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  1. Check the information you get back from Bosch. Stock efi fuel pumps are rated at 5 or 9 bar but this is a pressure value at a given flow. Ask for the limiting valve pressure for the 044 pump.
  2. https://www.adverts.ie/accessories/battery-charger-maintenance-charger/15027126 Purchased one of these around 15 years ago. It’s nothing clever just a big phone charger. Red light = charging, green light = charged. IB battery stays plugged into this - frequently for over 12 months without issues, battery now over 7 years old but always starts the car and retains charge. I also have a optimate hi-tech smart charger and a huge absaar charge/start box - both of these don’t want to know if the battery is showing low voltage but the budget Halfords unit seems to charge anything, happily working on batteries showing close to zero voltage.
  3. Don’t confuse flow and pressure. 11 bar is the pressure, 300 litres per hour is the peek flow. At 11 bar the volume delivered drops off but back to my original post the whole system need designed correctly. The pressure regulator is a component that is matched to a specific output - flow & pressure (most are getting on for 40 years old as they don’t get checked or changed unless a fault appears). The bore, number of bends and length of the delivery pipe needs to be matched to the pump to ensure adequate flow without fighting against the pump. Fuel accumulator etc. Start with a fuel delivery requirement and work backwards. Never a gambler but would wager that the spec for the standard fuel pump is adequate for 99.9% of cars with license plates.
  4. Out of the box, the 044 is rated at 11 bar (almost 160 psi).
  5. Please take into account the current trend of fitting uprated fuel pumps. Pushing 33% more pressure and volume through a system needs a bit of thought and planning: Component compatibility Pipe diameter / length Material rating Fitting rating
  6. It just a standard thread but it’s upside down!
  7. Never seen this before. Possible to repair but the tank needs to come off. The tank is on clean side of the filter so you need to make sure that the inside is free from contaminants after the repair. Were you turning this the right direction with a hand tool?
  8. When new the seal is quite flexible and feels like some type of rubber but after time the material degrades and feels like a hard plastic.
  9. If you go down the glass road, just pull out the rear quarter. Can of silicone spray and a couple of glass suckers and they pop out without the need to break anything.
  10. The sender near the fan controls the gauge. The sender at the flywheel end controls the bulb. The modification you have made is often used on classic competition cars. For it to be of any use you end up with the buzzer sounding when the oil / engine are at operating temperature and the engine is at idle. This is not an issue on a competition car but would get a bit tedious on a road car.
  11. Great idea but also worthwhile changing the pressure switch to a higher pressure or adjustable pressure type. The standard Porsche item closes when the starter motor turns the engine over. If the warning bulb illuminated at high engine speed the damage has been done.
  12. Do you have the narrow pipe running down the back of the chain covers?
  13. Much the same with mine. Easter 2018 my car went across the road for its MOT. Then straight back into storage. It went back for an MOT last weekend via the long way round on twisty country lanes. The MOT history now shows the grand total of 11 miles between 2018 & 19.
  14. Remove the gear tower - its just 4 x head head bolts. Wrap insulation tape around the shaft to protect the paint. Pour a kettle of boiling water over the plastic knob - this expands the plastic. Use a big adjustable spanner opened up to the size of the shaft + 2mm and slid it down against the underside of the knob. Way too much shaft, knob and stickiness going on here for a Friday afternoon but hopefully you get the idea.
  15. Once corrosion starts it’s difficult to slow down without getting it fixed. Once repaired you can enjoy your car without the worry of further deterioration. If you have visible rust and rot that there is also good chance that further investigation will find more tinworm hiding on hidden and internal sections.
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