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  1. another option was the red car from Bure Valley, does anyone with photoshop skills know how to put a gold set of group 4 16" campag wheels and a gold side scripe on it for me please , much appreciate if you could. thanks
  2. Hi, i'm looking for a 911 again and would like an SC but this caught my eye https://www.dreikommazwei.de/fahrzeuge/porsche-911-27s-coupe-signature-edition-makellos/, its been restored by these http://www.auto-reiter.at/index.php?option=com_sppagebuilder&view=page&id=53&Itemid=182 looks to be top condition but missing the Signature Steering wheel, he does have the original cookie cutter wheels but the ones on it look better, thaughts on condition, price etc.. any incorrect parts that can be seen. thanks
  3. detailed center caps are perfect for your colour car
  4. lovely, where did you get it, a dealer ?
  5. Hi, i'm back in the market for a 911, i had a great white carrera3 targa which i sold a couple of years ago and getting the urge for another. Looking for one completely done needing no work, i would like to fit a set of the fifteen52 outlaw wheel but prices are way above what i am prepared to pay, are there any similar copies on the market yet or do they do the campagnola's in a 16", surely 15" would fit well when originals are 16". So anyone out there know of a nice SC or SC Targa for sale. Another question, if the car comes with a whale tail i would like to delete this for a smooth lid, where could i get one from, anyone out there manufacture these or is it a case of second hand and if so what is the likely hood of it fitting. Thanks
  6. Has anyone been to see this car http://www.fast-classics.com/cars/porsche-911-supersport-for-sale/ seems to have been around a while but looks good for the miles its done, any input welcome thanks
  7. wow!! thats my car that i sold for 54k three weeks ago some flip!!
  8. this one is the same price,http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/porsche/911-pre-89/porsche-911-sc-coupe--63000-miles--3-owners--remarkable-condition/3110970 are they worth that money for a good one. which are the more desirable ones, is it the 3ltr or 3.2, which is the best one to go for!
  9. Time to pay some off the mortgage so accepted offer of 54k but begining to think it was to cheap. Its absolutely rust free and i think i would struggle to get another as good. May look to put some of the money back into an SC if anyone knows of a good original one or would i be looking to pay about the same money!
  10. Does anyone know what the best price paid is for a RHD carrera3 targa or what the current rate should be. Mine is Carlo's old white one, rust free car.
  11. With the release of the new targa they are now in fashion
  12. blimey, the car in the ad above seems a bargain then, can i ask who the trader is who is restoring the car !! your welcome to tell me where to go if you want
  13. Does anyone know what C3 selling prices are at the minute, with the recent increase in the later 3.2 and the obvious pre 73's it seems the C3's have been left behind, is there a reason for this or are they largely unknown. thanks
  14. looks to be a nice supersport, does anybody know the car or even own the car on here, price wise how does it look for one of these models http://www.fast-classics.com/cars/porsche-911-supersport-for-sale/ thanks
  15. my 1977 carrera3, sadly does'nt get used so may sell it.
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