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  1. I didn't explain that very well. I was on about reading old computer tapes. Each data byte is about 2mm apart on a punched tape, so 9600 baud is about 2 metres of tape per second. Imagine pulling the loo roll off the holder that fast - lots of paper!
  2. I had to read a load of old computer paper tape once and save to disk. Managed to find a reader device which are still made for some CNC machines. 9600 baud is actually quite fast when you see that physically. I filled my office with paper tape spaghetti in no time at all! I then realised what the empty uptake spool was for!
  3. No need. The part I glued was only the metal insert into the wooden ball. No glue on the gear stick.
  4. Much easier to remove the gearstick from the car and clamp in a soft jaw vice. Then use the tap with a spanner hammer method. I couldn’t budge mine in the car either. There’s a horrid little sprung steel sleeve inside. I thought I’d do the right thing and get a new one before installing a wooden 917 style knob. I could not get it to go back on at all. Ended up cutting the sleeve in half to get it to go on. Then it came off in my hand when going into reverse so I used 3/4 of it and that was ok. For a week... Then it came off again, but this time the metal insert came ou
  5. Good working condition. £150. Collection East Sussex or can post for £15.
  6. Jonny Hart


    Fibreglass duck. Bought this off Phil at Tech9 (used) but no idea the make or whether it is a good fit. £180. Collection East Sussex
  7. Hi, I have a full set of oil lines including the ones needed for running SSIs on an SC. Thermostat is attached to oil lines. Main side oil lines are very good without any major dents. Other lines (bought in 2011) have some marks on fittings due to removal. All pipes were painted with black epoxy before fitting. The ones around the engine have some surface corrosion. All removed from my SC so in working order. £500 the lot. collection East Sussex
  8. ^. Makita for me too. I have the mid range impact gun. First job I did with it was to remove the rear hub nuts off the 914. Worked a treat.
  9. Not just EV’s. Batteries are everywhere. Copper is everywhere. Cobalt is everywhere. Earth’s resources are finite, whatever you dig up. There is only so much oil in the ground as with everything else. At least batteries can store and release energy over a long period of time, unlike oil which is just burnt. Can be recycled too. https://americanmanganeseinc.com/?gclid=CjwKCAiAjeSABhAPEiwAqfxURaFFEChfLblQD9_dgBqVP_DuZlC8ExbQ1IkqHmMlGD7VqteUQt9seRoCbFcQAvD_BwE
  10. No, I just have a acute radar for BS and can Google. https://www.mining-journal.com/copper-news/news/1390800/chile-copper-sector-faces-strike-possibility
  11. Except that is a photo of a copper mine in Chile.
  12. With the 914, I’m at 1200kg and 50/50 weight distribution with 300HP and 150 - 180 mile range. That’s lighter than a 3.2 with a passenger.
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