me with a figure and the part numbers please Ivan.
  4. Anybody have any original chain tensioners from when they upgraded to the pressure fed items. Needing a pair for the rebuild that's going on at Mr. Bainbridges. Regards Dean
  5. Ordered direct from Tokyo at a price of £6.27 / each x 5pcs and paid for express shipping with Egg Fried Rice. 😃
  6. That’s the one. Fraction of the price of the porsche item. What I used in a rebuild in 2013 and numerous euro trips and track days and still going. Cheers guys. 👍
  7. Having an Engine and gearbox rebuild on the 1978 SC Targa and costs as usual start spiraling. I know I had a box rebuilt years ago and the 5 needle bearings 999 201 470 00 I ended up using a honda bearing for a fraction of the porsche price. Does anybody have the honda part number? Regards Dean
  8. Hi David. I’ll take the sill guard rubber covers. Cheers dean.
  9. Let me know the postage and I’ll send the money cheers. Dean
  10. Deano

    Oil cooler

    Cheeky offer of £25 untested with the front mouldings. Cheers. Dean.
  11. 2 front ones please David. Cheers. Dean.
  12. Can I take the two aftermarket ones please. Regards Dean.
  13. Deano

    Pirelli P6000’s

    Hi can you please give me the sizes. Cheers. Dean.
  14. Hi Jamie, are the rear over riders still for sale and if so are the studs ok? cheers. Dean
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