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  1. Tuthills are turning out some quality content at the moment aren't they? The DLS videos (and build) and stuff like this. The quality of it all is ace. Brilliant stuff. Mods might want to re-title that - sounds a bit like they are actually on fire!
  2. How do you like the Alpine Mark?
  3. I didn’t know you’d had an SC before Steve. 5.5k has got to be rock bottom for any 911.
  4. For a simpleton like me, whats the impact of running the 3.2 rotor Jonny?
  5. I bought Beru ones a while ago. They were a bar steward to fit, the only way to get them onto the cap was with silicon lube. I would say the quality isn't as good as the originals.
  6. Old 911's rot from the inside out. Off the top of my head some of the main body rot ares are: Under Headlights & inner wings where bumpers mount (visible on the inside around the battery area) Kidney bowls (basically immediately behind the base of the B pillar and at the bottom of the b pillar) Windscreen scuttles Rear sunroof drain tubes Above the rear light clusters Bottom of front wings just in front of the base of the a pillar New wings are expensive (Circa £7-900 each panel + prep and paint) Anything in the b pillar means fairly
  7. Good stuff guys. I'll use this as a reference to check my cold idle out, it's a bit low in this cold weather. That link on Pelican is a beauty on how to rewind the AAR 👍
  8. Looks great 👍 I tried mine out at the weekend and where I’ve replaced my clock with an air vent, the phone mount it’s slightly too small. I’ve made a change to the design and run another one off today, so will give it a go and report back. I do already have the RHD Rennline one, which fits on the oil gauges not the clock. I’ve found I’m constantly knocking the phone off because it sits over the gear knob. So actually I think it will be better on the other side.
  9. Bump - anyone out there interested in this baby seat before I put it on ebay?
  10. 1 x silver off side wing. Generally in pretty good shape. The usual areas look very good. The only area that could do with a proper blast is the fuel filler. There is one small hole that needs welding up, but the rest it pretty solid and would probably blast back fine. Has a side repeater hole, so is probably from a later car. I paid £350 for this and would like £250 for the silver one, which is about 1/3 price of a new wing and much cheaper than the rotten rubbish that gets listed on ebay regularly. 1 x offside wing - from a C3 - wit
  11. Hi Ben 👋 It would look good with black plates (as a 79 you’d be allowed to as well)... Oulton RS day is coming up... if we’re allowed out by then!
  12. I’m about to tackle some Jobs on my SC that might mean exchangers off - in anticipation, does anyone have a jig for drilling out broken exhaust studs?
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