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  1. These are original pins in my 77 c3.o. As per above was option centres front only.
  2. I would think some cars definately command more $$$ in unrestored state, depends on model/condition.
  3. I have boxter brakes frt/rear with brake bias valve fitted to rear circuit on my 72, they fit under 15" rims no problem. Great feel and stopping power compared to the original ali s caliper setup previous.
  4. Cameron, Are you there? I can only assume he's found one as they seem to be everywhere and not that impossible... https://classicthrottleshop.com/1975-porsche-930-turbo-copper-brown/ Anyway here's another one for you just in case.
  5. https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-930-1975/SSE-AD-5470228/?Cr=0
  6. mrar

    930 picture thread

    Another Aus car. Del sept 77 Scuderia Veloce motors, one of 21 to Oz in 77. I am third owner. After a run yesterday.
  7. The first 400 cars were homologation cars into the 76 (my) and had many differences to the 3lt cars that follow. There is new book out on these cars (I am still waiting for mine) that shines the light on these special cars. There were only 6 del to Australia, i know a couple have left our shores. https://parabolicapress.com/products/porsche-turbo-3-0-book?utm_campaign=turbo_30_book_shipping_update&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&utm_term=2018-04-20
  8. mrar

    Silver C3 badge

    Now what about the 77 vs the 79 badges?
  9. mrar

    Silver C3 badge

    Ok, I had time today to look at this. Took me about 40 mins to remove without breaking plus my sister called. Had never been removed, had to use oil in the end to get the pins through the lid holes. Drum roll.....
  10. mrar

    Silver C3 badge

    Hi Guy, I have another Carrera badge as yours above its black underneath too. See yours still has black on the top in the lower sections, mine and Peter"s show none. My car has lived in the garage for the last 25 years as previous owner was a carpenter and built the car its own wooden storage shelter and in the ten years plus that I have had it sheltered also. I'll take it off later and expose the underside.
  11. mrar

    Silver C3 badge

    Yes I have seen that and also looked at my hard copy catalog plus emailed my contact in parts at local Porsche dealership. She said only one part number as per catalog. Here is mine, I doubt it was ever black. but never say never with these cars.
  12. mrar

    Silver C3 badge

    Not sure about that. I have an oak green C3.o with silver deck badge. I am thinking dark colour cars had the light badge as above and the lighter colour cars had black. Will check it out in the parts catalog later.
  13. Young Brother's with flares. 180/200/210. What were Porsche thinking
  14. Yes, Has had a life. Should look something like this with chrome option.I'll get it out on the weekend and take a pic with his younger brothers.
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