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  1. ... thanks for this Nige much appreciated... I will absorb the info and see if I can disable it... Will report back
  2. Anybody have any advice on how to disable my factory alarm. I isolated the battery and when I turn it back on (after being switched off for 3 months) the alarm does not switch off. Normally I have no issue at all so not sure how to disable it. I have tried unlocking and locking doors and the car starts but the bloody alarm stays on .... Advice would be much appreciated :)
  3. ... ha yes we used to sponsor the hockey team... James Wall was my guy there..
  4. ...... just taken delivery of a scart riva muffler.. so that's going on ... also with a retro fit fuse box and turbo tie rods. My car is in the Algarve (holiday home) so taking the kit with me just after Christmas to get it all fitted by a good local mechanic (English speaking , thank god) Oh the sound of it will be epic :))
  5. Just clearing out some parts from my 3.2.. collection from DE22 or can post Original complete front Fogs in working order.. rubber spoiler in good nick - looking for £300 for the lot inc postage rear wiper assembly inc wiper arm £90 as new Momo Prototipo leather steering wheels with boss kit £175 complete Whale tail and lid- GP white fab condition £ offers invited Off my 3.2 911 sport 1988 model
  6. 1988 911 carrera I am thinking of selling my 'whale tail' - It came with the car which has been retro fitted with a non sport rear lid It's GP white has the wiper motor - and in great original condition... just unsure of the value of these currently.. please advise? Also have set of front fogs and rubber front spoiler and momo steering wheel if anyone interested thanks
  7. With much soul searching and sleepness nights I have reluctantly put my 930 up for sale. I almost hope it doesn't sell but i could really do with the funds, with all the austerity measures hitting hard! Anyway... I could always buy another when money is fruitful again! (that's what I keep telling myself!) I am going to list it on Pistonheads for now, to see what response I get, I prefer this site as enthusiasts normally browse it, not idiots who search thru Ebay wasting your time http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/2803245.htm Hopefully I will be back in the market soon.... I nice little SC would suit although it not quite the same as a 930 thanks for looking RR
  8. The 997 turbo has come a long long way since 1988 when the Targa was built. So many driver aids on the 997 inc PDK, Traction control, Torque vectoring and engine dampener mounts make it such an easy car to drive. I took the 997 on a track day and you just point and shoot! Whole different ball game with the 'old gal', you need your wits about you especially when the road is greasy. But it is so much fun to drive, you become really involved. The 997 performance is truly sensational, when I activate lauch control you have this really weird sensation when you seem to be in a time warp! I love them both.. it's like asking which child do you prefer! Both are superb drving machines and I have a difficult choice to make some mornings, but if it's nice and warm I normally take the roof off the Targa and take the long way to work! :mad jg:
  9. Congrats! I too have a turbo targa... very rare indeed, especially a 89 model, I presume it has the G50 5 speed gearbox Mine has done 30k so you have got some catching up to do and keep the Fuchs on, that's where they belong Post some pics soon!
  10. Thanks David for the info I will check it out
  11. Enjoyed a great few hours drinving around the Peak District at the weekend, glorious sunny day and fantastic roads. However my clutch seems to have taken a battering, that horrible burning smell! I have had the performance upgraded so maybe the clutch cannot handle the extra power and acceleration. If the clutch is on the way out, can anyone recommend a suitable clutch upgrade I will want to do a few track days and pootle around country roads so nothing to harsh to use all the best :mad jg:
  12. Ben I purcahsed the K27 from the US costs were K27-700 $1195 K27 Up Pipe adaptor $125 K27 Install kit $82.50 K27 turbo bracket for 964T $147.50 and yes, I had to pay import duty and and vat on top, the allow approx 20% for shipping and import duty, then the 17.5% for vat The dollar has weakened to around $1.60 so it is a bit cheaper now speak to Brian at Rarly Motorsports for more info his email is: brian@rarlyL8.com makes a huge difference to performance! cheers
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