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  1. Thanks, I'll reach out to him.
  2. Hi, there is a very good chance I'll be moving to the States later in the year so will unfortunately have to sell my SC. Any idea what the current market values are for SC's? Mine is Zin Metallic '83, extremely stock with only 77k miles. Very little rust. A few upgrades such as Wevo shifter, new bilsteins (set up by Tuthills) but thats it.
  3. Apparently (according to the guy I bought it from) as my SC was produced in the last few months of SC production (Aug '83), it was fitted with a Carrera spoiler to help shift the old model as the Carrera model had already been unveiled by then.
  4. I have a little one on the way and need a second more practical car and an early Cayenne na V8 is within budget and more importantly better half loves them but I am concerned about potential cylinder scoring. Is this a common fault or about as likely to happen as Cook scoring a century any time soon?
  5. Is satin black the best tint to paint the wiper arms and door handles?
  6. Thanks for the pdf. If you click on the link below (company referred to in the pdf) will take you to the order form and installation instructions. http://www.odometergears.com/products/Porsche/911+76-89+%28Non-US%29/67 Looks like a fiddly job, hopefully my jittery hands will be up for it.
  7. Unfortunately can't make it this year. In-laws arrive tomorrow and I have airport duty.
  8. Thanks, very helpful. On the work computer, so I'm glad I didn't try to google stripped gear.
  9. At the start of a long drive I reset the tripmeter when on the move and now it's not working. Also buggered the odometer. Speedo is fine. I've read somewhere that resetting while driving will/may strip the cogs. I was thinking of tackling this myself. Is this a DIY job? Thanks
  10. Thanks to all and looking forward to it. This will be ticked off my bucket list.
  11. It's with RSR. Have you had any experience with them?
  12. I have a completely standard 204hp SC. Looks like ATE blue gets the nod and seems to easy to find. Any idea where I can get the DS2500's?
  13. My lovely wife has bought me a Spa track day in September for our 5 year wedding anniversary. This will be my first time on a track and as it's going to be a full day with tuition so I will probably need to upgrade the pads and fluid from the standard 911sc items. Any suggestions as to which pads and fluid that will both stand up to the abuse on the track as well as use for the road as well?
  14. Good to see you guys again and welcome to the fold Graham. Had hoped for an early night when I got home last night but thought I'll have a quick look at this Real Racing that you were going on about..........three hours later my ipad had to be forcibly removed from my hands.
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