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  1. You could get some good off-road stuff at Devils Pit in Barton Le Clay. They do off road days open to the public. Lots of crazy bob tailed 4x4s. There are always a few ‘sights’ in terms of people watching too 😂
  2. I’ve always thought a good photoshoot would be a red 911 turbo around the mirrored shopping centres of Milton Keynes or maybe the train station where superman was filmed. So 80s.
  3. Be still my beating heart. I love the look of these. Apologies for thread diversion. Are they any good? Can you start a thread on it?
  4. I found out yesterday you can still buy a Land Cruiser J70 new from Toyota - South African spec. https://www.toyota.com.au/landcruiser-70 If you're planning an overland expedition that has got to be high up the list of vehicles. 30 years of evolution must mean that is completely bullet proof. @World Citizen this is a piece of you.
  5. I’ll still take it, as it might be useful. Let me know the damage.
  6. Hi buddy. I’m still looking - if it’s complete, let me know how much and I’ll PayPal it to you 👍
  7. This looks decent value to me: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133438160607
  8. For the maximum weight saving go here: https://www.gsparkplug.com/battery/battery-power-pack/ps-20-powerlite-lifepo4-lithium-ion-car-battery-12-8v-20ah-630-cold-cranking-amp.html 2.4kg - I’m going to go for it.
  9. Not an IB, but this guy has an interesting profile: Carbon 964 oil tank? Some F1 stuff in there and other nice motorsport stuff.
  10. What a bunch of geeks, all in matching Impact Bumper t-shirts.... They were great, if only....... 😂 I've actually still got most of mine, buried in the drawer somewhere.
  11. Whatever the history that is a cool looking car. I've never seen those indicator replacement vents before - anyone know any more about those?
  12. Yes! Forgot about that. Tartan sports seats for the win.
  13. Bingo. Many a bargain had in that paddock. I think it was early in the year and always something to look forward to.
  14. 🤠 keep going boys. I'm sure someone will get it...

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