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  1. You can just take the rev limiter slider part out of the standard rotor. This retains the correct rotor resistance of 5k Ohms.
  2. That’s mine. I refrained from posting a pic of this during the recent badge auction. It’s been on there for about 4 years. Started to go milky after CLM last year - the Sun killed it!
  3. I really enjoyed today. Lovely venue and about the only meet I’ve been to where you can sit and chat in comfort with decent food and coffee. Not a food snob but I’m over ‘lowgenic’ burger vans. The way the cars were arranged (around a square of bales) was much better for have a good look around them and taking photos. Not a fan of crowded shows either so this was perfect for me. Could see, meet and chat to many people. Many of the cars were familiar but the access to them was better than normal. The hand built road legal 917 was pretty cool.
  4. I either buy quality higher priced stuff or secondhand. Most of the high street seems to sell landfill IMO. My last secondhand purchase. Got talking to a junk shop owner in Storrington. 1000 7 inch singles for £50. The wooden box (bottom right) turned out to contain around 30 original pressing Beatles singles. That’s my kind of shopping!
  5. It’s no surprise to me that the high street is ‘dead’. Dull department stores full of the same race to the bottom mass produced crapola. Every town centre has the same shops; Fatface, White Stuff, Edinburgh Woollen Mill, White Company. At least 20 copycat ‘Italian’ restaurants, none of which make food onsite. Coffee shops just as samey. Chains that evolved from small shops systematically ruined by profit hungry finance (eg Bill’s, Cafe Rouge, Patisserie Valerie). Funny how the list of shops that are going tits up reads the same as the list of shops I have no interest in? The illusion of vast choice has been exposed as just that. Just soulless goods made far away at the expense of that country’s underpaid workforce. There is a model going on here to make a lot of money for investors. It goes something like this: 1) identify successful small brand/restaurant. 2) Install Finance Team and identify cost saving areas. Example. Don’t make food from scratch (Bills), Use palm oil instead of butter (PV). Import poor quality replacement goods. 3) Reap rewards from cost saving, rinse and repeat. Keep shareholders happy. Sod the public. 4) Eventually joe public realises that something is wrong with their ‘favourite’. brand. Time for investors to cut and run. 5) Bankruptcy.
  6. Typical voltage drop from battery to dash wiring (e.g cigar lighter) is 0.2V
  7. Of course. All I’m saying is that you would lose back seats and all storage space. My 914 will be my daily run around for picking up bits and pieces, getting chips and 30 minute journeys that aren’t good for flat six engines. I’m still set on getting to CLM in it though!
  8. IIRC there’s a specific test for this using a bulb in Bentley.
  9. Sorry for not checking in sooner but I’m out of this one. Too may other commitments.
  10. Nice narrow body IB: http://www.ddk-online.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=65268
  11. 911 is all wrong for an EV conversion. Wrong shape and not enough room for batteries. You end up with no back seat and no luggage space. 914 is perfect. This will have 50/50 weight distribution, 175 mile range and 300HP. It will still have a complete rear boot space and half of the front boot free.
  12. No kangaroos or hunting here.
  13. Our machinist uses Dormer bits. They are expensive but you get what you pay for. Night and day difference to anything I e previously used.
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