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  1. Not London but close-ish for paint: https://www.sportwagen.co.uk/
  2. I have 2 tickets for the Thursday of Goodwood FOS if anyone wants them. I don't want any money for them; if you would like them, all I ask is that you make a charitable donation (any amount) to a charity of your choice.
  3. EJH911

    Wiper blades

    I just buy the original style Bosch ones. For laziness, Amazon stock them and they look to be £4.87 each. Not sure about the look of aero wipers for those cars not originally designed to have them as the arm-wiper linkage always looks to sit a little high (at least for my eyes).
  4. Fingers crossed for the weather; I was very lucky with mine (it rained but never when it mattered) and hope you're similarly lucky. I'm still thinking about Timmelsjoch. Wibble.
  5. I am currently in Switzerland, having been on the road for the last 6 days. A few too many miles (225-260 a day in the mountains)...but I kitchen sinked the plan with 2 years of extra plotting. Full write up to follow...but Austria's passes opened my eyes. Furkajoch was a good opener (after a Sunday night in Liechtenstein) and Gerlosstrasse was better still. I thought Grossglockner was the winner but an "enthusiastic," run up Timmelsjoch is something I'll never forget. (a yellow German plated 991.1 GT3 and my red GT4 found it pretty empty and managed to overtake everything else). 1 1/2 days more passes to follow and then picking my wife up in Geneva and pottering in France for a week. I'm already planning the next trip!
  6. It's the wrong end of the county for you* but I am a very happy customer of RPM. Chris has worked on my car for the last few years (I followed him from JZM to RPM) and he's super to deal with. He knows they're far from cheap...but they're excellent value for the (excellent) work done. For bodywork, Sportwagen (Southend) are rather less convenient...but I had some work done by them last year and would recommend without reservation. *He's even less convenient for me as I live in Greenwich!
  7. After my little drive in 2019 and a cancelled run last year (border closures), I am hoping to go in just over 4 weeks. Slightly punchy agenda (but hoping it's easier with a roof, decent AC and power steering) so the plan looks like: Klausen Pass Furkajoch Hochtannburgpass Hahntennjoch Gerlosstrasse Stubachstrasse Thurnstrasse Grossglocknerpass Iselsberg Pass SS51 SS244 Timmelsjoch / Passo del Rombo Fuorn Pass & Munt la Schera Tunnel Foscagno Pass Bernina Pass Julierpass Albula Pass Maloja Pass Splügenpass / Spluga Pass Lukmanier Pass Oberalp Pass Susten Pass Grimsel Pass Furka Pass Gotthard Pass (tremolo) Simplon Pass Richard's 2020 route may have influenced some/much of the Austrian run!
  8. In summary: Key in driver’s door: - When locked will unlock - When unlocked does nothing Key in passenger’s door - Works perfectly The driver’s door lock has always felt looser than the passenger door lock…and now feels looser still, as it does nowt!
  9. My driver’s door lock seems only able to unlock the car and when turning the key to lock, nothing happens. Central locking still works perfectly from the passenger’s door and the switch and the door can be locked manually from the inside. I was wondering if anyone can advise as to next steps to diagnose / fix and any likely causes as to this failure?
  10. Having had a look at he box inside the garage, I can't see how they're set; whenever I have needed a working gate remote I have just bought an identical one (like the one on the right) and mirrored the settings. The issue is the old one is 9+0 jumpers and the newer type (which I have) is 9+2. The gate company are coming out soon and they'll have a look then...and hopefully fix it!
  11. Sadly no. It currently opens nothing...but can be programmed to open the gate. I can also programme it to open my garage door and gate (I have remotes like those on the right and it's just a cut and paste job on the jumper switches)
  12. I am trying to help a neighbour with his garage remotes and was wondering if anyone else can help as I have got a touch stuck. All neighbours have a 2 button remote with one button being for a set of gates for access to all garages and the other being for their garage door itself. All my remotes look like the one on the right and whenever I need to replicate one for myself, I copy all the jumper settings (red and yellow) and, miraculously, it always works. My neighbour has the remote on the left which only has the jumpers outlined in red but not those outlined in yellow: Can anyone explain the settings I should apply to the remote on the right to replicate this or any useful online resource for programming?
  13. I have 2 number plates plates for sale, these being: EP17HET - £1,500 and WR17HES - £1,500 Both are on retention certificates and please PM if interested.
  14. I suspect I’m at the lower end of this scale…but I think the Sheriff’s sentiment is pretty much on the money.
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