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  1. Get up to Silverstone next week Graham😎
  2. Will be there next Wednesday 28th for air cooled night - as a precursor to Silverstone Classic the following weekend. Anyone else?
  3. Book a day at a school- most venues do them- good value and you can book up together. Was aiming to arrange a DDK one at Loton Park before COVID struck. c
  4. They do a halfway decent bacon roll these days too!
  5. Looked hard at both of these at Goodwood- absolutely phenomenal attention to detail - just sublime.
  6. Turn up with cash at a market and buy what you like- that’s how it works here in Ireland. Excellent stuff - well worth the time. I hang out in that part of the UK or Hampshire quite a lot - I can’t understand a word the real locals say- mind you I have same problem here in West Cork!
  7. https://achtungkraft.com/collections/exclusive-parts/products/bumper-oil-cooler-vent
  8. Sure Graham- I’ll PM you the link for Hawaiian shirts then!
  9. Fabulous Graham- you will definitely need a Porsche Hawaiian shirt to set it off!
  10. I will be in UK for Silverstone Classic- racing 924 at Mondello Park near Dublin on 12th so not going to be back for 21st!!
  11. Hadn’t realised there was a another this year- good!
  12. The autosolo was great from a drivers POV - brilliant value at £20 for 5 runs! Ditto the sprints from the day before- £60 for three 2 lap runs on the full circuit. I really liked a democratic Goodwood event where basically everyone there was taking part somehow- totally non elitist! Next year they will do it at Shelsey Walsh - I hope to be there! C
  13. Don’t know why you don’t stay close and make a weekend of it?
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