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  1. I'm interested to know what my airflow rates are like on the move and have been toying with getting an O2 meter plumbed into my exhuast. Here's a (probably stupid) question, where do you plumb it into a system with dual headers? could it go in the top of the tailpipe (like from above, under the rear valance) or does it need to be nearer the headers? if so, which one? or both?
  2. Your car is looking great @Nige - nice to see people at still working on their cars.
  3. Have you guys got a route in mind? Could you PM me it? Particularly where you might end up on the 6th.
  4. Great stuff David 👍 Keep the updates coming.
  5. I took advice at the weekend and bought a new one from the In Car Safety Centre in Milton Keynes. A Maxi Cosi Rodifix fits in the back, but you need to change the receiver/buckle for a shorter one. It’s also a seat that uses the normal 3 point belt, so the child needs to be over 15 kg. Hope that helps. 👍
  6. Yes, let's do that @Ian Comerford - meet you for a pint one evening in July? My understanding is the lines down the tunnel are plastic and not really a problem, it's at the tank end. I'll have a look at them again when I get around to swapping out the under tray for the new one. It's all a bit of a pain in the backside and I just want to get some miles under the wheels over the summer.
  7. Just to update this from an SC perspective. I’ve replaced the following lines on mine. 91135608701 91135608901 93011049800 93011049402 That little lot was £408 with a discount. One of the lines I requested is NLA - 93011049100 - this is the main inlet from the top of the fuel filter into the fuel delivery head (with a feed to the 7th injector) - this is part flexible and the rest is a metal line. So I got my local Pirtek to make up a new line on the existing one, they wouldn’t re-use the old fittings so cut the metal pipes back a bit and fitted new ones, along with a PTFE under stainless braid flexi-line. That was £75. An alternative here is an earlier part number: 930 11057000 - this is still available, but PET has it ending at 1981. It may well fit, but Porsche couldn’t confirm it to me. It’s about £108 for that line. So, all in - about £500 to change those lines. The US ones would be about the same once landed. So, that’s all of the flexible engine bay lines changed on my car now. I’ve had a look at what came off and other than that crease in one line they don’t look bad to me, but better to be safe than sorry. I’ve got them off if someone wants to make a template from them. Ian, do you want to send them on to Chris?
  8. Northy

    Child Seats

    Just to update this for anyone else looking for a modern seat for their toddler. My youngest has now outgrown the Porsche Prince seat (which works well for younger kids - if you can find one - and is a very similar design to the other shield type seats - apparently they do well in tests because load is spread over the whole chest, rather than it all going into the neck on 5 points) - the problem is finding something with a narrow enough base to fit the bottom of the rear seat. Today we’ve been to the In Car Safety Centre in Milton Keynes and picked up a Maxi Cosi RodiFix. This is a belt and isofix seat and the child needs to be over 15kg. The only observation from the fitter was that the belt receiver (the female part) is on quite a long plastic covered belt and that it could do with being shorter. So I’ve ordered some shorter ones from t’internet. My kids are 3 and nearly 5 and they have enough room behind 2 adults passengers in the front 👍
  9. Nice one Haith. That will be a blast around the Welsh hills 👌
  10. +1 on no additional earths with front indicators and a fg bumper.
  11. No idea, maybe mine is wrong then. Next time you're under there, can you take a photo of it all? If memory servers, broadly mine looked like this (albeit dirtier) [google search for image]
  12. I think black plates is just a producer isn't it? and since your car is an outlaw..... @Nige you've got black plates on your's haven't you? changed reg to an old style though, right?
  13. For reference, this is what I have been running for years. Not great angles, but you'll get the idea.
  14. As amazing as it sounds, in all likelihood I won't make this. So please take me off the list. If I change my plans I'll sort myself out nearer the time. 👍
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