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  1. That’s a DLS - with the Williams engine etc. It’s quite a piece of engineering and only 1.8million….
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNLJ4U9BI5u/?igshid=xurhggmcibke green 😍
  3. Yeah you’re probably right 👍
  4. Bump - what do you guys think? too spendy? maybe I'll bung them on ebay instead.
  5. Gutted. I can't make this. Have fun and take & share loads of photos!
  6. 🙌 well done Jamie. Keep going forwards with it 👍
  7. Valuations on modified cars are tough. The market narrows for cars like that so it comes down to what is someone prepared to pay. You could talk to John about it? It might sell well on collecting cars? It would get a decent audience at least.
  8. WAHOOO!!!! Chris I am so jealous!!!! I would love to go to Speedweek! I am definitely going to take my sons one day. They love hot rods and drag racing; I think it would blow their minds. Have you seen Paul "Ferrymans" photos from when he went 👌
  9. Hi Ben, I’ll take the alloy seat mounts 👍 Lewis
  10. First time for everything Gaz 😂 Update your thread and list out what jobs you’ve got to do in it. You need to get that bloody car going again.
  11. Honestly I couldn’t tell the difference between Stomski and the standard one with super pro bushes in it. It’s a very marginal gain if at all.
  12. Yeah I’ve got those on at the moment. Just mounted onto some cut down 993 aero bases. The Englemann ones are a bit bigger and have more movement options (if you keep the pivot)
  13. Sorry for very slow response! thanks for the tips. I did get the glass bed with mine, I’ll try that out next time out. My plastic one is getting a bit manky. I’ve been enjoying playing with the printer and I’m currently prototyping a door mirror base. It’s a bit like a 993 aero mirror base but will take the top half of an Englemann mirror as found on 934s and Rally/Race cars of the era. Ideally fitting them without needing to alter the door mounting holes. Here is prototype version 1 - I got the female part of the base to mirror housing the wrong size. So will need to try agai
  14. Bump. Price Reduction: £200 for the silver one and £350 for Bronze one Or get the pair together for £500... I think this is fair price? unless others tell me other wise.
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