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  1. picked bLimey up this morning.. all parts installed and working glad to say! thank you for the recommendations.. also replaced the CDI mini wiring loom for good order have to say the car is definitely running smoother
  2. good to see you fella... i know exactly! how you feel..
  3. Thanks guys. Would have bought Jonny s one of it was in stock but need to get the car running and back home!
  4. Afternoon all, so have ordered a new CDI+ from Jonny as the old Aussie MW(?) unit went kapput last weekend! question is, i also want to replace the coil (old) and the CDI wiring loom, to get it back as close to standard as poss.. question... which is the best/most original looking coil to fit please!? (thats also not out of stock!) porsche have ordered one in but not sure exactly what will turn up... then there s these on design911 for instance https://www.design911.com/Porsche-911-Perma-Tune-Ignition-Coil--90160250200/prod128870/ https://www.design911.com/Ignition-Coil-Porsche-911---930---914/prod135469/ any other/better choices? cheers
  5. Hi ian yes also spotted that.. hopefully make it with something although took my lime car our Saturday for first time in yonks and the cdi permadoom unit imploded.. AA and some pals to the rescue! Personally think classics at the castle was better when Fred used to organise it.. assume with be a Porsche organised event again this time..
  6. yep.. as i said.. it was a bit late by time i found out i had to pay!!! and overall given the car hadnt seen light of day in its finished state and we had a bit of a (expensive!) lads weekend it was money well spent... we are going back this year but saturday and then sunday.. just to mooch about and without the vehicle entry fee!!!!!
  7. Evening all, as a famous copper used to say! I know everyone warns you about how busy life gets with teenage kids and middle age (spread).. but bloody hell they are right!! had a thought the other day to log in and see what's going on here on the site.. and I couldn't even remember the last update i posted on the Red Devil! So here are some belated pics and a brief update. I must firstly remind that Thomas Knoll who carried out the restoration sadly passed away some time back of cancer. I only met him once, but what a lovely guy, passionate about his work and working closely with his father and family. When the car arrived here in the UK it was booked into OPC Tonbridge to resolve a few minor niggles. Shortly after Rob Tomlin who is a friend and runs Supercar Detailing and looks after my cars suggested entering the car into the 2018 Salon Prive event as there was a Porsche Concors Day on the Saturday after the main Concors https://www.salonpriveconcours.com/press/porsche-celebrations-blenheim-palace-salon-prive-concours-masters/ Now I'm not one for this Concors lark to be honest, but Rob suggested a. it would be a fun day out amongst some of Porsche's finest and b. would be a good opportunity to show the car. So I registered and was luckily accepted and then they told me how much it was to enter (gulp!, how naive i thought it was free!!!) Anyway in for a penny..in for quite a few pounds! Rob also had customers entering two stunning cars, a 997 Sport Classic and a white 964 Turbo 3.6. The cars were loaded into a lorry and driven up on the preceding Friday. We stayed at the Bear in Woodstock.. what a beautiful village..I had never been to this part of England before. Anyway we stayed 2 nights and had much fun including the gala dinner with guest speaker Mr. Derek Bell. I had the pleasure of showing the car to the judges, who included Mr. Bell, Max Girardo (RM Auctions) and Thomas Schmitz amongst others. Interestingly, none could quite believe it when they saw the car.. I even overheard one say to the other "that's the one.." in a "maybe its a bitsa?" kind of way. Luckily I had taken a copy of the book by Ryan Snodgrass (who lurks on here) https://parabolicapress.com/products/porsche-carrera-2-7-book as evidence! Anyway.. unbelievably the car ended winning a prize!!! I like to think of it as "Best Bstrd Interior!".. i think actually it was Best Interior 74-89 or something like that! The Sport Classic also won two prizes so we ended up having an ever better weekend than expected. Enough of my waffle.. here are some pictures and have to say what a stunning location Blenheim Palace is!! Wish everyone a Happy New Year!!
  8. for my tuppence.. do not under estimate the cost of doing a proper restoration!
  9. does he still have the Speedster? that was lovely car! then again, they all are :-)
  10. aldo's old car on here... i had it inspected before he bought it.. speedo has been opened at some point but not to say it has been tampered with
  11. hope to be there with Limester and maybe the resto..
  12. thanks John.. bits and pieces to sort but have to say very pleased indeed! still running in but sounds great with the caps off !
  13. managed to pop into OPC Tonbridge at the weekend finally lil red.. few teething problems to sort but getting there!
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