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  1. It is what it is. 2 hp is around 1.4 kw. Don’t want to be negative but worthwhile compressors start at around 5 kw, then you really need a dryer, filters, separator etc. It will make a lot if water and not a great volume of air. What do you want to use it for?
  2. 900 rpm is around the desired speed for a warm engine. It sounds more like a problem when the engine is cold. As a staring point, check the auxiliary air valve and cold start valve.
  3. With code MID20 It’s £155. Hang on for a better discount code or send an email to sales asking for best price.
  4. Don’t agree with this. Get the right shape, size and fit then they are very comfortable. Travelled across Europe, 2 track days and back with no issues in well fitted FIA certified seats.
  5. Purchased from Carparts4Less (same company as ECP) 18th May this year. Part# 461330020 Price before discount £120.18 I bought switch, Mahle oil filter and got £18.92 discount. Total £107.21 including delivery. The switch they supplied was genuine SWF and was identical to original item removed from the car. It has the same appearance and feel as the original part.
  6. Don’t panic! Modern tyres are much better at resisting punctures. The vast majority of new cars are supplied without spare tyres - ok so most modern cars have tyre pressure monitoring and some have run flats. Get a good breakdown/ recovery card in your wallet. Buy an electric pump and bottle of gloop. I have a Citroen pump and bottle in mine, they are readily available on eBay for not a lot of £. Its worthwhile giving your spare a test. Not suggesting you throw it out if it looks unusable but not much point dragging it around taking storage space on a road trip if it’s not going to be used. Final option, the red alloy space savers fitted to 964 and other Porsche cars are frequently advertised as being suitable for SC’s & 3.2. These are obviously a few years newer and could be worth further investigation.
  7. Thanks. I will pass on these.
  8. Will check but it was around half of this.
  9. Sometimes you have to do your research, check standards etc and put a bit of trust in the supplier. Do you have aftermarket brake hoses, brake pads etc? On a well made pipe the crimped end never fails. In my world we only use socketless hoses and fittings on air systems (12 bar). The big hydraulic stuff is working fine around 400 bar with ‘crimped ends’.
  10. If you are ok to split the set, please can I buy the 2 Mahle oil filters, the K&n oil filter and the Mahle fuel filter. Understand if you only want to sell as a complete set.
  11. The one I purchased was a genuine SWF / Porsche part. Will have a look at the paperwork when I get home. Had 2 other SH switches purchased from eBay / forums etc but with the discount code it just didn’t make any sense to take a gamble so purchased new.
  12. I got one from ECP a few months back. With the discount code it was very reasonable.
  13. Does that make it £25 + P&P for the 2 OC54 oil filters, HP-4004 oil filter and a KL22 fuel filter?
  14. Usually work fine. Don't know how safe they are for prolonged use but most are generally in good external appearance. Its UV that kills tyres. Keep them covered up in dry stable storage and they seem to last.
  15. You can also try gently rocking the car forwards / backwards (engine off) and trying to move the gear lever into neutral at the same time. If you manage to get it back into neutral you need to establish what caused the issue, fix and prevent reoccurrence. If it has selected two gears consider yourself lucky that it was happened at low speed. A high speed occurrence transforms 3 litres of GL5 into mercury.
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