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  1. If you talk to the manufacturer they should be able to make a front bumper without trimming the cooler hole. This could then be cut out at a later date if required. The factory fit coolers are very heavy and not the most efficient option. A good front mounted cooler will offer substantial cooling benefits with a weight saving.
  2. Ian, don’t panic it’s part no. 915 116 613 01. Last time I purchased one it was around £50 from OPC. Don't know the current availability in the UK but try Pelican or other US specialists.
  3. Have you challenged the supplier? It’s not good. It would be very easy to take the part to pertek and get a longer length of hose fitted. It may also be possible to heat the bend cherry red and tease it over 2 or 3 degrees but as soon as you modify it the supplier will be relieved of any responsibility. The other way to look at this is that the pipe is under +ive pressure and hot oil under pressure will probably form the bend in the hose - fine for 10 year old JCB but a classic Porsche?? If this was mine I would probably just take it to pertek and get a longer hose fitted. They would also fit better quality ferrules and hose.
  4. -1 on the above answer! The sender is exposed to all the elements, the wiring is not the best and the base gasket frequently shorts back to earth. This usually results in wonky results on the dashboard gauge or at best a ‘jumping needle’. The oil pumps have 2 parts high pressure for circulating oil around the engine and scavenge for returning the oil back to the tank. Even at idle speed the oil is returned back to the tank and prevents the crankcase from flooding. Oil has a high thermal expansion rate and these engines hold around 12 litres of oil. With a correctly filled oil tank the difference between ‘cold’ and 90 deg C will show around 3/4 litre on the dipstick. Just to put your mind at rest, next time you are out on a decent run with the oil temp up at 90 deg C. Park on a level surface and with the engine at idle check the oil level.
  5. Can you move the ECU? Then go through the floor using these on the underside.
  6. Blame Porsche UK. The sachs telescopic shock absorbing bumper mounts were a standard default for most UK cars. A box could be ticked to remove these and get the basic crush tube bumper mounts but you had to ask and know what you were asking for - same applies Fuchs wheels and sunroofs - default for the rest of europe was 15 inch an no sunroof. From '74 onwards Porsche had the idea of making 'world cars' - one car to fit all markets. The impact bumper design was a result of the US 5 mph impact test. Other european manufacturers choose to offer different spec cars to suit the designated market. A good example of this would be late 70's BMW's. US cars had awful front and rear ends. UK / euro cars were fitted with slim bumpers.
  7. Ok, clear picture now. I would still start this project with a clear definition of what is required and sit down with knowledgeable engine builders to discuss targets and the various options. Without following a logical sequence it becomes easy to throw pistons, rods, valves and whole heap of cash at engine only to find it doesn’t deliver what you hoped for. A very interesting project for a great looking car.
  8. How much power / torque are you looking for?
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/porsche-911-sc-3-2-project/283419310843?hash=item41fd1b7afb:g:1CIAAOSwtjlcjQvY eBay is a good starting point. Other Porsche models like 944's offer more for the £. Later water cooled 911's are also worth a look.
  10. Chuck another £15k in the pot and you can have my hot rod SC. What are your expectations for £30k?
  11. My understanding is that the rods are the weak link on a 3.2, however I would be confident that occasional 7500 rpm engine speeds would be OK. But.... This is a competition car and any weakness will be pushed beyond the safe limit resulting in failure. For competition use in a light car you could go up a number of levels on the cams. GE 60's could be a good starting point but talking to an engine builder, discussing your requirements and getting some idea of numbers and budgets would be my recommendation. Standard valve springs will go much further than web based twoddle lets you believe.
  12. White plastic gear about 14mm diameter. VDO put a dab of grease on the gear during assembly. Over the 30+ years the grease turned the plastic to jelly. New gears are around £20 from eBay and a couple of specialists. Make sure you get the correct mph or kmh part to suit your car. Speedo needs to be disassembled by removing the front bezel. Takes around 90 minutes but needs patience and care.
  13. Looking for a set of 15 inch Fuchs replicas for a project. They don’t need to be perfect just straight and a matching set - ideally 7’s & 8’s. Please let me know if you have anything you want to part with.
  14. So what would be a more sensible price?
  15. Search as many forums, eBay etc before listing this. Several N/A engines with patchy history are offered at prices well above your estimate. As a guide I would offer this at around £27.5k leaving you some room to haggle.
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