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  1. Fetched a couple of SCs over from California, you’ve just got 5% tax on old porsches older than 30 year old. The shipping and some unpacking charges this end normally handled by Kingstown, I normally organise shipping in US as it’s cheaper.
  2. Hi Guys, Thought I’d rekindle this Alfa lockdown thread as I dropped on 1970 GTV1750 that lived in South Africa till 2002 and then just one UK owner since. He’s just let it go due to poor health so thought I’d share a few photos. Very little mileage in the UK apart from summer use and car shows. I’ve been getting it serviced up, oil, filters, coolant change, brakes checked. Lovely sounding, fast revving engine. Super solid underneath due to living in a dry state. Looking forward to getting out in the cars in spring like us all.
  3. As description having a clear out. £30.00 plus £10.00 postage.
  4. Hi Ron, I'll take the red replay please Cheers Dean
  5. Hi Ron, I'll take the 964 wipers and blades if they are RHD and delivered price. Regards Dean
  6. I'll take the first set please.
  7. Hi Pete, Can I take the pair torsion bar cover retaining brackets please with postage to South Yorkshire, Regards Dean
  8. I’ll take them if they’re still available. Happy to offer the postage. 👍
  9. Can I take those please for a mate of mine. Regards Dean
  10. Ordered direct from Tokyo at a price of £6.27 / each x 5pcs and paid for express shipping with Egg Fried Rice. 😃
  11. That’s the one. Fraction of the price of the porsche item. What I used in a rebuild in 2013 and numerous euro trips and track days and still going. Cheers guys. 👍
  12. Having an Engine and gearbox rebuild on the 1978 SC Targa and costs as usual start spiraling. I know I had a box rebuilt years ago and the 5 needle bearings 999 201 470 00 I ended up using a honda bearing for a fraction of the porsche price. Does anybody have the honda part number? Regards Dean
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