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  1. Just refurbed by Dave at Carburetor Exchange (Carbex). In mint condition - sold the car they were going on and the engine ! These have 38mm venturis so will provide for bigger engines All peripherals are included, including 5 of the 6 velocity stacks (one is lurking somewhere in my shed, sigh) and the air filter covers. They have been balanced by Carbex, ready to go on. https://photos.app.goo.gl/o9Dpa6nAJKG5kaRL6 £3000
  2. Literally never read, arrived just after my SC left the building, absolutely mint. £65 posted.
  3. Hi all, I'm selling my black pinstripe seats that were in my '79 SC, the vinyl is in great shape and the condition of the seats padding etc is really good, but the pinstripe velour is, quite frankly knackered. I have loads of photos but they have both the tilt mechanisms in place and the fore/aft levers have the plastic ends on them. They need reupholstering in the middle, but the rest of the seats are good. Say £100 for the pair ?
  4. US Standard Strat here bought direct from Ivor Arbiter (used to do a lot of work for him) Also Washburn acoustic, used to be green, now very faded turquoise Epiphone SG that used to be my sons, but now he's in Australia its mine ! Have had loads of others but the Strat and the Washburn are very long term ownership and the Washburn was my first guitar.
  5. Over the past year that my car has been worked on I've misplaced a couple of screws that hold the flappy box lid onto the door card on my '79 SC. You know the bit I mean it covers over the door box, one end is a spigot that goes in the back of the door handle and there's two screws that go into the hinge, through the door card and into the door steel itself. If anyone can send me a photo of what the screws look like or even better if anyone has 4 of the appropriate screws spare I would be massively grateful. If you can email photos drop me a pm for my email address. Thanks all.
  6. So the good news is I've managed to get the bonnet open and fixed. Here's what was wrong. When they resprayed the car they refitted the lock too low and as a result it wasn't actually locking at all. I managed to get my fingers under the bonnet and prise it open (not as bad as it sounds !!) and then cleaned and refitted the lock pulling the Bowden cable nice and tight and the job is a good'un !! Whoop !!!
  7. Yep Dr Rock, right first time. Bad juju !! ;-))
  8. No, its not a locking one, I'll have a punt ! God I hate this car.
  9. Nope not that I don't think, I'll take a picture and show you, it looks like (I think the things you build kitchen cabinets out of two holes in one side, one in the other, but maybe I'm dreaming !!!
  10. Not sure what a non-locking handle is I'm afraid Ivan. Haven't tried the someone pushing, will try that tomorrow !
  11. So, somehow I have managed to lose the part that the door pocket screws into on the trailing edge of the door, it has two bolts that go through into the door and a screw then goes into the door pocket. Has anyone got a couple that they don't need anymore or would be prepared to sell me ? Thanks
  12. So, long story, but after ALL the work, the bonnet now refuses to open using the bonnet release. Has anyone got ANY idea a how to get the bloody thing open ?? Thanks Sigh.
  13. What are they made out of ?? Vinyl ? Could be interested, are they anything like the original sort of vinyl ??
  14. You're right Fat Fuchs, what I am really after is SC seats in black pinstripe. If anyone can help me out that would be grand. These wretched seats are driving me nuts ! I now have two pairs at home and one set in the car !!!! Anyone want to buy a very nice set of 964 black leather electric seats ? Or a slightly ratty set of black leather SC seats ?? Or sell me a set of nice pinstripes ?? Sigh.....
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