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  1. Has anyone seen the Radwood event? https://www.radwood.co/ It's an 80s inspired car event. I actually quite like a 348 I love a Mk1 scirocco. Years ago there was a very cool silver one with a G60 lump on 5 spokes knocking around. It was lovely.
  2. Did the DLS actually start out from a written off chassis purchased off "Steve Strange" 😂
  3. @Nige thanks but I meant the actual number plate - with your reg on it!
  4. Funnily enough I was looking through Bob Tilton's #werkcrew book the other day and it's got the original Singer in it (I think the Sheriff and Jamie got the first story on it?). Looking back at it now it's a lot less bling.
  5. @Nige no the actual number plates. I’ve had some small black alloy ones made but I’m not sure about them. Might go for small acrylic ones instead - is that what you’ve got?
  6. And that moment this song started playing in his helmet:
  7. This does look interesting, but farrggginn hell you need deep pockets for it. https://en.liteblox.de/
  8. Yeah I have liners. I was very impressed when I took them off. This was what they looked liked underneath. These wings went on about 10+ years ago and have had arch liners since Dom did that first run, what's that 6-8 years ago? I use the wax as well - cover it over everything really, the a-arms, anti roll bars, bottom of fuel tank, up behind headlamps, rear light clusters, kidney bowls, inside the chassis, the lot. Basically anywhere i can get the wand. It's almost clear so it's not very noticeable.
  9. Now it’s back together it’s time to pump the body full of this stuff ready for winter driving. I get this on eBay for about £50 for 6 tins. It comes with wands to poke into the body etc and I basically just go nuts with it. All over the underbody and inside the arches etc. It’s worked well for me so far. Don’t forget your mask 😷
  10. Thanks guys. I’ll give it a go 👍
  11. Stand corrected it’s a 69T so against the rules!
  12. This guy is cool. https://instagram.com/frisco_911?igshid=1hehoxhg4z1fh He ships the car around the world and then flys out and drives it. Currently in African tour spec. It was in Japan before. And it’s Green.... 😂 Should add, I think the car is a backdate and inside the rules. But happy to be proved wrong.
  13. My headlining has a few water ingress type stains on it. I remember @MrPerkles and @AirCooledExcellence dyed their headliner black using shoe stain? But I can't remember what the results were like. Anyone else done this that might have a pic/thoughts on it? Also, does anyone have a black headlining in their cars - does it make it a bit dingy or is it OK?
  14. Fair point on the headlights. But, I still think it's a cool car and I would like to put a load of stone chips on the bonnet. Maybe we need another criteria in the rules. - No trailer queens or cars destined to live in a glass box.
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