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  1. John is in Limerick- you could also try Des Golden in Cork. Or tell us about the car- it’s probably known by Porsche Club Ireland
  2. My copy finally arrived - an absolutely fabulous piece of work- and a beautifully produced book. Has inspired me to get off my bum - dust off my cameras and produce something wothwhile - when I am able to!
  3. Arrived!- great piece of kit- even my lovely wife thought it was cool! Thanks c
  4. Third IB in 35 years - 2 in a row for last 12 years- one stolen in France with original IB badge ( one of the reasons I left) now in Ireland! Sun 20th what time?
  5. Does anyone have a coupon code for the book?
  6. I met a bunch of R Gruppers rs at their Paddock “corral’ at Rennsport Reunion - nice guys, lovely cars - I felt we had much in common. I’d like to join/ have joined - there were certainly IBs there - but was discouraged by some guys in Holland. As I have one of the few outlaws/hotrod 911s in Ireland we could have formed a small chapter of about 6! Thanks for your insight John- very eloquent. Maybe next year Jaffa 911 and I will make it over to UK again ( she just returned to Ireland - after engine work at Greatworth clasucs- via transporter) and join up with you guys again - I met Ian C and several others on the Hagerty Drive it Day lat year. Northy- I too have Bob Tilltons Werkcrew book- it’s what really got me into the hot rod vibe after my mildly modded 74 2,7 was stolen in France i’m just ordering the book now! Slainte! Clive
  7. I believe Mr.Glynn is an RGruppe member so let’s see what he says?
  8. https://www.therbook.com/ Looks lovely- anybody seen one? Any thoughts from you John- given your connection? c
  9. First time I have seen him without the hat - much better!
  10. https://www.ddk-online.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=66690
  11. Got it - just nice to see something positive!
  12. Would you mind if I cross posted this at DDK? There will definitely be people there infested in this. Also Porsche Club Ireland- Anglesey works for us! clive

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