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  1. For fear of going off topic, PS4s are also sold in the happiest place on earth (otherwise known as Costco) for £414.40 a set...which seems okay to me!
  2. EJH911


    Knowing that "what battery," can easily turn into a "tyre," or "oil" thread (and turn into the opening of Pandora's box), I have a Varta on my car which is now 8 1/2 years old. It's gets occasional conditioning and seems to work perfectly still...which disconcerts me as it must be on borrowed time. I have a Bosch in another car that has done nearly 8 years and still seems to work but I have a marginal (and possibly irrational) preference for the Varta.
  3. That was 2019"s route...and I should have stayed there. Instead I stayed somewhere...where I didn't get murdered...which about all I can say positive about the place!
  4. The 2021 plan is to do most passes on weekdays; Baden-Baden to Vaduz would be a Sunday but that's quite light on passes (and N500 would be before 09:00, anyway). Plan is to avoid Stelvio (box ticked in 2019) and do Fuorn Pass (done as a link road in 2019) and Mont la Schera tunnel instead. I quite enjoyed Col de la Bonette in 2019...but I was on the road before 08:30 on a Monday (crap hotel, killer location) but, on the whole, preferred the Swiss passes to the French...so will re-do some of those I did last time, add some more and add some Austria this year...if I can. I'm also planning on taking the red car on this trip - it'll be interesting to see how the Oaf is in the hills (and motorway days in 40+ heat might be slightly less unpleasant).
  5. I agree - a road I did as a "link" road last time (between Fluela and Umbrail) - it's just so pretty!
  6. Looking at 2019's plan: I see I have missed Foscano off the 2021 plan. To be added between Livigno and St Moritz - it's a good 'un (and I'll be doing it W - E, as opposed to last time's E - W)
  7. I was planning on running solo on this...but i think blocks of my plotted route look rather like RB's 2020 plan...
  8. After a little drive in 2019 (https://www.impactbumpers.com/forum/index.php?/topic/34231-alpine-route-planning-2019/) the time has come to plot 2021’s drive. This assumes that borders open for 10 days this summer which is a lot to ask but one has to have hope (trip plans = hope) and something to distract me from the news (bleak) and work (all I seem to currently do) is needed! The current plan looks a bit like the below: This is: - Very rough and - A little inspired (partially flagrantly ripped off) from RB’s 2020 road trip. I haven’t quite worked out how the days are going to split (a couple are a little longer than might be ideal but not dissimilar to the last trip…and this trip’s car will have a roof, decent AC and will be subjected to its idiot owner seeing how close to the claimed top speed he can get in Germany on the way) but are there any passes that I should be looking to add to this trip as it stands?
  9. Oh. I haven't even washed mine yet... (but I have bought a selection of new wheel brushes - it was time I replaced the old ones...and none of them were long enough for the rear wheels). Need to decide if I'm waxing (R222) this car or GTechniq'ing. Decisions...
  10. I'll have a look at the book and the car at the same time (looked at both, separately) and think it's different to the 4 pots under there, too. A job for the weekend!
  11. 374 now; no more for a couple of weeks as having surgery on my finger next week and consultant has forbidden me from driving until then. Have you fitted a battery conditioner to your Spyder...and, if so, did you go for batter -ve or car -ve?
  12. That looks fantastic! You also have my favourite seats (offered in MY20 Spyders but not in GT4s) which are much, much comfier than the stupid fixed buckets (shoulder things where my shoulder blades are) and which can be had heated...which is quite desirable on an open car!
  13. I have had too many black cars (not that many cars...but always at least one black car for the last couple of decades). If I could have ordered that interior (which looks superb), I would have probably ordered another one, too!
  14. Another 159 miles done yesterday. Opinion holds firm...but still many, many miles to do before I'll be able to comment properly. Oh dear - I seem to be following the American advice of, "Do yourself a favor (sic) and order your GT4 in red or yellow." After trying for PTS, my colour choice was between red or yellow; always thought I would have chosen yellow but red / gold just swayed me.
  15. 166 miles done yesterday; I have the suspicions that this might be quite a good car. Comfy for moderate periods in the seat (as far as tested thus far) and quite interesting when things get twisty. The 4,000 rev limit for run-in is, however, torture. Still, the car only has 215 miles on it so it's probably better to be kind! I'm also quite pleased (and very surprised) that I haven't really grounded the nose out on anything as yet (aside from my sister's driveway where both ends scraped a little); quite surprised by this but the clearance is such that I think the splitter is probably still best regarded best regarded as a service item.
  16. I have been running Waze thus far to remind me where the speed cameras are! I think I have just linked the car to the app in settings (my garage is built out of concrete and blocks and is below my house...which is a phone dead zone, before you go underground) so checking this a job for future me. Handover has been a "challenging," process (won't dwell on here) so there has been a steeper learning curve than, perhaps, it could have been
  17. p12 - thank you! Have had a bust couple of days of work this week, thus far Compared to an IB it is a large automobile...and the standard NAV appears to be (broadly) indecipherable so, until I work it out, I may be asking myself where does that highway lead to (unless I use CarPlay).
  18. I had better do some miles then - do you know where the running in info is as I haven't been able to find it (but my reading of the handbook has been after days of staring at screens and documents)
  19. What's the running in procedure for these? I can't find any detail of it in the handbook (from my quick skim). I had read about cylinder deactivation - I think it turns off with the start-stop (or at least it seemed to yesterday as I trickled home in traffic).
  20. I agree with you re: the rear 3/4....but I can accept that as the price of something that looks different. I have only seen a couple on the road (unsurprisingly on the southern gulf coast of Florida) and really liked them. Not enough to buy one...yet...but never say never! Another car, at the other end of Toyota's range which I find myself drawn towards is this: I have no need, space or remaining funds to buy, store or use one...but I think it looks like a terrific package.
  21. There's something about those, isn't there...? My curiosity is piqued by the 5.0 as it's got a stonking n/a V8 in a car which looks unusual (but I like) and I suspect is engineered rather well.
  22. “Am I right? Am I wrong?” And you may say yourself "My God! What have I done?” …as I seem to have been doing over recent days… It’s at least several years since I have done anything stupid and so I thought it was possibly time to restore equilibrium and do something really stupid…so I went shopping. I put my name down for a GT4 of the current generation at the end of 2015 and, after staying in touch with the dealer for a number of years (and spending no money other than a few parts), I got a call, mid-pandemic, to say I had an allocation. When playing with the configurator, I found that in the car shop of the Germans, there are many boxes…and I succumbed to ticking a goodly number of them. Some were saved from my tick (carbon-backed sports seats – I’m slightly wider than those they’re designed for and so the shoulder-wings stick into my shoulder blades) and the rest….well, it’s what I want, not what a PH forum deems “necessary,” so we have the vehicular embodiment of a man that grew up in the North West and who lived in the Channel Islands for 13 years. It’s basically Cheshire with wheels, red seatbelts...and leather-covered sun visors: The first few days have been a little bumpy – after ~15 miles of dual-carriageway-ish motoring, the car started spitting steam out of the radiator vent. This wasn’t too alarming but a minute or so later it was producing enough steam to inhibit vision and so breakdown were called. They found it similarly concerning and so the car returned to the dealer: Who advised me yesterday that there was nothing wrong with the car and this was a, “characteristic.” It might have been useful to know that before Saturday’s fun, but, hey… All is now well in the world and the car is tucked up at home: I have managed a whole 27 miles in the car thus far and need to start getting it run in as soon as possible. First impressions are - The steering is light but has decent feel (for any steering, not just for ePAS) - It has a small wheel with pleasingly thin rim (which I like - I hate fat wheels) - Alcantara is quite handy when you have sweating palms driving a new car in A13 traffic. - It feels to have a pleasing amount of torque (I’ll report back on the higher reaches of the rev-range once I have some more miles on it) - The adjustable damper button is great for making everything worse. 100m done in “jiggle mode,” and now back to “nice mode,” for the foreseeable future and - If tackled at walking pace, I think I can get through the sea of speed bumps around my house (stupid road closures mean one way in/out until someone sees sense and re-opens roads again) Jobs for this week are to work out how everything works, get menus and preferences set up…and to get it out for some miles next weekend. There's also a road-trip planned for the car next year...
  23. I have been rather enjoying this channel, too!
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