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  1. Further memory recall. I don't think it's a banjo fitting I have a picture in my head of a threaded fitting that screws into the pump ?
  2. Just to help here , hopefully my long ago recollection is sound. Indeed it's a banjo fitting on the end of the fuel pump . I think from memory the pump has a straight through fitting as standard and there is a replacement fitting that can be used. Memory Fades at what , but either from an SC or other cis car. I Had a MK1 golf GTi at the time might be worth a look at parts for that. Should add my C3 was a 77 and didn't have the check valve as standard.
  3. Great thread. Really enjoyed reading. Parts of it remind me of rebuilding my old VW Beetle engine. Pulling off the crankshaft timing gear and refitting it after heating it up. And the torque technique is the same I used for the flywheel nut. I have only ever done the reverse gear on a 915 so a box rebuild has always looked daunting. This thread has gone someway to ease my mind. Thanks for a great read.
  4. Suppose i shouldn't be giving away my secrets (or the prices will go up ) But those considering the ferry options might want to try Norfolkline. I have used then for a few years now and there rates are very reasonable and there is a useful reduction in the distance travelled once on the other side !
  5. some insurers accept the European version of the atdo some don't you just have to ask your insurer. Competition car insurance is worth a look if you get really stuck for cover. But they are expensive compared to getting cover by your own insurer.
  6. Blue last year was quiet compared to the year before at PCF Still don't know what i'm doing but i'm sure i will see you at some track day or event during the year kind regards laurence
  7. Blue, I think it's RSR NUrburg or Ron simmons Racing .
  8. Hi Jon glad your still enjoying the car. Was great to see on the Carrera 3.0 register site. Brought back some good memories. kind regards Laurence
  9. Sorry read the post too quickly at work. I thought I read that the car would not start after you had driven it and that it re started after it had time to cool back down after being towed back home.
  10. May i kindly suggest that anyone working on their C3 engine should invest in a good book on K- jetronic fuel injection. You will find it most helpfull when diagnosing faults such as these. A Good one is available by a chap called Charles Probst. Your symtoms sound a little like vapour lock to me. You could not start the car when warm but when it cooled down the car started. Early K-jet is well known for this. Worth checking your fuel pressure and that you have a one way valve fitted to your fuel pump. Also be wary of what fuel pump you buy. Be certain it's for high pressure k-jet not the la
  11. Just seen my old C3 on the register website. It's the one entiltled Copper Bottomed ! If your the current owner i would love to know how the car is going. Thanks Laurence
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