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  1. Northy

    Simon's 1982 911 SC

    Is what karmannkonnectionporsche is doing for click bait? That seems too extreme to have any structural rigidity, right?
  2. Northy

    Simon's 1982 911 SC

    The bellows are just for aesthetics purposes, it's still a single piece underneath. Yeah, you can get a duffel bag behind the shell seats no problem at all. I had sliders and aluminium side mounts in mine (they are now in Shirish @SP72's beast - albeit in lovely re-trimmed spec).
  3. Northy

    Simon's 1982 911 SC

    Thanks 😊 The rear bumper is a RUF CTR copy from Getty Design, but I modified it to put the IB bellows back on it, so that it matched up with the front. I swapped the Pole Positions out because I wanted to be able to tilt them forwards so that the kids could get in the back and I was doing less track work in the car. I never had any issues with fatigue in them, they were excellent. To be honest, I wish I'd kept them. The manual early sports seats are only about 15kg, so perhaps double the weight of a shell seat?
  4. Northy

    Simon's 1982 911 SC

    Lovely looking car Simon and some very choice mods 👌 Lightweight and nimble is the way forwards. You don’t need mega power to have fun in a light car. Don’t go nuts lowering it too much either. I can tell you from my own experience, some compliance is good. Good work. I like the lightweight but stock looking ethos, it looks spot on.
  5. That’s not an S2000 now is it? Looks more like an AMG GT to me?
  6. Since fitting my steering rack spacers I've had a bit of clunk when hitting bumps, normally if the bump is on the unloaded wheel side in a bend. I could also push/pull the wheel inwards/outwards about 5mm - which seemed odd. Having dissembled it, I think this was down to the bottom circlip not being engaged properly - it's not actually slotting into the column any more, so I'm swapping it out for a new one. Thanks Jonny - think I'll just 'massage' them up a bit then.
  7. Changing out the Steering column bushes. @sopor lent me some kit to pull the column back through into the cabin. Worked a treat. Look at the state of this stuff.
  8. Just found these from about ~2008
  9. I've had a few service station jambon avec fromage baguettes off my old whale tail - they are perfect for it! God I miss bashing through France like that. When @Tripe and my dad god had for speeding in Belgium - still don't know how Tripe blew clean on the breathalyser! That was such a mega trip.
  10. @SP72 - on the list, right?
  11. My friend is selling his black Carlsson if anyone is in the market for a rare beast. Circa 15k. ‘Smash that DM button’ as they say on YouTube.
  12. That big wing looks great on your car 👌
  13. That's terrible news. I've only met him once, years ago at a Meriden meet. Very knowledgeable chap indeed and a great loss to our community. I also bought one of his lightweight flywheels for my SC and he was a total pleasure to deal with then; every detail was explained in full 🙂 Over the weekend I shall go and spin it all the way up to the red line in his honour! May he rest in peace.
  14. Get the one from Jonny... Ah he’s sold out. https://www.classicretrofit.com/collections/cdi-ignition/products/ignition-coil
  15. ‘‘twas quick. Seemed a keen price for such a nice car. Hope you find a worthy replacement.
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