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  1. Yes, that is a very nice combination. Gold works so well with black. Enjoy those long drives!
  2. So I went for 40mm up from door bottoms. Its a tricky job but managed it without ruining any decals and only a couple of little air bubbles near the rear arch which I can live with. These decals were suppled by Type 911 (£50) and I am happy with their quality.
  3. I think mine are more like 10mm above bottom edge of doors. I sense another attempt is needed! Thanks for the correct instructions
  4. I recently fitted the Carrera decals to my C3 sourced from Highgate and they look good. I possibly positioned mine too low as now I have started noticing others they are often a good 2-3 inch above door bottoms. I wonder what ‘factory height’ was.
  5. Thanks will look that up.
  6. Many thanks for the comments, some useful information to go on. I think the hottest I have seen my car was in heavy stop/start traffic on the M1 on route to Shelsley Walsh when the outside temperature was around 32-34 degrees. My temp gauge was just heading over the 250 mark and I spotted a fuel station and decided a 20 minute cool off was needed. The joys of driving UK motorways on Fridays! As long as the car is moving at reasonable speed it never seems to top 230 even in circa 40 degree weather on the Continent.
  7. My 1976 Carrera 3.0 has the original 5 blade engine cooling fan. On warm days and under more testing driving conditions the engine gets hotter than my liking and can run between 210 and 250 degrees. Sometimes the rear bumper is too hot to touch! Having checked the owners manual it only states 'if the temperature reaches 300 degrees stop the engine' which is basically the top of the gauge. I have looked into an oil cooler to replace the simple 'trombone' cooling pipes in my front wing but it is a £1500 + upgrade. I am considering upgrading my 5 blade fan to an 11 blade as fitted to the SC.
  8. Hi Ian, I have not had anything done to the fuel injection system in the 10 years and around 30k miles of ownership - I’ve been lucky! Cleaning the injectors is an idea as a simple start and the car is due to go to MB when he has space but thought I’d try and get a head start on sorting this. I have been for a drive today and it is by no means terrible but at the same time it is lumpier at lower revs/speeds than it used to be. Thanks for the offer to try out replacing the parts mentioned. If all else fails...... regards, Thomas Thanks, I will have a look at th
  9. Thanks for that - looks like a useful reference.
  10. This item is now sold. Thanks.
  11. I am selling this Recaro PP as it is no longer in FIA date and have replaced it with a new one exactly the same but in date (a very unsatisfying £700 expenditure!) as it is a requirement of hillclimbs in France. The seat is in good condition but has some small light scratches on the back. The fabric on the seat pads is actually brand new as I had the originals trimmed in the Porsche tartan and have switched these onto my new seat so the new seat pads are now on this one. Please note this is a seat only and does not come with any side mounts or runners. £250 or best offer.
  12. I am selling this set of 4 ATS Cookie Cutter alloys. They are in decent condition though not perfect. They have been sprayed black and there is some slight pitting under the paint which you can probably see on photos. They have 2011 dated Falken ZE912 tyres - 2 x 205/55/15 and 2 x 225/50/15 all with I would say 80% tread still on. These wheels have been stacked in my garage for at least 5 years now so surplus to requirements! They are tidy enough to use as they are or could be restored for a restoration job. Offers around £400. I can strap up for courier collection but that woul
  13. My Carrera 3.0 with K Jetronic has an issue which is getting worse. I was wondering if anyone on here has had/heard of the same symptoms as I suspect it is an issue in the fuel injection system. The problem is most apparent if you drive on light throttle, eg. 30mph in 4th gear the engine becomes very jerky. It used to be more of an issue when cold but seems to do it when warmed up as well now. Under full load such as hard acceleration it is fine and there is no noticeable misfire. I have not noticed a drop in performance. Just yesterday I started it up, backed it out of the garage an
  14. Hi Ian - David sent me the regs for Etretat and it merely says that cars must have "a homologated roll cage" so just need clarification on that. Probably best to contact the event organiser directly. I know that the Heigo cage is good for an MSA log book as the chap who fitted it has one in his car which attained this but things are not always that simple with the French!!
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