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  1. It should feel stable until you get silly speeds, so that sounds like alignment to me. What front and rear toe are you running? I do find very strong cross winds tend to drag the car around a bit.
  2. Ha ha ha that’s genius. Tell me @Ian Comerford have you done a lot of bongs in your life?
  3. Same thing happened last year and we managed to source 4 pretty easily in the end. My brother found a WhatsApp group on Pistonheads where a guy had set up an automatic trigger when tickets came on resale. Worked a treat! Don’t give up hope!
  4. This is more of a what than a who!
  5. I’ve got green Billies sports in mine and I think the ride is really good. Particularly when it’s just me in it. I’d love to try an IB with some super fancy dampers though. Ca you buy those and let me have a go please?
  6. I’ve got a collapsible on a Fuchs. But I didn’t fit it, Tripe got it done somewhere in Brum. So it is possible.
  7. Sounds electrical to me. I’d check all the wires around the coil and CDI box. Also check the green wire from the dizzy.
  8. Nice! Lightweight and with a big heart, I bet that feels like a weapon!
  9. Northy

    Back in Black

    They are interchangeable so you can swap it over and see if that impacts it 👍
  10. Northy

    Back in Black

    On the electric windows, before you strip the mechanism down, blast the switch with contact cleaner. I was about to replace mine because it was really slow. I decided to clean the switches first - worked like a charm and they are both working perfectly now!
  11. No, I didn’t. They were in good shape, rubbers all nice and soft still etc. I’m also quite impatient and didn’t want costs to run away too much, or my man maths would be less defensible! 🙂
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