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  1. Koa Speed are our Japanese distributor and that car has our AC on it! Small world.
  2. Good job and thanks for using our products! 364bhp is pretty handy! Most of the failed 6 pin CDI units we see are from Turbo Cars. It’s the same unit as fitted to the SC but the Turbo engine bay is a much hotter environment. It is more cramped so there is less air movement for cooling the unit. Just goes to illustrate that heat cycling is a major contributor to electronic component failure.
  3. Actually, the reason for multiple grounds has to do with all the various externally connected devices. As Phill said, sensors often require their own grounds. Because of the small voltages involved, if a sensor does not have its own short path to ground, it leads to inaccurate voltage readings and false sensor readings. If you are powering an ECU on the bench you ought to use a current limiting bench supply. This will protect the ECU in the event that you have it wired incorrectly. The temptation to use a car battery should be avoided unless you are 100% sure if the connections and at least put a fuse inline.
  4. At idle and steady states (cruise) the oil level should be about half way up the gauge and fairly stable. When you put your foot down then oil rushes into the engine so the tank level falls. When you lift it rises again. It can bounce around with the car movement and with brisk throttle input. If the level flicks up and down rapidly, then the wiper has worn through the wire in the sender rheostat.
  5. Car looks great. Best of luck with going full time!
  6. Holy moly, what a lovely trio! Welcome.
  7. I got myself a skinny 15 inch Fuchs in order to run a nice looking spare using the space saver tyre. Trouble is, none of the tyre fitters near me will take on the job of putting a 35 year old collapsible tyre on a 45 year old wheel. To be honest, you can’t really blame them! I’d be happy to purchase a new collapsible spare but cannot find anywhere to buy one.
  8. In Europe most 911s did not have AC but I think all 930s did. Could be a source of confusion with published weights with AC weighing over 30kg!
  9. Check for side to side play in the distributor shaft. Play causes erratic spark timing on points cars. Look in the engine bay at night. Sparks leap about on bad leads. Look closely at the area around the dizzy for stray sparks. Could also be fuel injectors. CDI box can produce symptoms like this. Had one last week.
  10. Bella macchina! Fiat twin cam motor is a cracker. Had one in my little Morris years ago.
  11. Terminal 30 refers to the terminal on the fuel pump relay that fuse 17 is connected to. Yes is says ‘inlet’ and the photo shows ‘outlet’ but it makes no difference to the test as long as the fuses are ok.
  12. Jonny Hart

    78 LHD Turbo

    Next week with any luck.
  13. Jonny Hart

    Backdate Time

    But the ride height is spot on.
  14. Won’t work. Well not at the the correct RPM anyhow!
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