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  1. Red one sold for £180k I believe. As an owner I also track the sales (saddo!), see below.
  2. Sounds like you've never driven or been in one.
  3. In case anyone is interested I've put the above on Ebay for sale. See https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/303885268710 Chris
  4. Not a very inspiring review and he was wrong about the pricing new, Clubsports were cheaper than a standard 3.2, at least in the UK.
  5. https://www.ddk-online.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=62431 Chris
  6. As I suspected , no interest, so now binned!
  7. One pair Porsche Monoblock 4 pot (Boxster) callipers with EBC red stuff pads (6mm to back plate), retention clips and retention pins. Callipers probably need stripping and refinishing, but had full rebuild, new seals, bleed nipples and pipes prior to about 2 years of use. Part numbers 986 351 422 and 986 351 421, believed Boxster S rear 1999-2009 with 4 x 25mm pistons. £220 + postage.
  8. One pair of brake caliper adaptors to fit Porsche monoblock 4 pots to 3.2 Carrera (and maybe earlier) rear arms. Machined from Billet 6061-T6 aluminum and anodised, brand new, never fitted. From DWDesignwerks of USA, See http://www.dwdesignwerks.com/brakes.htm, includes M12 cap head bolts 4 x 80mm, 4 x 35mm. £220 + postage.
  9. Front A arm anti roll bar brackets ( and one bush). Removed years ago to fit through body style set-up. Any use to anyone before I bin them, perhaps for repair or a pattern? FOC plus postage .
  10. Weltmeister Adjustable Drop Links for through-body style Front anti roll Bar, well used, needs minimum 2 rose joints, a seized thread releasing and hex bar replating. See image for what it was like! NLA new. £15 plus postage. Chris
  11. Torsion bar / Spring Plate end caps now sold
  12. OK, I'll wait to hear from you, Chris
  13. Garage clear out, so the following parts are available, Postage to be paid additional on all parts or arrangements made to collect. 911 rear seat belt parcel shelf inertia (not handed) 911.803.049.07 new condition, used 1 year, includes buckle. £50. Photo to come One pair brand new boxed Bilstein front inserts for Boge dampers. Carrera 3.2 and earlier 911 types. Part number F4-P36-0115, Sport settings 222/103. £180 pair . Weltmeister A arm front mounts with double tie-down eyes. Includes all fixings and spacers. Need re powder coating £60 Torsion bar / Spring Plate end caps, powder coated with Weltmeister bushes, inner and outer, and fixings. Used approx. 10,000 miles, £60 Floor overmat set believed genuine Porsche, very little used ( and not by me), not sure which model they fit as Left side Passenger shape isn’t the same as my 3.2. £80 Overmat retention brackets for 911 , however not suited to above as there’s no corresponding press studs on the mats. £20. Rear bumper lhs rubber 911 505 099 047 0a but with hole for towing eye. Fitted about 8 years but finally changed as it was never correct for my MY. £25 Original Tyre pump, case hinge and click-locks are broken but the pump works fine. £75, compare to https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-PORSCHE-911-TYRE-COMPRESSOR-/283567254121 Photo to come All for now, Chris
  14. Garage clearout. 911 Oil Pipe (suction hose) tank to engine (oil cooler), rubber, part number 930 107 233 00 or 02, not sure, genuine Porsche. Used but perfectly good condition. £15 plus postage.
  15. Thanks for all the input. Bubbles are nowhere near any fixings or holes, more on the leading top edges around the indicator area but there's no other metal materials nearby. The link to pelican gives interesting detail, so I may go with that. Regarding cutting out rotting metal though, its multi-millimetre thick aluminum, so presumably its just grinding back the corrosion! Chris
  16. Wondering if anyone can advise on a lasting treatment to correct corrosion bubbles on a front impact bumper? I've had my car ( 3.2) almost 30 years and the front bumper has been refurbished twice, but now bubbling of oxidation is showing through. I recall last time it was done the bodyshop said they couldn't guarantee it would last. However I wondered for instance if full stripping of all paint and anodising would create a robust surface for repainting?
  17. 32FlatSix

    SSI gaskets

    Thanks for confirming they fit any exhaust. PET says I need 930 111 191 12 for my car a 3.2 Carerra though. Chris
  18. 32FlatSix

    SSI gaskets

    Can I ask why these are for SSI's, don't they fit any manifold to head? Chris
  19. Just my opinion but I think £30k then was about right. I've had mine since August 1990 and tracked prices and values ever since. I think they stayed stable at £30k for many years until the sudden upsurge with all classics post-2008. Having said that, the impression I had was Chris Harris was always in Porsches for the money, i remember an article he wrote about ordering new and selling on immediately ( which I think the dealers subsequently tried to stamp out ), also a test drive he wrote about 996 GT3 RS where he'd clearly not driven the car, he said it had wind-up windows! Chris
  20. Assuming it's in the UK yes. PM me the address and I'll respond with bank details. I think the Post office locally is only working 3 days so it may be a week to get them to you. Chris
  21. 911 Solid aluminium engine mounts. A pair to fit all air cooled 911 engines from 1965-1989, also believe they fit 915 gearbox mounts. Adds torsional stiffness to the back of the car, very suited to racing or heavy track-day use. These mounts are new unused in packing, imported from the USA, made by Smart Products, California. £100 the pair plus postage costs. Chris
  22. By the way this wasn't the Dick Lovett race prepared car. That was JS105076, which had a chequered history more recently in Hillclimbs, with a couple of major body rebuilds resulting. This car was sold a few years ago by one of the specialists.
  23. Strange car this, it's never been on the PCGB CS register. It was sold last year by Graypaul, probably for around £155k based on the reduction from £175k advertised initially, so obviously someone thinks they've appreciated even more! Shame they're not being used, just invested in, this has done about 600 miles in 18 months! See https://www.graypaulclassiccars.com/vehicles/porsche-911-32-club-sport/
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