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  1. Well I have just added this to my stable of Classics, An 89 3.2 Carrera Targa 108.000 miles with top end overhaul done and the usual bodywork bits done. It drives really well, I have already done an engine oil change, Gearbox oil change, New Plugs, Rotor arm and distributor cap and today fitted new discs and pads, Finally giving it a Wash, Clay bar, and polish followed by a ceramic coating.
  2. Thought that I would just ad this as it may be of interest for everyone that has a WUR on their car, I rebuilt my WUR on my injected 308 a few months back and I am planning on doing the same on my SC. I came across a company called Unwired Tools who produce a much newer and updated version of a WUR for 911SC 928's and Ferrari's which is known as UTCIS-V, Hopefully this is of interest to you.
  3. Well i can tell you with an air cooled car especially 2.7 and 3.0SC engines leaving them and not running them can cause all sorts of problems with cylinder heads studs ( i know this from my own experience about 20 years ago) Many cars that have had their engines overhauled also had their head studs changed to the later Divlar type that the 993 uses which is what I had done. But lack of use causes gaskets and oil seals to dry out and then leak. I think that running a car up to temp would do no harm but if you do not drive the car you end up having problems with sticking brake calipers and master cylinders giving up on you so really you cannot beat having a car out on the road exercising everything that moves on it.
  4. I could not agree more Mark, I would rather have a car that has done a bit of mileage as it's been used and not stood dormant for two three or even five years, On a slightly different note I cannot stand the way half of these so called specialist that have popped up to basically mug people who like classic cars. Most of them cannot even describe a 911 correctly all they do is cut and past a history of the 911 followed by a lame description of the car that they are selling. I probably like most of you am registered with most of the Classic Car auctions and I see some cars go for let's say for example 70k and then appear in a showroom up north for 92k which is exactly what happened to a F355 i was watching, I am sure several of you remember the White 86 Super sport Cabrio that was auctioned 2 years ago I think it made 49 or 51k then it appears on a so called specialist site with studio photography for late sixties money it stayed on his site for months and months because people who were in the know recognised the car, The price reduced after about 4 months and then reduced again are another couple of months, The last price that I noticed it up at was 49k and then it sold, The same car is now for sale again at 69k up country it has already been reduced down from 72k, There was also a White Super sport Coupe on Ebay that finally sold last year for 59k it had done about 140k miles but had a full engine rebuild the self same car is up at another dealers for 72k WTF!! If you were seriously looking at buying a Ferrari i would do your homework and then look at the private ads as you can normally get a better deal.
  5. I did a reasonable amount of research before I dipped my toe into Ferrari ownership, I wanted a car that did not have all of the electrical gadgets and aids as they are the very items that cause battery drains and also cost the most to replace, I suppose the latest car i would go to myself would be a 360 Modena. There is a problem with Ferraris and a lot of the time it is not the cars it's the owners! Most of which purchase them and then proceed to put them away and never really drive them on the open road, According to how many left there are only when I last looked 9 308 GTB's registered and taxed and MOT'D for the road! There are so many cars that have massive gaps in their MOT history where they are just sitting in garages or so called collections which is the worst thing that you can do. My car had been one of these which is why i had decided to go right through it before i started using it. Porsches and Ferraris love to be driven! Another job i did one Saturday afternoon that any 911 SC owner could also do it to rebuild the fuel warm up regulator its a fairly simple job and made a massive difference to how my car starts from cold, I also cleaned out the Aux air valve too. Earlier Ferraris did suffer from poor electrics but as i mentioned in my original post i got a Classic Car auto electrician in for a day and it was money well spent, Classic Ferrari Fuse Boxes are normally the cause of most problems, I had purchased a pair of aftermarket fuse boxes from a gent known as Birdman over in the states and they improved the way that the current got to all of the switches, I have only recently found out that Johnny Hart also does them now (sorry Johnny i would have purchase your ones if i had known i could have even popped down to you and collected them)! I may invest in a new fuse box for my 911SC in the near future.
  6. Most of the everyday servicing oil, Filer, Fuel filter, Air filter, Plugs, Gearbox oil etc are really easy to do, The beauty of the 308 is you just jack the back end up remove the wheels then take out the arch liners and you can get to all of the awkward parts fairly easily including the cam belts and the 308 parts cost compare to a Carrera 3.2 or SC, There is a Mail order company called Super Performance in Hoddesden that stock almost everything that you need, If they don't have it Maranello over in Egham have a classic Ferrari side and their website has all of the exploded diagrams and part numbers too both company's always bend over backwards to be of help. When I rebuilt all of the suspension my patience got tried on a couple of occasions as everything is shimmed on the top and bottom suspension arms but with a few cups of tea and a couple of walk away moments to calm down I soon got the job done, Also having a hydraulic bench press helped !
  7. I very nearly got myself a 348 then I got the 308, Having been bitten by the Ferrari bug I have been looking at 348 and 355's again, The 348 Is the last non power steering car and very much the old school Ferrari whereas the 355 did have the extras including the F1 paddle shift version, My main cause for stepping back with both of these models was the cambelt change costs which are £1500 a time and that does not include any further things like the various hoses that run around the engine bay that would get disturbed when the remove the engine to do the belts although some specialist now remove the fuel tank and do the belts with the engine in situ. The cambelts on the 308 are a more feasible DIY job but even done at a specialist are a lot more reasonable at around £500 to £600. The rest of the jobs are easy, I gave the car a new set of plugs, leads, distributor caps and rotor arms (yest they have one for each bank) I fitted a new fuel pump and accumulator (almost the same as a 911SC as my Ferrari has K-Jet). I even popped in a new set of injectors too. My last job was to remove each corner of the car and re-bush everything and fit new shocks, In all it has been a very satisfying experience and one that i would recommend to anyone who is handy with tools. I still hanker for a White 911 Super Sport Coupe ( The wife just looks at me and raises an eyebrow ! so I reckon that I can just about get away with one more car. 😉
  8. Firstly Hi to all, I have not been logged on for a while mainly due to a hectic Workload and lifestyle, I still have my IB a 1981 911SC Targa and my Speed Yellow 996, I sold my Carrera 3.2 and after a while a usual the money starts to burn a hole in ones pocket ! So I finally bit the bullet and realised an ambition from way back in the 80's I purchased a Ferrari 308 GTB. It was a bit of a wake up call in all honesty after enjoying bullet proof German engineering I found that Italian engineering is a lot different! However two years down the line and I have to say i love it, Every time I take it out it becomes an occasion, It's not that quick it has no ABS, No power steering etc - but it is beautiful. Initially after i got it home i left it off the road while i went right through it's fuel system, Electrics and suspension which means i now have a fully sorted 308 that is not a garage queen and is used regularly.
  9. Yeh i love the number plate, funny thing is around my area Kent, East/ West Sussex i have seen another Speed Yellow car with the reg C2 YEL plus my old Speed Yello car is around Haywards Heath it would be nice to get your car, my car and he two other speed Yellow ones together for a meet and a few pictures.
  10. Well i havent posted on here for a while mainly because i have been enjoying my cars without too many problems, Some of you will know that i tried a 996 about 2 1/2 years ago after i sold the car i really regretted it as it was in the fairly rare Speed Yellow, I did replace it with a tidy and well spec'd Arena Red one but after a wile i hankered for a Yellow one again, Well after a near two year search i managed to find one happy days esspecially as the IMS bearing, RMS seal etc was done a couple of weeks ago ands the wheels completely dissasembled and re finished (it's also got a nice plate too)!
  11. Blimey you are doing well, i have just purchased stainless steel manifolds for mine and then i am going the silencer by-pass route, go on youtube and tap in porsche 996 mufler bypass and choose the Fabspeed video, They do sound nice and you save the weight of those silencers on each corner too, Another job that I am doing this weekend is a full coolant drain and new Comma G30 coolant along with a low temp thermostat. I did a front suspension overhaul a few weeks back new coffin arms, Poly bushed the anti roll bars and also new EPS front control arms with poly bushes. there is certainly a lot that you can do to the 996, I am considering coil overs for mine too but i have been asked if i want to sell my car so the coil overs may not happen, It depends on the potential purchasers offer.
  12. Don't the RAC carry sliders nowadays, if they did the door could cave been opened in seconds with no damage.
  13. No unfortunately i did'nt get to Brands, I am hoping to pop over to Four Elms next wed evening where a nnew Classic Car meet has started meeting at a garden Centre that has qiute a nice Cafe with it, just hope the weather changes for the better.
  14. Had a drive today in a new 991 turbo cab with PDK gearbox all i can say at the moment is wow!
  15. Got to feel for Toyota they have been trying to win for so many years, very simlilar thing happend to Walter Brunn 962 several years back the Turbo went about two laps before the end, Le Mans can be a cruel race but well done to Porsche and a Water Cooled one too Gary, i think i will take my 996 out to celebrate.
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