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  1. I have just carried out the rag up the pipe diagnosis, I dont think it has given a clue. Put rag in tube, started engine let it idle revved a little and rag still in place. At tick over speed I removed the rag and placed hand over exit and there is no pressure at all. I did notice however that when I turned engine of there was a clack clack sound that seemed to emanate from the turbo area. Any further thoughts before I strip out a few bits ? I assume to expose the turbo rotor to see if it rotates is a way of understanding if it has seized? Kev
  2. Just dug out my 930 for a first run out this summer, and after a good 20 or so miles to warm up I realised that I have no turbo boost, the beauty runs rather like a VW Polo 1.1 !!! Was all ok when put to bed last Autumn and has been run every month over winter. any ideas please ? Happy lockdown K
  3. PBM sport at Ditchling Common Sussex have been specialising in Air Cooled Porsche for years. Top drawer people.
  4. Here is the picture of my NASTY TR6 !!!
  5. Bellows removed, most, but not all, screws studs etc released with good ole plus=gas. The bellows captive plate for forward fixings had rusted, but now a suitable repair has been carried out. I am lucky in that I own a company that has a proto type sheet metal workshop and it was an ideal project for the trainee to fabricate the captive plate and bond it in place with Sikkaflex. Really looked as though the part had been badly made as all other similar detail parts were in great order.
  6. Thanks guys, very useful tips. The studs have indeed sheared off, as I think the committee expected. Will fit back with suitable SS items and copperslip. Thanks Kevin
  7. Well guys, and interesting spread of very valuable opinions. It is quite simple, I have owned the car since one didn't have to pay very much at all for a 930, and I love driving it, but have a TR6 show winner also which just seems to fit my leisure driving needs so much better. Also I did drive her down to Angouleme a few years ago and broke down on the auto route, Mrs Kevin lost interest in the car after standing on a cold road side for 6 hours waiting for deppenage to arrive !!! but that's another story !!! Seriously she will be used when ever I need to and with complete disregard for the 200 miles average she has done during my ownership.
  8. Yes Nige it was the access that I wondered if I was missing a trick, but probably not. the metal insert that the studs were fixed to has corroded, I will get the part of and review, but if new is required it will have to be a matching part so genuine Porker. thanks
  9. No its 200 miles a year !!! some years I may stretch to 220 !!!
  10. Well guys, I still own my 930 and I am so pleased that I decided to retain. I often look at asking prices and have to pinch myself, but do any really sell for £100K + My only concern is that I am retiring in a few weeks time, and although my pension is really generous, I do concern myself over a really huge repair bill if something breaks. meanwhile I have just a couple of miles left in my annual 200 allowance !!!
  11. Here is my Red one. Love every time I drive her, sit in her, even look at her.
  12. So its a scramble from underneath then ? I have an oil heat exchanger that seems to be right in the way of access to the rear fixing bolts !!! does this have to be moved do you know ? K
  13. Hi Guys, The driver side front bellows on my 930 is damaged by way of two of the fixing bolts have become detached from the steel plate that is bonded into the item. First question is " does anyone have any tips on the procedure for removal from the front end ? and 2nd has anyone effected a sensible repair to this item ? Thanks K
  14. Thanks for input guys I certainly do not have to sell the car, but it is one of several classics I own and run. I am mid 50's and going to be retiring within the next 12 months and I am just slightly concerned that on my pension if anything major crops up expenses wise with the car I may have to think twice before dipping hand in pocket where as my other classics are all VERY affordable and DIY. I think I will hold tight for a while, valuable advice from you Kevin
  15. Hello everyone I have owned my 89 5 speed 930 since 93 mileage now under 40K condition pretty close to showroom. I am reading that prices are climbing, is this dealer talk or is the marque set for price climb ? any ideas please as I am considering selling mine thanks
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