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  1. It’s very difficult to replicate the original type of bushes without buying new front arms and spring plates. The bushes that slide on with soap and / or held in place with superglue are not the same.
  2. What about a mattress that provides the perfect sleep experience and has a 100 night guarantee.
  3. Electrode looks close to perfect. The base looks rich / cold, did you clean or the replace the plugs after making the adjustments? 3.2?? What grade of plug are you running?
  4. https://k-jet.biz/product/0-438-140-033-warm-up-regulator-single-vacuum-diaphragm-repair-kit/ Bosch auto UK should be able to supply the parts but you will need to buy through an approved retailer. Classic specialists/ eBay would be a easier option. If you can confirm that it is the WUR by borrowing a known good unit then several companies offer an exchange service for £300 - £400. Google search WUR rebuild - it’s not a difficult rebuild job.
  5. There is not a lot of magic happening inside a WUR. Very easy to check and clean. Bosch can supply a rebuild kit. Would be surprised if it fails a resistance check but the seals and 'O' rings are probably a bit crispy.
  6. A few observations: What are all your other brakes like? - If you have been pushing hard to test the brakes has it caused another corner to start binding? Personally always change calipers in sets of 4. Pads take a bit of time to bed in much longer on S/H discs. - were the discs and pads fully degreased, did you follow a bedding in procedure to condition the surface of the pad? If the brake shoes / cables are assembled correctly, wind the adjuster in 2 turns. Use the cable adjusters to balance the pivot bar and set the handbrake so that everything is even and shoes are touching the drum. Now wind the adjusters in the 2 turns. Fine tune to give a minimum of 4 clicks before the handbrake works - this minimum number of clicks is important to allow for expansion and provide a strong parking brake.
  7. I have seen this before when the needle bearings collapse on the fork. Porsche updated the part to replace the bearings with a plain bush. Either way it does require the motor & gearbox to be removed and split.
  8. What a great car. Drive through the small villages near the Nurburgring and you see things like this popping out from garages and carports. My wife wanted an E30 325 or 320 Sport back in the late 90’s - after her destroy every car she owned phase. Back then it was very difficult to find a good example as most had some corrosion that was starting to get hold on the seams and edges. Hopefully all the remaining cars will be the good ones!
  9. The car in the photo is a '67 2.2 S. These filters were fitted to a number of pre IB cars. The very earl cars had Solex carbs - don't know if these have the same base plates / buckets. Later cars 66/67 onwards?? with Weber & Zenith carbs had the buckets like the one in your photo. E, S & RS cars used MFI with a slightly different filter assembly. Possible variations between Euro & US cars. What is your end goal? Reliable daily driver or increased performance?
  10. Original base plates, foam filters and GRP rain hats.
  11. You also need to measure toe, camber and caster. Its very unlikely that the ride height is causing the tyres to rub.
  12. If you have the correct base plates then rain hats are an option. ITG have a complete kit with plate and filter. My old engine had rain hats but going to give the ITG filters a go on the new build. It’s not going to be a problem for me as I don’t use the car but cylinder 4 sits right under the rear grille. Rain hats offer protection from from rain entering the cylinder. Time will tell how the ITG perform.
  13. Pull the boot off the handbrake lever. When you fit the disc wind the shoes in until both sides touch the inner drum. Check the balance bar through the 2 holes in the handbrake mount - this needs to be level. Back the shoes off evenly until you get 4 clicks at the lever. If adjusted correctly the lever is solid at 4 - 5 clicks with no spring in the lever and both wheels fully locked. These cars have fantastic parking brakes if set to the correct spec. The temptation is to set the parking brake at fewer clicks but this doesn't give provide a strong parking brake. The initial lever travel (1 - 3 clicks) moves the shoes in. As the fulcrum changes it provides the 'power'.
  14. Yes, the rigid 'J' pipe and 2 x 19mm bolts. It has very limited clearance. Leave the other bolt tight to help remove pressure. I use a modified ring spanner ground to fit, get the bolt started by moving 1/6 turn at a time then move to an open ended spanner.. If it has the original bolts it will have 'blue' threadlock.

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