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  1. Hi,pete.no i havent taken any photos, but i will. i just removed the top three caset boxers ,cut a square out of some plastic a good tight fit and it looks part of the car.gjh.
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    volt meter

    hi,i'm new to the forum, but i'v owned my 3.2 for ten years so i just thought i would pass on a good tip.get yourself a voltmeter fitted, on the way back from le mans a year or two ogo my battery was over charging unknowing to me i could not smell or tell anything was wrong untill my battery blew to bitts thanks to Carrol Nash insurance they transported me all the way home and strasse at leeds for the help i was given.as for repares i had to have battery,allarm system,alternator,dme control unit dme relay plus a lot of hassel not to mention the cost, R MUCH.i fitted my volt meter where the old casset box is in front of the gear leaver.just a thought i would pass on,gjh.
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