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  1. Thanks for that. Looks like I'm missing the "upper" set of bushes and washers ("8" & "6") on mine...
  2. I'm in the process of re-installing the front wiper mechanism, but wanted to confirm the order in which the washers and bushes are installed onto the wiper spindles. From the PET diagram below, does the cup washer "6" and rubber bush "7" get fitted onto the wiper spindles before sliding them through the holes in the front cowl, followed up by bush "8", washer "6" and the lock nut "10" fitted from above? ...Or have I got that completely wrong?
  3. With the dashboard top currently removed, I've been thinking of having it (and the door tops) re-trimmed either in an OEM black vinyl or genuine Alcantara. Has anyone got any real world experiences of Alcantara i.e. is it a suitable option for a dash top or is it a complete pain to keep clean and looking good?
  4. Anil

    Meet Rolf

    Looks good, but what type of flexi hose are you using between the filler pipe and fuel tank? It almost looks like heater hose. My 3.2 seems to have a thick walled fuel hose fitted as per your earlier pics.
  5. Yep, that's why I don't have an angle grinder ! But thanks for the heads up on the mini grinder. Looks like a great little tool that even I could handle. Cheers !
  6. Thanks again for all the suggestions. Popped into Screwfix this afternoon and bought all three of the wheels/brushes I listed above. The Surface Prep Wheel (which looks like the clean and strip disc recommended above), used with my drill, worked perfectly to clean off the remaining paint/surface rust very quickly, and I used the 25mm wire brush attachment for the bits around the tank brackets. Not quite to Jevvy's level, but the tank is now paint free and ready to prep for the primer/mastic. I will be buying a few more of the Prep/Clean & Strip discs in various sizes for other projects as they worked so well.
  7. Thanks for the feedback chaps. I wanted to avoid blasting hence the DIY route. I was also keen to remove all the old paint just in case there was any hidden corrosion, and I don't want to be doing this again. I don't have an angle grinder so a drill (or dremel) attachment will have to do. Impressive work Jevvy ! That's the finish I was aiming for. You don't offer a refurb service do you ? So, checking on Screwfix, I see the following drill attachments which may help: https://www.screwfix.com/p/titan-abrasive-flap-wheel-80g-60-x-30mm/78877 https://www.screwfix.com/p/surface-preparation-wheel-with-arbor-100mm/31074 https://www.screwfix.com/p/norton-expert-wire-brushes-3-piece-set/7944h (the 25mm brush looks useful...) Anything else I may need?
  8. I've finally removed the oil tank in order to attempt a refurb i.e. clean back to bare metal and repaint. Most of the paint flaked off easily with some gentle scraping, but there are some areas of thicker paint that seem really stubborn where the scraper and the wire brush attachment on my drill don't really do much. Pics below show what I'm currently left with. Just wondering what others have used to safely remove the paint prior to refinishing the tank? ...Or is there someone out there that offers an oil tank refurb service that would undoubtably do a better/quicker job of it than me !
  9. Looks like the OSF wing bracket on which the horn bracket bolts onto.
  10. Complete sunroof assembly from a 1988 3.2 Carrera: Sunroof panel, lining, air deflector, slider rails, cables, motor, gearbox, cable guide and all fixings, brackets, bolts, etc. All in good working condition prior to removal. See pictures for details. I would like to sell as a complete package and, as it's quite a heavy package, would prefer collection from the SN26 area. 15mins from M4 Jct 15, 25 mins from M5 Jct 11A. £395
  11. Sorry, but I had not heard of them until I clicked the Ebay link. They actually look nicely made, and could be a more modern replacement for the originals. But who is going to be the guinea pig to test them out?
  12. Appear to be Chinese replicas of the original Bosch injectors made by DF (Defus Injector). These are also 4 hole injectors, compared to the originals, so better atomisation?
  13. I have a genuine Leistritz 2in/1out spare in the garage that I don't think I'll be using. I'm unsure, but *think* it may be stainless. Anyway, it's solid and in very good condition. PM me if you want any further details/pics. Cheers Anil
  14. Genuine Porsche 6x15 Fuchs Space Saver Part number : 911 361 020 00 / 91136102000 Date stamped : 10/72 (Oct 1972) Fitted with BF Goodrich 165/15/4.75 tyre - Made in Germany. Original anodising around the rim with polished petals. Please note that I would prefer collection from SN26 area : 10 mins from M4 Jct15 or 25 mins from M5 Jct11A. However, if in no rush, I could drop off en route to either Wolverhampton or North West London. £650
  15. Genuine Porsche 3.2 Carrera Rear Exhaust Box Part Number 930 111 043 00 / 93011104300 Manufactured by Bischoff and date stamped 08/89. *Very* lightly used and still in excellent condition. Factory protective coating still present (the brown staining in the photos...). Either replace your existing rusty rear box, or keep as a spare for those track days with strict noise limits. Far better built/quality than anything currently offered by Dansk. I’m hoping someone on IB can confirm if also fits the SC models, but please double check. Please note that I would prefer collection from SN26 area : 10 mins from M4 Jct15 or 25 mins from M5 Jct11A. However, if in no rush, I could drop off en route to either Wolverhampton or North West London. £250
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