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  1. Any more takers for this - next Wednesday, Binn Buckingham (https://www.binnsmokehouse.co.uk/) Endless hot wings...
  2. Mine was off the vacuum line on the front (left hand side when in situ), that connects to the thermo-switch.
  3. Looks cool Jonny. So does this mean you will be able to offer a drive in / drive out aircon fitting service?
  4. @NeilH David is right (he’s a font of CIS knowledge!). There is no problem running the pump without starting the engine, the injectors don’t inject until the air flow sensor lifts. If memory serves, you can do them all without starting the engine. I think some books tell you to start it rather than add vacuum. The bi-metallic strip in the WUR heats from the current not engine temp. I did actually run my engine too, just to confirm I’d put enough vacuum in and that the results were consistent. The workshop manual linked by Strictly is the one for the 089 WUR - that had different info than Bentley and Haynes manual. (Mainly around applying vacuum). I’ve got all the tools if you need anything - 👍
  5. It's detailed in the post above 👍
  6. Northy

    996 or 997?

    Having had a quick look on Pistonheads it would seem 997s aren’t that low yet anyway. Maybe something like this with a slush fund is a better bet anyway https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/porsche/911-carrera-996/porsche-911-996-carrera-manual--gt3-aero-kit--lsd-option--ims-option-available/10094485
  7. My Dad really wants to get a 911. Budget is £18k. What do you guys think is the best bet a really good 996 or a lower end 997? I’m inclined to say buy the best 996 he can, because the budget won’t be enough for an equivalent 997. I’m thinking He should look for a 996 C2 Manual with an LSD. Perhaps even an early 3.4 over a 3.6. Anyone got any advice or experience in buying either 996 or 997?
  8. That’s the same WUR I’ve got. Have a read of my thread here: Strictly posted the right graph for our cars - you need to apply vacuum to it to test it properly.
  9. What are you doing back here? thought you only hung out on retrorides.com and readersmilfs.com nowadays. p.s. copy your updates into here too 👍
  10. Northy

    New 911SC owner advice

    The also have large aluminium impact bumpers, perfectly designed for nudging a car back a few cm 😂
  11. Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing all about your exploits (again 😉)
  12. Thanks David - I'll take a flywheel lock as well please - don't know what the difference is between them, do you?
  13. I'll take the valve adjustment feeler gauges please.
  14. A while ago I was chopping skirting boards with my chop saw and had to walk away when the call of the void was urging me to put my hand in it! Maybe I should get some professional help 🤪
  15. Northy


    I'd buy the valve tool, the feeler gauges & flywheel lock @David Gander money to the usual address 😂
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