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  1. Yes, that is a very nice combination. Gold works so well with black. Enjoy those long drives!
  2. So I went for 40mm up from door bottoms. Its a tricky job but managed it without ruining any decals and only a couple of little air bubbles near the rear arch which I can live with. These decals were suppled by Type 911 (£50) and I am happy with their quality.
  3. I think mine are more like 10mm above bottom edge of doors. I sense another attempt is needed! Thanks for the correct instructions
  4. I recently fitted the Carrera decals to my C3 sourced from Highgate and they look good. I possibly positioned mine too low as now I have started noticing others they are often a good 2-3 inch above door bottoms. I wonder what ‘factory height’ was.
  5. Thanks will look that up.
  6. Many thanks for the comments, some useful information to go on. I think the hottest I have seen my car was in heavy stop/start traffic on the M1 on route to Shelsley Walsh when the outside temperature was around 32-34 degrees. My temp gauge was just heading over the 250 mark and I spotted a fuel station and decided a 20 minute cool off was needed. The joys of driving UK motorways on Fridays! As long as the car is moving at reasonable speed it never seems to top 230 even in circa 40 degree weather on the Continent.
  7. My 1976 Carrera 3.0 has the original 5 blade engine cooling fan. On warm days and under more testing driving conditions the engine gets hotter than my liking and can run between 210 and 250 degrees. Sometimes the rear bumper is too hot to touch! Having checked the owners manual it only states 'if the temperature reaches 300 degrees stop the engine' which is basically the top of the gauge. I have looked into an oil cooler to replace the simple 'trombone' cooling pipes in my front wing but it is a £1500 + upgrade. I am considering upgrading my 5 blade fan to an 11 blade as fitted to the SC. A couple of questions if anyone can help... 1. Will the 11 blade fan giving much better cooling? 2. Is there anything else to change (other than the fan) to make this upgrade? Thanks, Thomas (in anticipation of a warm sunny summer!)
  8. Hi Ian, I have not had anything done to the fuel injection system in the 10 years and around 30k miles of ownership - I’ve been lucky! Cleaning the injectors is an idea as a simple start and the car is due to go to MB when he has space but thought I’d try and get a head start on sorting this. I have been for a drive today and it is by no means terrible but at the same time it is lumpier at lower revs/speeds than it used to be. Thanks for the offer to try out replacing the parts mentioned. If all else fails...... regards, Thomas Thanks, I will have a look at this too.
  9. Thanks for that - looks like a useful reference.
  10. This item is now sold. Thanks.
  11. I am selling this Recaro PP as it is no longer in FIA date and have replaced it with a new one exactly the same but in date (a very unsatisfying £700 expenditure!) as it is a requirement of hillclimbs in France. The seat is in good condition but has some small light scratches on the back. The fabric on the seat pads is actually brand new as I had the originals trimmed in the Porsche tartan and have switched these onto my new seat so the new seat pads are now on this one. Please note this is a seat only and does not come with any side mounts or runners. £250 or best offer. I have the packaging from my new seat so can easily box up for courier collection at buyers expense. Thanks.
  12. I am selling this set of 4 ATS Cookie Cutter alloys. They are in decent condition though not perfect. They have been sprayed black and there is some slight pitting under the paint which you can probably see on photos. They have 2011 dated Falken ZE912 tyres - 2 x 205/55/15 and 2 x 225/50/15 all with I would say 80% tread still on. These wheels have been stacked in my garage for at least 5 years now so surplus to requirements! They are tidy enough to use as they are or could be restored for a restoration job. Offers around £400. I can strap up for courier collection but that would be at buyers expense.
  13. My Carrera 3.0 with K Jetronic has an issue which is getting worse. I was wondering if anyone on here has had/heard of the same symptoms as I suspect it is an issue in the fuel injection system. The problem is most apparent if you drive on light throttle, eg. 30mph in 4th gear the engine becomes very jerky. It used to be more of an issue when cold but seems to do it when warmed up as well now. Under full load such as hard acceleration it is fine and there is no noticeable misfire. I have not noticed a drop in performance. Just yesterday I started it up, backed it out of the garage and left in running whilst locking up. The engine idle started dipping, picking up, dipping and then stalled. This has never happened before in my 10 year ownership so could be significant to the problem I have. Thomas
  14. Hi Ian - David sent me the regs for Etretat and it merely says that cars must have "a homologated roll cage" so just need clarification on that. Probably best to contact the event organiser directly. I know that the Heigo cage is good for an MSA log book as the chap who fitted it has one in his car which attained this but things are not always that simple with the French!!
  15. I got a 911 SSD Heigo rear cage fitted in the end. Found out about a garage about 15 miles away from me who specialise in Porsche who sourced the cage from Germany for me (took about 6 weeks) and fitted it in a day - great job! My next question is are these cages classed as a homologated cage? This is a requirement for French hillclimbs.
  16. I have a Recaro PP bucket seat in my Carrera 3.0 fitted with Recaro side mounts and on a slide runner. The seat is fine but out of date for FIA regulations which apply for French hillclimb events so a new one is needed. I think new Recaro PP's are about £700 so I was just wondering if any other (i.e. less expensive) makes of seat will fit into the same mounts/runners for a 911. It is not an issue in the UK as MSA regs do not date specify things. Cheers, Thomas
  17. Just spoken to Mike Bainbridge about this and as he recalls the check valve is in the banjo bolt on the C3. I subsequently called Porsche Kendal parts and they can get the pressure line with banjo from Germany but can not find a listing for the banjo bolt expect for a turbo one. The turbo has 2 fuel pumps and as such the banjo bolt is without check valve at the front end so not suitable. They are going to look into this further and get back to me. As is often the case, a rare model like the C3 that was only produced for a couple of years poses some challenges in the parts department! Probably best, as suggested, to take it in for a pressure test.
  18. Thanks. If anyone knows where to source the correct part for a C3 please let me know as I am struggling. As I understand it, the part I need is a fuel line with an integral banjo/check valve which connects to the fuel pump with a banjo bolt. I still can't work out in my head how this is different to using a check valve from the SC in the same position but as my car no longer starts as easily from hot (after sitting for 30-60 mins) I presume there must be a difference in either the check valve or the actual fuel line. The car will start after a few spins of the engine but sounds a bit like a Beetle for the first 5 seconds when the fuel is not getting to all pots.
  19. Thanks Chris/John - were can you buy Heigo rear cages from? Thomas
  20. Just wondering if anyone knows of a company who can make a bespoke roll cage for a 911. My car used to have a Safety Devices rear cage but the main problem was that it required removal of the inertia belts as there was not enough space for them due to the upright legs of the cage. This meant that it was a harness only which was fine for track use etc. but a bit of a pain for touring when the harness is restrictive.
  21. Still struggling with this - see my post here please if you have any knowledge.
  22. This situation came to light when my fuel tank got damaged by a stone and when it was removed for repair the original banjo fitting was corroded so the fuel line was cut just after it. This resulted in an unexpected high pressure squirt of fuel, presumably because the original banjo fitting had a check valve function as well. I could see in parts listings a banjo fitting with check valve priced at circa £60 but this is listed for 74 cars (mine is a 76 C3) and there was an inline check valve priced £26 listed for 78-83 cars. Being a tight northerner I purchased the cheaper one as in my mind a check valve is a check valve regardless of whether it is an inline part or built into the banjo. Since fitting this the car starts fine cold, fine after a short stop but takes quite a few spins before firing up when it has been sat for 30-50 mins. Before all this happened it always started on the first turn of the key regardless. The sure fire fix would be a new fuel line complete with banjo as per OEM for a C3 - unfortunately from my research this is a no longer available part! I would be very interested to know if anyone has any knowledge/experience of this and if so, how to get it sorted.
  23. Can anyone shed any light on the correct type of check valve (if any) should be fitted to a 1976 Carrera 3.0 and also where exactly on the system it should be located. Thanks, Thomas
  24. Written by someone who has obviously never driven a Carrera 3.0. I would agree, however, that the two models are not comparable, hence the 1/2 million quid price difference!
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