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  1. Covid is really keeping you busy Graham- yet another cool ride!!
  2. http://www.curves-magazin.com/en/bucher/gp-icerace-book/ if I can’t go anwhere this has to be the next best thing.
  3. I’m staying across the road - have left 914 at Greatworth Classics until tomorrow morning - so will drop by ( in Range Rover) before I go and pick it up. C
  4. I am literally across the road so whatever time will work for me - as long as 914s are OK!
  5. I have this setup in Jaffa 911 Ian- all good but I still can’t master heel and toe! its about the same money as the Wings pedal but is a complete pedal set..... Plan to put them in Tango 914 too... Clive
  6. I’m arriving from Ireland Friday, so have Saturday free, am meeting up with a friend and we’ll have a spin around the Cotswold area to Classic Motor Hub Bibury or Caffeine and Machine. Anyone like to join us? clive
  7. 1’ll be at C&M the Saturday night pre Rennsport Collective- won’t be in UK before Friday and returning Ireland Monday ☹️
  8. Unless we get a complete lockdown in Ireland I intend to come over. Will be an opportunity to drive my 914 ( 30 mins away from Stowe) and actually go to an event- see some cars and some people! 8 hours drive + 3 hrs ferry each way - but we need to do stuff or go completely bonkersnuts. Will do an overnight about 30 mins from Stowe in my usual spot- pub,rooms, food! c
  9. I’m coming over from Ireland for it Raymond- will sort something else out for the weekend too😎 We all need to get out and do something this year - or go nuts😏
  10. His T shirt is from Hunziker https://shophunziker.com
  11. Curves book are great- I’ve used French Alps, USA, Scotland and Mallorca- have most of the others too . Beautifully photographed and produced by Stefan Bogner - a complete Porsche nut. Incredible value for money IMO- great reading even if you’re not planning a trip😀 Check Amazon for pricing- most have an English edition. c
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