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  1. Not that great Nick, but hopefully give you some idea
  2. Nick, I don't know if the old set I purchased of Fleabay are still sitting at Fearnsport, I could not use them, what happened was I purchased a set a Month or so ago but the Tabs that are attached, to either 2 or 3 on your diagram were shearing away from the plate (corroded) I am heading down next week so will have a look for you... I like the way you word it carefully Hats/Bells Tabs are definitely on Item 2 Nick, will do a rough diagram for you
  3. :lol: Windshield, Hood, Trunk, Axles are some that pop to mind What about some Aussie Budgie Smugglers
  4. I think you will find yourself very WRONG... I have heard both commonly used in UK (United Kingdom)... now if you were to say Rotors (Discs) then I would agree
  5. Andy, Floating Discs are great for track use, multiple reasons, Lighter due to Alloy Hat (most cases), will centralise when applied, can also maintain a higher brake pedal, I have heard of Solid Discs getting warped mostly due to cooling, but there is less chance with a Floating Disc.
  6. Thanks all for replies... I can order from VCI or Steve at Rennsport, although I think Steve is doing skimmed 993 Turbo Discs with his 930 Kit... VCI want $400 and TBH all it is, is 6mm Alloy Disc, by the time I add on shipping/duty etc, etc. Someone has arranged to have them made for me, so fingers crossed these will do the job. Nick, interesting, what are these?... looks like a 6mm/7mm Hat width... I have Original Floating Turbo Discs so just need the Hats/Fixings.
  7. Just wondered if anyone (or know of anyone else) that has a set Floating Front Brake Hats kicking around for early Turbo... looking for a set for my SC Race Car
  8. No idea Raymond, but at least you got a car
  9. is it 1120kg or 1160kg? Anyone have anything official in writing?
  10. Jeez, he wasn't very helpful or nice! Off to the States it is
  11. As my car will be running MSD and revving 7600/7700 I wondered if there was a an alternative out there... like the Stack Dial Range
  12. 996ttStevo

    SC Race Car

    Pleasure doing business with Jeremy (Tripe)
  13. 996ttStevo

    SC Race Car

    Excellent Andy... is it the pressure plate that's upgraded?
  14. 996ttStevo

    SC Race Car

    Anyone recommend a Clutch that can take the strain for my SC Race Car Thanks
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