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  1. Just thinking David, are you suggesting that possibly there could be a lack of power to the pump?? When I first took my car from storage and after a few checks, strated the engine, this pump was squeeling like a banshee, after a while it became quiet but since having the car re commissioned the pump now makes a squeel intermittently usually after a period of high fuel demand, this is why I feel I ought to change it as I am taking her down to the Angouleme Circuit des Remparts in 2 weeks time. Kevin
  2. Does anyone have exact details of the rear fuel pump for my 930 please?? or where should I get one from without paying Porsche specilaist prices for what I am assuming is a standard Bosche pump Mine is intermitently noisy and I think its best to replace rather be sure than sorry. thanks Kevin
  3. When I collected my 930 from PBM sport, Chris said to me that there was some hardening of the injector seals, Probably caused by unleaded fuel, Is this something that can be resolved by fitting new O rings as I have seen them in a specilaist Porsche shop?? If so is it a DIY task to strip and fit? I have only done this before on Lucas electro mechanical injection as fitted to my TR6. But that was very easy. Thanks Kevin
  4. I think I have it this time, will post a few more if OK Someone asked for an engine picture, I hope this ok???
  5. A couple of pictures of the 930. It needs a polish, this is just as it came out of storage.
  6. I still have the service book and pouch with users manual etc, it is all the Bills, every MOT tax disc, that have gone, I had a complete AFN print out on the car, I guess I have the most important item though, the service record, All stamped up by AFN, then by my local specialist who really knows the vehicle inside out and will always vouch for it. BUT I cant see it being sold. I will be taking it to The Circuit des Remparts in September down near my home in Angouleme. I have no idea what the vehicle could be worth, I paid 30K for it in 1997 with 28,000 miles done, I purchased it from a
  7. Woh Hooooooooooooooooooooooo I had forgotten how good a 930 is, 7 years since I last drove the car. Now I am on the road again I will take some better pictures and post, including the engine !!! kevin
  8. An Update for you all Have booked my 930 in to my local independant Porsche specilaist who I have know for years for a re-commissioning. Took car for a short run on the road yesteday and all was very sweet indeed, so it wont be long before the beats can be used properly. Thanks everyone for your interest and help. Kevin
  9. Yep I can take a pic of engine bay, Ill post some better pics of the car also. I do have a local Porsche Man PBM sport who have always looked after it for me in the past, I was rather hoping I could drive it to him !!! Kevin
  10. thanks for support everyone. Yes I will sort it out, and I would rather do so as a DIY project, as I have some time to attend to it at the moment. It seems quiteunusual to get such an untouched 930 it appears judging by some comments, and mine looks just like the day it came out of the showroom, the only thing that I know isnt original are the front shocks which were replaced by AFG at Chiswick for what they called "uprated" items, but that was when the vehicle was one year old. the bitumastic around the top mounts show that the change occured.
  11. I have had the car a good few years. I did have a complete service record, I still have the book, but every bill MOT, bill for any works etc etc, but My ex wife burned them !!! Does anyone have any pointers on diagnosis for the components mentioned above?? Kevin
  12. Given that my rear pump is squeeling like a banshee, loss of fuel pressure may well be a real problem, I guess a chage is the answer?? repair may not be an option, unless someone knows differentlly Many thanks for input
  13. So the progress............... Changed fluids has indeed remedied the smoking well grey smoke problem. Moving forward I now have a noisy rear fuel pump which I will need to change I am sure, but can not start the engine when its warm, it just reuses to fire, so have to wait a few hours before is starts again and then it is always first or second pull. Has anyone any idea's ??? Thanks Kevin
  14. I am not sure I have the hang of this, bu trying to upload a couple of pics Kevin And trying again reading a few posts..............Is it that rare to find an untouched 930 ?? I will take some better pictures and get them up.
  15. An update................ I have not had any time for the past few weeks so no progress on my 930 untiul today. I checked oils, brakes etc and decided to start her up and run up and down my drive a few times. All go's well the smoke was clearing very nicely after a few runs, but the engine would not idle, I let it stop and have not been able to start it again since. So now that I have more time I shall progress this over the next week. Best wishes Kevin
  16. Yes I will post a few pictures. Maybe early next week as I have to do a few bits to the vehicle over the weekend before taking her to a photgenic location. yes its ALL VERY original, I just havnt for a number of reasons used her for a while but kept her well stored. Guards red with grey/silver/black leather interior. Thanks once again for input from the forum. Kevin
  17. Thanks everyone. I am heartened and will report back in a few days time when I have changed fluids and filters, checked brakes and had a little run out. If all cleared I will then get stuck in with re-commissioning. Oh how I missed this car for a few years !!!! Kevin
  18. No oil leaks, but I will check again. as to amount of smoke, it always gave a puff when starting from cold but that only lasted a second or two. The smoke now is very blue and dense but if I hold the revs at aroun 1500 almost dissapears until the revs drop, but it will not idle without throttle being opened. thanks for input Kevin
  19. Thanks for input. yes it was fine when I put it away, always maintained twice a year despite maximum 2000 miles a year. I have to check over the brakes and a few other bits and pieces then go on the road carefully. I was worried about turbo oil seals??? Kevin
  20. Hello everyone. I am new here, having been reccomended to your forum by a chap who recently purchased a few parts from me. This thread is about my 1989 930. I have owned the car for 12 years and it has a genuine 33,000 miles. I have not used the car for 4 years, but have recentlly strated her up to drive out of my garage. Clouds of blue smoke, that do not clear after leaving her ticking over for 5+ minutes. The petrol is also 4 years old. Has anyone any idea's where I should look for a solution this problem?? Thanks
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