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  1. ^ Have you been to Florence? The entire waste disposal system is underground. No bins in the street unlike UK cities where giant wheelie bins take up lots of parking spaces. Brighton (which is supposedly a ‘green’ city) Italy: That’s a historic city with tiny streets and they managed that. We need to prioritise our environment.
  2. Housing density in the city is the bigger challenge but It’s hardly the engineering challenge of the century. If you can put in a street lamp or a parking meter then you can install a charge point.
  3. The ‘no off street parking’ argument is lame. I took this photo in Paris back in February:
  4. 100% do the clutch fork. Engine had to come out again AND the clutch was damaged so another one required.
  5. It doesn’t have to scale the same way. How many times would you have to use a petrol station if your petrol car always had a full tank every morning?
  6. Early CNC case. Limited edition! 😆
  7. The injector will be fixed frequency but change of PWM duty. This would operate would be pretty much as the frequency valve does in a US ‘lambda’ car. http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/340358-frequency-valve-operation-question.html Since it is open loop at WOT, max power would be unchanged, however, it might improve ‘drivability’
  8. It’s a project that we are certainly interested in. The processor in the CDI+ is more than capable of doing the necessary control which would eliminate the need for the megasquirt. We would need to add some extra I/O but that isn’t a huge issue. Whether the system needs to run closed loop is a big question. You could just drive the fuel injector and control the fuel map against RPM. It may not be necessary for the box to know the ‘actual’ AFR, might be good enough to just be able to map the fuel and observe with external equipment.
  9. No, haven’t had time. I just bought the machined part that accepts a fuel injector. I can control that from the CDI but there would be a whole load of firmware to design, code and test.
  10. ^. I’ve had one of those kicking around for a few years. One day I’ll get CDI+ to control the fuel map...
  11. The fans and housings in our alternator video are done by Greatworth Classics: https://www.classicretrofit.com/products/copy-of-porsche-911-high-output-175a-alternator
  12. No, the US spec SC is defo 180HP. (it was PMO carbs, not ITB)
  13. Neither company has delivered a single car yet!
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