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  1. I had the same issue too...loud graunching sound when fully depressing the clutch pedal. A new clutch kit was fitted, but I also took the opportunity to update the cross shaft bushings with the Type911 kit (my gearbox case hadn't been machined previously) and a new updated G50 fork. More info in this thread :
  2. Thanks all for the pointers. It looks like the extra valance bracket mystery is solved ! @Flat 6 Thanks for the pictures. Makes sense now. I was considering using stainless rivnuts for the infill piece and valance, but since I have the correct speed nuts, I think I will go with those. I was also under the impression that the speed nuts also held the seals in place. Obviously mistaken. @apesman Never realised that the early and late wing/horn brackets differed in width. But I think I need the later horn bracket (with the extension piece) on my 3.2 in order for the horns to fully clear the oil cooler? I was also expecting PET to show a spacer like the one in your pic due to the large gap between the two brackets. One other point I've noted with the OS horn bracket bolted to the underside of the headlamp bowl (I'm using the rearmost mounting hole...), I now can't fit the headlamp drain plug through the headlamp bowl as the bracket extension fits directly under the drain plug hole. If I use the mounting hole nearest to the front within the headlamp bowl, and use the rearmost hole for the drain plug, the horn bracket holes do not line up with valance brackets. The NS bracket doesn't cause any issues because it doesn't have the same extension piece. Anyone else had the same issue, or have I just powdercoated a wonky horn bracket?
  3. I am finally getting round to re-fitting a SC (non-foglight) front valance onto my 3.2 Carrera. My car had never previously had any of the original Porsche screws/fittings for the front valance, so I only have what PET states. Question 1: There is currently a 25mm gap between the front valance mountings (on both sides) and the horn/washer bottle support brackets respectively. PET states that these are attached together using a 6.3x19mm self tapping screw, but it appears that I may either be missing another fitting here, or do I just need to bend both horn/washer bottle support brackets so that they meet up to the valance brackets? Does anyone know what the second bracket just in front is supposed to be used for on a SC? Question 2: I have ordered the correct speed nut fittings for the front bumper infills. However, I'm not quite sure if the speed nuts fit onto the infill itself, or do they clip onto the holes in the valance and bottom of the front wing? If it is the infill, which way round are the clips (and screws) supposed to fit, and do they also hold the rubber infill seals in place? I can't seem to find any pictures for reference.
  4. Michelin also have the Pilot Sport 4 (not 4S) available in IB friendly 205/55 and 225/50 sizes with various load indexes. Whilst not N rated, they look like a good replacement for the ContiSports.
  5. This may help...Franny & Heidi's Garage have just covered the fuel line replacement. Not sure how different they are, but she uses the Len Cummings lines. Things always look easier on a full blown ramp with the engine out...
  6. Good work Chris. Is that a date code on the fuel hosing? The hose on your lines looks to be re-inforced with a type of "wrap", and appear to be more durable than the rubber hose on my lines. As Ian says, they look to be in pretty decent condition if original.
  7. Just wondering if anyone has ordered genuine oil lines from Porsche recently and encountered any fitment issues? I'm talking about the hard oil lines that run from the oil thermostat under the rear wing to the front oil cooler. The first set that were delivered seemed to have been manufactured on a completely random jig ! The last tube bend towards the oil cooler was around 45 degrees off. There were no signs of visible damage or twisting, so appeared to have been made like that. These were written off by Porsche GB as "damaged". The second set that were delivered this week are better but still do not fully match the profile of the original lines. Is there enough "springiness" in these brass lines to allow them to be clamped down, or should these be rejected too ? These are labelled "Made in Germany" for what it's worth. Check the pics below. First set compared with my original line: Second set as delivered :
  8. Anil

    Cool vids

    I've messed up a few Airfix Spitfires in my youth, so great to see someone do it properly ...
  9. I would leave the disc as is to avoid damaging it and just pop into your local Autoglass branch on a quiet Sunday afternoon. The chap at the Swindon branch bonded my mirror back on a couple of years ago using some sooper dooper adhesive, which is probably better than the Loctite stuff you have tried.
  10. Thanks for all the suggestions and I appreciate the pics Rich. I'm leaning towards the warm white Charlie ones too as I think prefer the more traditional bulb style over the SMD ones used by Carmagic, plus he is UK based. Would the green indicator, blue high beam, red oil level and orange fuel level work with a warm white LED, or do they need to match the colour of the filter i.e. a green LED for the green indicators, etc?
  11. I'm looking to replace the original dash gauge bulbs with LEDs. With all the gauges out on my 1988 3.2, I counted 10 BA7S bulbs in the silver/red holders, 4 of the smaller style bulbs (I don't know what these are...) and 1 T4W bulb in the black plastic holder. For those that have the done the swap, are you replacing all the bulbs for LEDs, or just the BA7S bulbs for illumination? Finally, which bulbs are recommended ? The traditional bulb style from Ebay (e.g. "charlieccu") or the SMD style ?
  12. Should look good once it's all back together. BTW, those look like the original fuel lines. I would consider replacing all 3 (main fuel line from the fuel filter to the injector rails, fuel line between both pressure regulators and the small (but very expensive!) curved hose under the left side regulator) as a preventative measure with everything easily accessible as it is now.
  13. Thanks Dean. Will PM the payment and postage details to you tomorrow morning.
  14. A pair of genuine Porsche Aero Mirror bases with new genuine gaskets for RHD only. Lightly used but in excellent condition : 96573124101 - Left 96573124200 - Right Either keep aside as spares, or a really nice upgrade for those that currently have Vitaloni Sebring mirrors fitted on the standard flag mirror bases. £80 + shipping

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