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  1. aerial lead is trashed as it goes into the back of stereo. anyone know if its an easy replacement and goes to the amplifier or to a plug from the windsreen or booster box. couldnt see where it went and befor i start removing stereos, speedos etc it would be nice to know where it goes roughly, and can any decent one do or got to be oem, cheers Ross
  2. cheers for that, happier now know its std, was worried in case someone had put them on with std length bolts.
  3. hi, changed rear pads and found 28mm spacers on the rear. cant see them being std ? does fill the arches out nicely. is it normal or is it for filling the arches out and been put on. sorry about all the questions but the cars new to me and need quite a bit of info, cheers ross
  4. tried again, and cant see where the spare tyre compressor goes, big box and little room. did they come with a smaller type when they had aircon fitted, cheers Ross
  5. sorry about that, tried to write it whilst getting ready to go to work... trying to ask about what type of spare tyre inflator, air compressor my 89 930 should have, as cant seem to fit the large hairdryer type that comes in the black box. as i seem to have an aircon blower where i think it should fit. did cars with aircon have a smaller type of spare tyre air compressor. that fitted / tucked up near the spare tyre, cheers
  6. hi, got the hairdryer type but cant fit it where i think it should go as there is an aircon blower there, should it have a smaller type that tucks next to the wheel. dont fancy using a20 year old spare but for originality. cheers
  7. thanks for the lead, downloaded manuals and roadtests, can always print off at work.... a great site. cheers
  8. no, its seriously tight. had a 3.2 and know whats normal, parking tight but get a couple of miles an hour on them and ok.but the stg wheel is really really stiff. had a job to change lanes coming down m40 when picked up. can barely turn the wheel.
  9. found out its at the stg column / stg wheel .posted some pics in the steering and suspension section.taken all day to trace it.and when i loosen off my stg wheeel nut offf 1 turn all is ok. well for a non pas car, think someones added a homemade spacer / bush.
  10. got my car yesterday and it has really stiff steering, barely able to move it even at motorway speeds. decided to take a look. jacked up knocked with both wheels off the ground still barely able to turn wheel,track rods off still same, remove stg uj,s still same.only left wheel. slackened stg wheel nut off 1 turn and alls fine. removed wheel and looks like a large plastic bush, followed by another plastic bush and a c clip. back of wheel looks ok.exceedingly tight getting c clip on and off. would have thought there would have been a bearing at the top. second spacer looks homemade.....and s
  11. yes, new shocks. riding a little high. lowered my 3.2 i had, maybe a tad too much. didnt rub though even with my little uns in the back.
  12. a few things that need doing,but whilst weather is nice i want to put some miles on it. i am well chuffed.
  13. :rolleyes:Attachments hi,a new member,i did ask a couple of questions regarding 4 and 5 speed boxes the other day on 930 and then went looking for a suitable car.i did find a nice one and just been waitting for my old car to be picked up. so today i picked up the new car.. a 1989 930 with a 5 speed box, up in stratford. bit sketchy servicing and a few faults but i wanted really good bodywork. figured i can replace mechanical bits but didnt really want to be chasing rust every year.well pleased apart from really bad brakes, pedal stiff but no bite and steering really heavy, a lot worse than my
  14. hi, just wondering, does a 89 930 speedo marked up to 160 and then a line for 170, i have seen a kit for 180, just want to know what was standard. Cheers
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