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  1. ...as if you haven't, Sean at Iridium engineering is sensationally inconvenient for you but was brilliant when I had my E36 Evo. He wasn't that convenient for me (I lived in Jersey, he's in Southampton) but he did some general jobs and a full suspension re-build for me and I was extremely happy with the work done. Anyway, back on topic; that looks like a lot of fun and it's wonderful to see a CSL actually being used!
  2. Praise is also due to hickepa2 as he donated at the point he made his bid...irrespective as to whether he won the badge or not. Given the badge went to Henry (or will when he's back from his trip) and in the spirit of making sure everyone wins from this, I have matched hickepa2's donation to the charity he chose.
  3. Winner! I can post it when you're back from holiday if convenient
  4. I appreciate that it's easy for me to say this (no children, currently unburdened by employment..until my return to E14 next week...) but these are trips that are well worth doing. They're trips that also leave a feeling of being away for months longer than the trip actually was. One could make the trip (and the return journey) much easier than mine by not going as far south as I did, too. The Miura SV sounds very, very cool...and something more likely to happen in CH than virtually anywhere else!
  5. ~24 hours since the last bid. Going once.
  6. Ever since I bought my car, the dashboard top has been pulled out of shape (not uncommon with leather-covered dash-tops, I'm told). It's now annoying me and it's time to look to do something about it and, as such, I was wondering if anyone has either: 1. A LHD leather covered dashboard top (911 552 055 73, KZ2) or 2. A LHD non-leather dashboard top (911 552 055 05) in any colour that I can have trimmed in leather
  7. I'm in no hurry; drop me a PM as and when you find it.
  8. Can you PM me your address and I'll try to send them in the next week.
  9. Back in 2012 when the world was a simpler and less confusing place, my car came out of the bodyshop after 14 month hiatus for a respray that need never have taken that long (another story...). During these works, someone at the body shop ordered caps for single spring wiper arms, not knowing that my car had the double spring type; I look to have had x964.628.028.01/02 fitted in 2006 (and, indeed, to have bought another pair in 2012), in place of the single spring version (I think 911 628 313 00 & 911 628 314 00) as those on my car were quite fubar when I bought it (bought new ones rather than trying to paint the old ones). The bodyshop appear to have cheaped out a little and these look to be an aftermarket part (SWF 192.238)* which I think is equivalent to 911.628.931.00 / 928.628.623 and these have been festering in the glovebox of my car for ~7 years (I could defend this slovenly behaviour but, instead, shall endeavour to front it out) and I found them before I went for a drive the other week I was wondering if anyone wanted these, as and when I get around to posting them? "How much,” I hear literally no-one ask…? For these 2 wiper caps, currently littering my desk and annoying Mrs EJH, all I ask is that don’t hold your breath expecting them to be posted quickly. IMG_5580 by Kanye Nigel DeHerbert, on Flickr
  10. I have had one of these for over 10 years and have never fitted it to my car. It's either that it's a bit of a pain to fit with AC (as I would have to cut the bars properly / remove the condenser first, etc), I'm moderately incompetent or too damn lazy. It may even be a hybrid of all of these reasons. There has been some discussion of this on other topics...which has spurred me to suggest that this goes to the highest bidder, with the proceeds to go to charity of bidder's choice (at the end, bidder forwards a copy of their donation to me and I send the badge to the bidder). Any interest in this, on this basis? Untitled by Kanye Nigel DeHerbert, on Flickr
  11. I appreciate this was listed some time ago but I was wondering if this was still for sale?
  12. After the alps this year: I'm pondering the Pyrenees next year (ferry to Spain and back from Caen) - maybe if I can line it up with the Circuit des Remparts in Angoulême on the way back. Does anyone have a copy of the itinerary you followed in 2016 which I can look at (or shamelessly crib) for inspiration?
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