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    Design; buildings, cars, tools, gadgets, interiors, landscaping.
    Music; funk, soul, disco, alternative, krautrock. silly prog.

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  1. Don't know what you're complaining about. Most of us got a £150 council tax rebate and will get a £400 energy 'discount' payment. That's a whole £550 you can give back to the government. Sounds fair.
  2. This forum is where the fuse panel was born from an idea back in 2015. The first 60 or so panels were exclusively sold to IB members. They now sell worldwide and there are few thousand out there. Although we get the occasional installation issue this is mostly down to previous wiring atrocities. I can honestly say we have never had a panel fail in service.
  3. Great work on the car! Bad choice on the sockets. I just moved into a unit with the same weatherproof sockets. They are a bit crap - we have quite a few tall adapters, RCDs and timers that won't plug into them because of the outer shell.
  4. That ‘remanufactured’ alternators are a waste of time? 🤷‍♂️🤣
  5. Side note: Originally, in the very early cars, the alternator did indeed ground through fan housing but this proved a bit hit and miss so they added the grounding cable.
  6. I can recommend Gavaddy windscreens. Used by Paragon. Used to doing the older stuff. They did my 914 using a custom seal and also fixed a leak on my 911 screen.
  7. Made in 4mm Makrolon. £25 pair posted to U.K. address. Unfitted and still with protective wrap And no I’m not posting a picture of 2 triangles. Use your imagination. 🤣
  8. So 3x the price of B373. Makes an LSD seem like a sensible choice! 🤣
  9. Don't know whether your future plans include more electrical toys but we have brand new 175A units in stock on the shelf.
  10. Yep. Lurked around your car for a bit - looking good!
  11. I was there in the green SC but still don’t know who you guys are! I thought that was the last one of the year?
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