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  1. Guy is an absolute saviour when looking at these cars for checking originality and spec etc .. I still pester him now! also Ryan’s book will pretty much answer anything
  2. Hi.. this is for the carrera 2.7 but may help..
  3. https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1988-porsche-911-carrera-32-club-sport 120,500.. wasn't me! i'll guess 135k
  4. evening all.. got a little more time of late to lurk and enjoy both the forum and the cars! https://philipraby.co.uk/directory-porsche-911/porsche-911-carrera-3-2-club-sport nice summary of the spec change over 3.2 carrera https://www.sports-purpose.com/cars-for-sale/1989-porsche-3-2-carrera-club-sport was up for 190k, then 180k and now sold of course it is the only red one, 98k miles and lots of money spent seemingly there's no doubt you can build same or better for less.. but it will never be a factory 1/53 built CS to JG's point does anyone care
  5. picked bLimey up this morning.. all parts installed and working glad to say! thank you for the recommendations.. also replaced the CDI mini wiring loom for good order have to say the car is definitely running smoother
  6. good to see you fella... i know exactly! how you feel..
  7. Thanks guys. Would have bought Jonny s one of it was in stock but need to get the car running and back home!
  8. Afternoon all, so have ordered a new CDI+ from Jonny as the old Aussie MW(?) unit went kapput last weekend! question is, i also want to replace the coil (old) and the CDI wiring loom, to get it back as close to standard as poss.. question... which is the best/most original looking coil to fit please!? (thats also not out of stock!) porsche have ordered one in but not sure exactly what will turn up... then there s these on design911 for instance https://www.design911.com/Porsche-911-Perma-Tune-Ignition-Coil--90160250200/prod128870/ https
  9. Hi ian yes also spotted that.. hopefully make it with something although took my lime car our Saturday for first time in yonks and the cdi permadoom unit imploded.. AA and some pals to the rescue! Personally think classics at the castle was better when Fred used to organise it.. assume with be a Porsche organised event again this time..
  10. yep.. as i said.. it was a bit late by time i found out i had to pay!!! and overall given the car hadnt seen light of day in its finished state and we had a bit of a (expensive!) lads weekend it was money well spent... we are going back this year but saturday and then sunday.. just to mooch about and without the vehicle entry fee!!!!!
  11. Evening all, as a famous copper used to say! I know everyone warns you about how busy life gets with teenage kids and middle age (spread).. but bloody hell they are right!! had a thought the other day to log in and see what's going on here on the site.. and I couldn't even remember the last update i posted on the Red Devil! So here are some belated pics and a brief update. I must firstly remind that Thomas Knoll who carried out the restoration sadly passed away some time back of cancer. I only met him once, but what a lovely guy, passionate about his work and working closely with his fat
  12. for my tuppence.. do not under estimate the cost of doing a proper restoration!
  13. does he still have the Speedster? that was lovely car! then again, they all are :-)
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