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  1. ok, I’ll nerd out on IR guns: They are good for certain measurements but don’t work on shiny surfaces. if you want to measure shiny metal, put some black tape on it first as Jev says It is also important to note that the laser dot is not the thing measuring. It’s just a visual guide. The actual measurement is subject to the focal length of the sensor which is affected by the measurement distance. It’s part of the reason that the give slightly odd results if you measure into a vent for example. Best for flat surfaces.
  2. I have ‘rolled arches’ except they aren’t. They are just slightly bent up - maybe 45 deg and only between 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock. they don’t trap any dirt. Car is fairly low with 7s on the front - no issues.
  3. Regarding the alternator ‘long screws’. They are part of the alternator - they actually hold it together! Do not remove. You’re meant to take the fan housing off the engine to change the alternator. The fan housing strap needs to come undone anyway to access the cables and the air deflector.
  4. They are SC ones. I also have SSIs on my car.
  5. Haha. What a couple of clowns!
  6. Crumbs, that was quick. Will PM
  7. These were blasted and powder coated about 8 years ago. I also used silicone rubber sheet to repair the seal and remade the plastic bearing parts on a lathe. They have a couple of small holes that do not effect operation so I didn’t weld before powder coat. One of the clips that holds the spindle is missing. Springs are incorrect. £30 pair. Not rusty, just need a clean. Just put stainless units on so surplus.
  8. The AAV looks fine - they don’t open fully. My SC idles only slightly faster when cold (maybe 1100 RPM) then drops to normal 900 ish after a few minutes. 1600 isn’t normal. When warming up it’s a bit more prone to ‘kangarooing’ in gear at slow speeds but normal after a minute or so. When my airbox was cracked it used to have unpredictable high idle issue when cold. Take the air filter off and check the screws next to the plastic ribs. If they are loose and can’t be tightened, your air box is cracked.
  9. Although I couldn’t make it, I saw you on the M40 going North about the time you slowed down for that traffic cop in the Land Rover! I was in my missus white van with flowers on the side.
  10. Looks like they had some difficulty finding the gearbox!
  11. Still won’t keep the mold at bay unless totally dry and preferably heated.
  12. https://achtungkraft.com/collections/exclusive-parts/products/kooln-duct-911-under-dash-duct-for-better-air-flow They are working on a Electrocooler version too. It’s different due to the way we repurpose the vents to do the AC.
  13. Patent? Unless that air vent did something unique that no other air vent could do, it wouldn’t qualify for a patent. It could be a registered design but these cars are no longer made anyhow so I think Phill can sleep sound.
  14. I would: 1. Take all the floor mats/carpets out. If the car leaks it is much easier to see and deal with. 2. Coat the engine and fan in ACF 50 to prevent oxidisation. If you can do the underside too even better.
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