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  1. On a previous 76 C3 with 7 & 8 x 15 I tried a set of cheap Toyo Proxies with 205 x 55 x 15 up front & 225 x 50 x 15 on rear and they were absolutely superb. Only lasted about 10K miles but only cost about £80 a corner.
  2. Hi Simon. What date stamps are on your rims ? Thanks
  3. Richard. My twopence worth is that they normally don't pay out until a tracking number is provided to them by buyer and item is seen to be accepted at your end. I believe the new scam is that the box often returned with tracking number is empty or alternative or damaged goods , then the seller is goosed as he can't prove otherwise.
  4. Richard, my understanding is that Paypal don't have funding sources as you've described. They cannot by law take any monies from your bank acc or linked credit card. They can only stop payment or take monies from your PayPal acc. From what I read many people are moving to Amazon Payments which appear o be less costly etc.
  5. Going through it at the minute myself. The guy asked for the item to be removed from the no reserve auction and then paid by PayPal. Next question he asked would I relist the item with a buy it now for the amount he paid. No chance so when he received the goods he immediately filed a not as described claim with paypal and would but the items if I refunded him 30%. When I refused he filed a claim for full amount. Secret is make sure you don't have a paypal balance because they will nearly always grab it and find in favour of the buyer. When there are no funds available and they can't reverse them from your bank account or credit card they will think twice about their decision.
  6. Nope, dry as a bone. The solid hard rubbery stuff under the rear seats, under parcel shelf, under rear quarter windows and all the old carpet underlay into one big bundle tied up and it was 3 stone exactly. Don't know what kinda glue they used 40 yrs ago but it's as good or if not better than today's sticky stuff.
  7. Maybe this has been discussed before but for once curiosity got the better of me. Restoring a '76 C3 at the minute and today removed the original soundproofing under the rear seats. Tied it up and put it on a scales and it came it at just over 3 stone weight. Lots of people do lots of things to lighten up their cars but this one single piece of (imo) unnecessary material is a good place to start. 42 lbs surely equals some few HP !
  8. OK. Sorted . Thanks. For anyone interested the full kit of 24 ARP bolts , washers and nuts came out at $551.
  9. Does anyone know who supplies ARP stud kits over here ? Was going to try the Raceware studs until $200 was added for import duty and $117 on top to post them.
  10. Just wondering if these sold ? Thanks
  11. Apologies, had to measure them yesterday for someone and the rears are in fact just over 10" and not 11" as stated.
  12. These wheels were originally fitted to a Circuit Of Ireland Rally Porsche ( 1973 ) . I've had them on different 930's over the years and are standard turbo fitment . 225 /55/16 up front and 245/50/16 rears. Just been refurbed by Maverick in the UK and fitted with new Toyo's. Don't have the centre caps but there's plenty on eBay for £24 a set. Asking £1400 + post Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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