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  1. Relatively rare too being the one year only crossover model i.e. pre-facelift/big grille but with the later facelift 320 HFM engine. My current 124 estate was also ex-Japan (imported into the UK by Edward Hall) and can attest that the underside of the car was in unbelievable condition when I bought it. It's still very clean but 4 yrs of daily driving it in the UK has made it a little more grubbier than it used to be.
  2. Just a FYI, but there are a set of these wheel arch liners listed on Ebay : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233982793716
  3. I've had the same issue with my last three sets of S-02s. The first two sets started cracking after they were around three years old but I put that down to the fact that my car lived outside on the drive all year round. For the latest set, the car has been garaged but they have still cracked around the tyre wall and tread blocks, with just over 6k miles of usage. They are great tyres otherwise, but I think I will look to try another brand for the next set.
  4. Hi Chris....Looks great! Can you post some pics of what actually broke off the old distributor?
  5. I removed and refitted the dash top on my 1988 3.2 Carrera last summer, and can confirm that the windscreen does not need to be removed. This should be the same for all G50 models, including your 1987 Carrera. The 5 (or 6?) screws for the top plate (pictured in Jevvy's post) should be angled towards you, so just needed a standard screwdriver. Definitely didn't need to order any special tools. Then pop out the gauges and the air vents and you should have access to the nuts holding down the dash top. Mine was stuck down pretty solidly even after removing the nuts but, as yours had
  6. Congrats on finding the wire. However, can you please share some more pics of your car? Looks to be a really unusual colour combo for a 3.2.
  7. Anil

    88 turbo backdate

    Looks great ! How did you manage to fit those calipers under the 15in Fuchs?! Any more details on the caliper/disc combo you used?
  8. I have seen it mentioned several times, but does the CS actually have shorter gear ratios than a standard 3.2? PET doesn't appear to list a replacement gearbox specifically for the M637 Club Sport option, so is it the same gearbox for all 3.2 models?
  9. A pair of 911 door top trims in Marine Blue (very dark blue that almost looks black). In very good / excellent condition. Note, these are for a LHD car i.e. the electric mirror switch is located on the left hand trim. Includes the mirror switch. £90 + shipping
  10. 911 centre console in black vinyl. Generally very good condition, but does have a couple of minor marks/nicks (see pics) in the vinyl. The rear cap/cover is included and, whilst it has no cracks (as most of them do), it also has minor markings. £100 + shipping
  11. A set of new fibreglass front and rear impact bumper blades. Handmade by Theo (formerly?...) of this forum in Southampton a few years back. Nicely made, lightweight and won't corrode, but keep the standard IB look. As fitted to Shirish's old / Felix's new 3.5. Click the link below for fitted pics : These are probably too fragile to ship safely, so will need collection from SN26 (10 mins from M4 jct15, 20mins from M5 jct11A). £250
  12. Looks to be a DAS Sport Rollbar : https://www.dassport.com/store/products/911-Porsche-Coupe-or-Targa-DAS-Sport-Bolt%2dIn-Roll-Bar-1974-to-'89-.html They seem to be well regarded in the US. Good luck with the sale.
  13. Which Michelins did you order?
  14. Shame that the USB project has been canned. These two options via Pelican looked pretty smart : One in the console :
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