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  1. I once got asked ‘How you get out of bed in the morning when you don’t have to go to work’?. I just replied ‘if you are asking that, self employment isn’t for you’. You ‘gotta wanna’ One piece of advice, irrespective of your line of work. Going solo is pretty much a one way street. You won’t go back to a permanent role. Oh, and on paper, if the work dries up, on any given day you’ll be bankrupt in two months. Of course, this doesn’t ever happen (one hopes) but it messes with your head for the first few years. 😂 Gave up working for the man 20 years ago. No regrets.
  2. A1 Anodising in Crawley do a lot of Fuchs wheels. You will need them machined and polished beforehand. The polishing place is next door to A1.
  3. 50k miles in 7 years is probably more use than most on here. Creaking started after about 5 years. I regreased the front of the fronts which help a bit but it’s the rear of the fronts which is the pain to do as well as the rears.
  4. If I had my time again I would avoid Superpro if the car is a keeper. They are great to start with. After a few years, mine are now proper creaky front and back. You have to dismantle everything to re grease them which is a bit of a bore.
  5. Unfortunately, a resistance test isn’t a very good test for a coil of any type. Typical failures are caused by a break down of insulation rather than the wires themselves.
  6. Citroen saved quite a lot of weight on the AX by simply not having any brakes. At least, that’s what it seemed like when I drove one. 😂
  7. Looks great. I need to get mine registered too. Perhaps we can compare notes on V55 form filling.
  8. Ok. First thing to know is that all you have to do is disconnect the battery for a short period of time. 5 seconds is enough. With battery reconnected, do not touch the brake pedal and turn the ignition on. The brake warning light will be off. If it is on in this condition, electrically disconnect the pressure switches, reset and repeat test. If the light remains off then at least one of the switches is faulty. If the lamp stays off, but lights up as soon as you touch the pedal, then this is also a faulty switch OR the wrong switches. Note that there are 3 pin VW switches that ‘fit’ the 911 but the pin function is different. These will result in the warning light coming on as soon as the pedal is touched. They will also split under emergency braking resulting in complete loss of brakes. I probably owe the MOT man my life for finding this out before I did! Fit genuine Porsche switches
  9. Sure, but have you actually tried them? I’ve had Toyo. Yokohama, Bridgestone and Continental. I just bought Contact 6 for the 914 EV, Amazingly, they are A rated for both wet performance and fuel economy. I haven’t seen that before.
  10. Nah, they probably have tried all the options and concluded that Contis are the best! SO2 were too stiff in the sidewall for B roads IMO.
  11. Do whatever floats your boat. I did!
  12. I’m holding out for a 4 door version.
  13. ^. You can disable this feature just by removing the yellow/black on the fuse panel. It’s next to the ‘normal’ dipped beam feed which is yellow.
  14. So I didn’t go because of two different weather forecasts saying 100% biblical rain from 11 till 4pm solid. Not a drop in those pictures. Livid.
  15. Alarm? Aftermarket wires are easy to identify as they don’t have the crimped brass ends.
  16. ^ Nice For the more understated, check this out.
  17. Once it’s warm, if you put your hand over the air inlet, can you stall the car? If not you have an air leak.
  18. 1 to 3 hours. Largely depends on whether your electrics have been messed with.
  19. The fogs are wired so that they turn off with the main beam. Your coil 85 white wire is effectively grounded through the headlamp bulb when the mains beams are off. When the main beams are on, the potential is raised to 12V turning the fog relay coil off (because both sides of the coil are at 12V). If you’ve installed relays on the ‘bottom side’ of the fuses, you’ve lost the ground path through the bulb filament so you would have to move the white wire to put it on the ‘top side’ of the bulb. Of course, what you should have done is get one of my fuse panels then this would all have been taken care of.
  20. Ping speed is 30ms. You must have line of sight. Download the Starlink app and use it to check.
  21. Best of luck, will look out for you on the grid on Sunday!
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