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  1. Alarm? Aftermarket wires are easy to identify as they don’t have the crimped brass ends.
  2. ^ Nice For the more understated, check this out.
  3. Once it’s warm, if you put your hand over the air inlet, can you stall the car? If not you have an air leak.
  4. 1 to 3 hours. Largely depends on whether your electrics have been messed with.
  5. The fogs are wired so that they turn off with the main beam. Your coil 85 white wire is effectively grounded through the headlamp bulb when the mains beams are off. When the main beams are on, the potential is raised to 12V turning the fog relay coil off (because both sides of the coil are at 12V). If you’ve installed relays on the ‘bottom side’ of the fuses, you’ve lost the ground path through the bulb filament so you would have to move the white wire to put it on the ‘top side’ of the bulb. Of course, what you should have done is get one of my fuse panels then this would all hav
  6. Ping speed is 30ms. You must have line of sight. Download the Starlink app and use it to check.
  7. Best of luck, will look out for you on the grid on Sunday!
  8. The clip pulls off easily if you know how. Practice on the other side or the engine lid clip. I am fairly certain that the pin should have been put in from the other side to your photo with the clip in plain view.
  9. Well in November 2019 I got some kinda weird flu in New York on my birthday - cheers. My missus then caught it from me. I kept passing out on the long haul back. Spent the rest of the year and most of January so wiped out we couldn’t do anything but sleep. Not sure that adventure proved anything!
  10. SC onwards has a different contactless system
  11. Ok. Your car has a 3 pin CDI which is triggered by points. If the points are worn or not set correctly, they can bounce which may cause the tacho to over read. That would be more of a 'twitch' to a higher RPM, rather than a continuous over read.
  12. Wow, sounds dicey. It's only a matter of time before another variant gets back here. The whole red/green list thing cannot outpace this thing. Sorry, I would rather be stuck in my own country that in my own home (again).
  13. Hmm, won’t catch me going on a germ tube for a while, perhaps never.
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