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  1. Hi there, car looks great. I use Flickr rather than imgur and had a the same issue on another forum. I found its BBCode you need to insert, it's possible that you can only do this from a desktop version of imgur. On here I just upload the images but I think you have to pay your subscription for this. Top value and so much easier to add images. Rich
  2. Panel gaps look good. I'd get some jack stands under and some bracing in to keep them! Hope it goes well, I'm just in the process of doing inner and outer sills for the first time. Rich
  3. Hi there, Would really appreciate this is still available please, my floor is taking a real battering from my current restoration. I'm in Chobham so not too far. Thanks Richard
  4. I used Foamex which is really easy to work with and durable, got mine from ebay. I didn't cover mine, just bought in satin black.
  5. Hi There, I'm finally starting this project that I’ve had stored for the past few years. I’ve still got the 1987 3.2 Carrera, AKA Rolf , now a track car lightened with full cage. Still a few jobs to do its basically finished, need to lower and sort the Geo but the car seems much more responsive after the engine rebuild and weight loss. Rolf seemed like the answer to everything but not long we after got him, on a trip to Le Mans Classic we fell in love with these 2 cars, I’d never even heard of an ST. So I came up with plan, prices of early seemed so keep risin
  6. Hi there, Always a bit 😬 when you start digging but you seem to have more metal then hole which is a good start. Have you get the welding skills already or are you learning on the job? Rich
  7. rich73

    Engine Rebuild

    Looking good, are they still in Ottershaw or have they moved to new location now?
  8. rich73

    88 turbo backdate

    Looks great love the 15's. Are they TB 15 tyres?
  9. Thanks for the Classicline recommendation, just renewed with them this evening and saved £215, now have unlimited miles and breakdown cover included too.
  10. I've used that too and had great results........ Evil stuff though so PPE up to the max!
  11. We started to struggle for room in the car when we got doggo number 3.
  12. Squeezed mine in here. Central locking relocated to box between seats.
  13. That's close to home, I'm between Chobham and Ottershaw. I've seen a lovely Marine Blue 3.2 in Chobham a few times which probably explains why I've had random people waving at me when I'm driving my Marine Blue 3.2 locally.
  14. This was a while ago but I'm sure I did a confidence check on a new one that hadn't been fitted by flicking a screwdriver over the end quickly and detecting a voltage on a multimeter. I did this with the faulty one and got nothing, later verified this test with a scope. Hope this helps. Rich
  15. Wow what lovely sightings. Just had a video sent from one of our neighbours of an adder swimming across their pond.....terrifying!
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