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  1. Wow what lovely sightings. Just had a video sent from one of our neighbours of an adder swimming across their pond.....terrifying!
  2. Cant wait to give churros a go, they did form part of the deep fat fryer business case.
  3. Had this theme as a family WhatsApp that's been working well. I'll start with my spot of last weekend. Threw some bones out in the garden for the dogs, they were happily munching when a Red Kite dropped in. It saw the dogs an took off again but managed to get a couple of pictures.
  4. Just rediscovered deep fat frying, inspired by the last pre lock down meal we had at Mackerel Sky In Cornwall. Beer battered is the future.
  5. We've got 3 lurchers. Mortimer Flint and Stanley. I'm suspect they may have peaked too soon and the rest of their weekend may be mostly couch based.
  6. Started the the weekend with a relaxing walk with the dogs.
  7. Love a bit of Flightradar. We're between Heathrow and Fairoaks so get quit a mix. One of our three lurchers spends hours laid on the lawn watching aircraft fly over.
  8. This maybe a good starting point. https://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/g780/10-best-vehicles-for-the-end-of-the-world/ I'm liking number 7.
  9. Air B&B in Porthtowan! Highly recommended and they even accepted these idiots.
  10. These are the ebay ones fitted.
  11. Hi there, I used the Charlie ones from ebay, nice warm white.
  12. Just make sure you use PPE and have plenty ventilation it's evil stuff!
  13. rich73

    3D printers

    Looks great. Amazing he has the CAD skills, to me that's the key thing to getting the most out of it. What CAD package is he using? I'm just starting to learn Fusion 360 and can't believe it's available free to home and small businesses.
  14. rich73

    915 Gearbox

    Sensible starting price, got some interesting other items for sale as well. Tesla shell with V5, has an LS swap been done on a Tesla yet?
  15. Hope Axel's cars are well hidden 😬 . To be fair he's now uses a hot glue gun and a can of satin black as well as self tappers and corking gun.

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