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  1. Thanks alot guys for all your helpful advice. Once these Focals get delivered I can look forward to enjoying some classic rock, whilst out cruising!😂
  2. Thanks for that Chris. I presume the crossover units need to be secured inside the door panels somewhere? There looks to be enough space just below or forward of the woofers.
  3. Thanks for you comments. I think I will go ahead and order the Focal ES130K's. I don't think I'll have a problem fitting the small tweeters behind the original grills. I'll take your advise John on fitting the woofers correctly, as I have been sadly lacking any decent bass in this car for too long (except for the exhaust note of course!). One daft Question, why can't I bin the crossover unit that comes with the new speakers, and just connect the speaker cones to the original spade connectors? Would make the job a lot easier. Cheers, Rob.
  4. Hi, can I bring up the door speakers debate again please? I am determined to get a good quality music sound in my '89 3.2 (cabriolet)! Checking advise from earlier forums , I settled on Focal K2 power 130KR's. But apparently these have been discontinued, replaced by ES130K's (about £250). Has anyone fitted these? Not sure if they will look "in character" with the car, and not sure if the small tweeters will fit ok (original grill 3.5" diameter). I presume the external cross overs will hide behind the door card somewhere? Would much appreciate some advice on the subject. Cheers, Rob.
  5. Just to finish my story on this topic. I bought a new fuel return pipe from Porsche main dealers in Wimslow for £85 (£40 cheaper than an independant specialist!) Then managed to replace the old pipe by just removing the heater blower fan in engine bay, and removing the gearbox support bracket to get access to the front pipe conection. It was a pig of a job, but no where near as bad as I'd feared, and certainly didn't warrant an engine out. Thanks for your replies. I'm back on the road and back in love with the ode 9!
  6. Thanks for the Pelican reference. A guy on their forum gives a convincing breakdown of how he replaced the rear fuel pipes on his 3.2 without dropping the engine. It's actually the return fuel line gone on mine, connected to the front of the left hand fuel rail (not the feed pipe, as I first thought). I'm leaning towards buying an original replacement pipe now. But will have a go at getting the old one out first, and see how awkward it looks to get a new rigid pipe back in. Thanks again guys, any further tips or advice will be greatfully received. What a lovely way to spend this gorgeous bank holiday weekend! I think I'm getting too old for crawling underneath filthy old cars!
  7. Thanks Nige, at the moment I've got the back end jacked up and both ends of the knackered fuel pipe disconected, but can't suss how the hell to remove it through the bulkhead or fit a new one, original or flexi! I can't see how lowering the gearbox will help (but you may be right). Has anyone managed to do this job with the engine in?
  8. Cheers for that Craig. My main concern is to make it easier to fit the new rear petrol feed pipe, by having a flexible pipe made up. As I believe it is a real ball-ache of a job to fit original rigid pipes without dropping the engine. How did you go on?
  9. The rear section of my petrol feed pipe on my '89 3.2 is rusty and leaking (Just above the gearbox mounting bracket). Couldn't believe that I maybe looking at an "engine out job" to replace it! But I see a glimmer of hope from a suggestion to fit a flexible made-up fuel pipe instead. I called at my local Pirtek pipe makers, and they seemed happy to make up a new flexi-pipe replacement, if I brought the original end fittings in. Has anyone else gone down this cheaper and hopefully much easier route? If so, I'd much appreciate your feedback, before I have a go, and perhaps find out the hard way that it wasn't such a good idea after all! Thanks for any help guys, Rob.
  10. Thanks Angus,Nige,Tea boy and Craig for your advice. Much appreciated. Looks like I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy Porsche wings at about £800 a piece!, has anyone seen them any cheaper? Thanks Alex, I am interested in the wings you will be selling in a few months, how do I contact you privately? Rob.
  11. The front wings on my '89 3.2 are now in such a bad way i'm ashamed to park the car in public! Has anyone fitted Dansk replacement wings? It would save a few hundred quid over originals, but wonder if it would be false economy. Would appreciate any opinions on quality of fit etc. Cheers, Rob.

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