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  1. The oil cooler on my Griso motorcycle is side mounted. The design of the cover and the shape of the fins make it very efficient at cooling the oil (air / oil cooled engine).
  2. These are not easy body tubs to straighten. The position of shock towers needs to be measured back from the other reference points - front suspension pickup points, torsion tubes etc. It’s impossible to decide what needs moving without establishing accurate datums. You may find that some of the box sections need a strategic cut to allow things to start moving. Localised heat and a very heavy duty key puller will also assist with the positioning and prevent the steel from folding in the wrong direction.
  3. Passivated finish will last for years if you avoid salt, caustic and acid based cleaners.
  4. I recall this being top of the checklist when buying a used air-cooled 911...... Also have a look at the oil tank recirculation system that feeds into the air box. These get saturated with mayonnaise over time.
  5. 3M, Mintex etc make a self adhesive dense rubber backing pad. They work well on basic single piston systems but never found the need for these on 911's. The piston fully compresses the material so there in no noticeable change in modulation or feel.
  6. Production version of the 'D' type. Originally only 25 scheduled to be built but a fire at the factory destroyed 9 of the cars. Original ones are £10M+. 1965 Lynx started to make the cars based on Jag parts. Lots of GRP kit type replica versions available. Jag made an official re-run of the car a few years ago.
  7. This is not what you want to read. Take your car to a Porsche specialist with the the correct jig, mounts and reference points. As always this is just my opinion but I don’t see any merit in attempting to straighten a bent chassis with anything but the correct tools and more importantly specific model knowledge.
  8. Cracked air box? Sounds more like pressurised air escaping.
  9. I run these on the rear of my SC - standard front TB's with Sport green shocks & 26mm rear TB's. Always found them to be very good. The basic compression adjustment is fine for track days and allows you to make changes to suit temperature and track conditions. Mine have spherical bearings in the lower links. If you are contemplating any historic motorsport events then you would need to request standard metalastic bushes. The gold zinc finish is not particularly durable and would certainly not survive many UK winters but Gaz offer a full rebuild and service facility so refinishing shouldn't be a problem.
  10. This combo works well for me: CAT dual sim. One sim for work and the other for personal use. In the UK we have 2 systems with the the various providers piggybacking onto one of the 2. If one sim was on 3 and the other on O2 you would have full UK coverage - or as good as it gets. CAT phones are unbelievably robust, tend to last around 4 - 5 years before the software upgrades and technology demands make the handset obsolete. If you want your phone to be a fashion accessory or play games look for something else but as a beater that is waterproof, drop proof and gives over 2 days of heavy use per charge I have not found anything that gets close.
  11. Have you tried Langcourt? They may be able to repair your damaged cylinder.
  12. Have you tried a traditional safety razor? Merkur 34C. They have been making these for around 80 years. Work well with feather blades, Cella soap and Omega boar hair brush...... ......when will lockdown end? we need to get back on track with oil threads
  13. Avon CR6ZZ. Around £200 / corner and they last around 2/3 of the mileage of a regular tyre. They as happy on a circuit as they are on a wet road.
  14. ATE super is very good, Castrol SRF (possible name change now) is better but has poor lubrication qualities. Gulf racing strikes a good balance between boil point / performance & price. If you are doing a lot of track day driving bleed 100 ml from each corner after every outing. Looking at your HE gasket, ensure that all the flanges are parallel. the gaskets in this area are doing very little work but if the flanges are not parallel or not pulled down onto the gasket they will fail regardless of brand etc.
  15. If it’s your first time buy 1 litre.

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