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  1. I envy the Californian weather.
  2. It is possible to drill the bar for additional holes - to stiffen it up. But you need something heavy duty to do it, I had to get an engineering shop to do mine. Also I used cheap rose jointed drop links and it quickly snapped them. Might offer an alternative for you though.
  3. It was great to catch up with you guys that turned out. I didn’t sell a thing, but that was OK. I’ve stuck some of it on eBay and sold it in about 2 hours so that’s good. One of my highlights was seeing Francis Tuthill waist deep into the boxes of stuff looking for rare parts. We chatted for a bit and he was saying the business is great at the newer stuff but he still helps on the older stuff. He qualified this by saying the newer stuff was post 1964 😂 His passion for old Porsches was still flowing and bringing a sparkle to his eyes. Just brilliant.
  4. I have this 2 in 1 out muffler gathering dust. It would be perfect for modifying to be a 3 out or use as is. Decent condition, bought from another member for £150 a while ago and un-used. £100 + postage.
  5. Burger van queue will be busy 😂
  6. I should add, if anyone is on the lookout for anything in particular, let me know and I’ll see if I can spot it for sale 👍
  7. I’ve got my van loaded with: 4 x front wings (2 each side) all in very salvageable condition. Clubsport steering wheel Front seat belt set Rennline peddle boards RHD both sides Red (us spec) rear light lenses Fog lamp (under bumper) 2 in 2 out exhaust box indicator stalk early 911 seat backs in red vinyl early 911 Momo steering wheel hub Side mounts in alloy for a race seat (one has a slider attached) single double locking seat slider a fibre glass front bumper blade a few other misc bits and bobs. See some of you there!
  8. Good stuff! I have very found memories of the 348. We had one from the classic car club and took it to Le Mans. Driving back from Le Mans to Paris was the fastest I’ve ever driven on public roads and was pretty naughty in places - bloody hell it was good!! I think the styling has aged really well, like a compact testarossa - nice one 👏
  9. Bushes on throttle linkage? Defo fuel lines. Dr Rocks incident springs to mind. Replace the oil pressure switch?
  10. 5.3k - 6.3k is going to feel like a turbo spooling up, there is a 100bhp difference!
  11. I’m going to load up my van with some of my stash and set up pitch I think. So if anyone wants to bring a few bits and stick them on my pitch, be my guest 👍
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