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  1. Anyone looking for a good car event this weekend, go and checkout Kop Hill. It's normally a great event with a wide and varied selection of cars & bikes. From Pre-War to modern. https://www.kophillclimb.org.uk/
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Porsche-911-SC-Dougherty-camshafts-964-grind-/164819514456?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 Edit - ignore, these are no use to you!
  3. Sold to Mondrian - mods you can delete this if you like.
  4. I have got 2 tickets for Goodwood this Saturday up for grabs. I paid £160 for them, I'd take £100 for the pair? For an extra £20 I'll include in our mechanics costumes - brand new white overalls with a hand painted AC cars logo on the back - size 40" chest and 46" chest. Any takers?
  5. Finally washed the car after the Scotland trip. I’ve not really use it since. I had an issue with the steering on that trip. It was like a car with a power steering pump failure (which sucked on those mountain roads!). I’ve had it all apart and bought new u joints, but those buggers were so tight they wouldn’t move up and down the shafts, which would make fitting tricky. So I reverted to the old ones (no discernible play) and put it all back together. Annoyingly I still have a clunk when hitting cats eyes. I think over narrowed it down to the circlip at the bottom of the steering column. I bunged a new one in when I had it all apart, but failed to notice it was the more common 16mm not 17mm required. I think it’s that not seating quite right - got to take it off again ☹️. I’ve had it all apart a few times now so it shouldn’t be too bad. Cleaned up Ok though. Apart from the paint mismatch 😬
  6. I’ve just been doing this. Yes you should be able to move the washer backwards and forwards using a screwdriver, without levering against the hub. However… my research on this suggests common thinking is get it so there is no play in the hub without the wheel and a little bit of play with the wheel and tyre on. Apparently you do actually want a tiny bit of play in the wheel (which does seem odd to me). I should add, for me this was tighter than factory and required a slight levering against the hub to move the washer.
  7. Northy


    That's a nice looking car. Get that big robbie jobbie off the back and you've got a lovely looking car (IMHO)
  8. 3.2 or SC? SCs have two throttle return springs, both are engine end and actually quite strong. I had one break and then found out they had both gone, so the throttle sticks wide open. This quickens the pulse somewhat! it could also be the clutch cable fouling, either in the tunnel or on the passenger gearbox side, where the pivot is. Give it a squirt with WD40. Also check the pivot point on the top of the engine case, the bushes can fail there too.
  9. I’ve got 3.2 calipers on my SC. I’m considering replacing with new ones. Euro Car Parts shows Pagid at £150ish and ATE at £350ish. I know ATE is original, but has anyone used the pagid ones? They’re a well established brand so I can’t imagine they’re made of cheese. I’m interested to hear if anyone has used them?
  10. Some 🔔🔚did on my car. It was a right pain in the ass.
  11. Good job. Top tip: Don't let them mask around the sharkfins - take them off and paint then put new ones on.
  12. Dirty Porsche is a happy Porsche. Ha ha even through that dirt you can see my paint mismatch 😂
  13. @Chris_911 jump the fuel pump to confirm it’s working? http://forums.pelicanparts.com/9139291-post22.html
  14. I definitely prefer epoxy mastic. I found if the surface is too smooth POR15 can just peel off. But you’re right, mixing it can be a pain. I’ve used “tough paint” from euro car parts for quick squirts on various parts of our van and it seems to hold up OK but won’t be a match for the others.
  15. 🥰 I agree. They didn't seem to let joe public park inside the main event, which was poorer for it. Normally there is all sorts of stuff parked all over the place. Without that, it made it all feel a bit empty. I did enjoy being out of the house and amongst the cars though! I would have liked to take home the little red Healey 100 - lovely little thing.
  16. Thanks guys. I’ve managed to source one as a passenger 👍
  17. Are walk ins allowed still? Answering my own question - no they’re not.
  18. Anyone else got a spare Sunday ticket I could buy?
  19. Anyone got an idea how you install the clutch pedal roll pin? I’ve tried some hammer based persuasion but it was just mullering the pedal arm. I read about using vice grips (but seems better on true roll pins). You guys that have rebuilt your pedal clusters, how have you installed the pin?
  20. This is a really interesting read and would be a great resource for others, so please do keep posting 👏 It's amazing how shagged a gearbox can be and keep working.
  21. I find these pseudo racing shirts a bit much as well, sorry Franck. By contrast, I’ve previously bought a few shirts from this guy: https://www.dvmechanics.com/products/long-sleeve-shirt Just simple black long sleeved shirts. Good quality and wash well. He’s a cool cat; previously worked for NASA and early days at Singer. Hope that helps 👍
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