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  1. Thanks. The photo is from 2017 before the bike was imported. Since arriving in the UK it has sat in a private collection and is currently a non-runner. It’s only covered 8000 miles in 41 years. Hopefully it just needs the carbs cleaning and priming. I see the long BH weekend as a challenge full of late nights and plenty of cursing.
  2. With other commitments and new projects, I need to start thinking about parting company with my SC. Current spec: 1981 MY SC 1st Registered Dec 1980. Current mileage 99.7K 1981 MY Grand Prix White – Sport Specification – Registered Dec 1980 - should be TAX exempt after April 2021. I started this project with the best SC I could find. The previous keeper owned the car for 17 years – entered for concourse shows etc. Rust free shell, GRP front wings, steel frame ducktail, original style front and rear GRP bumpers on steel (front) / aluminium (rear) bumper mounts. Sunroof delete using welded in ‘wheeled’ steel panel. Also available 3.2 rear spoiler & lid finished in matching white. Bodywork repainted December 2011 with Deltron base and lacquer in the correct Grand Prix White (908). Underside of the car has been refinished Alloy under tray. Engine The engine development has been continual project over the last 10+ years. The first rebuild was to replace the head studs and investigate the condition of the internal components. Upon initial inspection the engine was found to be still within manufacturing tolerance – hone marks on bores, cams & rockers as new etc. Current specification: 10.5:1 forged Wossner pistons Modified ‘S’ camshafts – GE40 profile Hydraulic chain tensioners RSR flywheel, Helix cerametallic paddle clutch (sprung centre) with lightweight alloy competition cover Heads – large port / valve Euro spec 3.0 heads (39mm ports) Designed to rev to 7500 rpm current build 244 bhp 1.5 inch stainless RSR headers ‘Crab’ Magnaflow 2 in 2 out silencer or a ‘quiet’ Dansk 2 in 2 out silencer. 40mm carburettors on magnesium manifolds matched to port sizes. Rain hats and ITG filters sit on top of the carbs. Standard Bosch distributor modified with custom advance curve and springs to match cams 964 Turbo rear engine mount & polyurethane bushes fitted in all engine / transmission mounts The engine tin has been replaced with GRP parts Current output is 244 BHP Other engine options available – 3.0: 200 – 270 bhp or 3.6 / 3.8 350+ bhp Gearbox The transmission is a 915 type fitted with a Gripper LSD – plate type Wheels – 1 set 7 & 8 x 15 pressure cast hi-magnesium alloy 5 spoke – finished in satin gunmetal. 1 set 7 x 15 ATS cookie cutters finished in gloss silver Brakes Boxster (986) front calipers with DS2500 pads 3.2 rear calipers with DS2500 pads 930 master cylinder 3.2 discs front & rear Goodrich steel braided flexible lines Rebuilt pedal box Oil / Cooling System Mostly new oil lines with the exception of original front to back hard lines Front mounted Setrab oil cooler Suspension All re-bushed using poly or neatrix bushes - except the front ‘A’ arm bush - this is a solid delrin type bush. New rear ARB drop links, Turbo front steering arms and steering rack spacing/bump steer kit. Standard ARB’s and front torsion bars 26mm (Turbo) Elephant rear torsion bars Standard front ‘green’ Bilstein sport legs Rear - adjustable Gaz shock absorbers Interior Lightweight RS carpet set fitted RSR ribbed rubber front mats Momo Prototipo with a 20mm spacer Porsche crest Motordrive composite seats – black Motordrive seat mounts RS door cards (old type with leather strap & fiat 500 door handles) with net pockets. TRS 6 point harnesses Safety Devices rear cage with diagonal and harness bar. Heated front screen – green tint to match factory glass Basic Nakamichi RDS radio with CD, door mounted JVC speakers and aerial hidden in luggage compartment Sucro headlight relay Original jack, spare wheel and tool roll Cat II immobiliser & alarm system 2 sets of keys & immobiliser fobs (1 key for doors and ignition) Viewing welcome once COVID restrictions allow. This vehicle is offered for sale at £52,000.
  3. 3.0 & 3.2 both use a 95mm piston. Any idea on the rods used to make the 3.2 pistons work?
  4. Later 9.8:1 pistons and 964 cams work well with CIS but if ITB's are definitely on the horizon I would be tempted to hold back and go for something like a 10.5:1 piston with 'S' profile cams. You would retain all the driveability of a stock SC but gain an extra 60 bhp for very little extra effort. It would also allow you to match port to manifold sizes during any machining ops with the heads off. Also consider your CIS, these are are all getting on for 40+ years old and can work fine if undisturbed. Removal and refitting is not always guaranteed to go to plan.
  5. Wossner pistons in my 3.0. Very nice piston but don’t know how well it would work with stock cams and CIS.
  6. Have a quick look on a SMART Car forum. They don’t have drain plugs and experience reliability problems resulting from poor oil changes.
  7. 20 mph is a big shunt. There will be some damage somewhere. Get it checked by a specialist.
  8. Have you tried Porsche? Part# 999 181 189 50 or https://www.advancedfluidsolutions.co.uk/14mm-id-916-x-500mm-cotton-over-braided-nitrile-fuel-hose-pipe-tubing-1827-p.asp
  9. https://www.halfords.com/tools/hand-tools/automotive-tools/laser-coil-spring-compressor-696385.html Not pushing Halfords or Laser tools but this type of compressor works very well.
  10. When the suspension is at full droop - ie car is jacked up or son jumping car over canal bridges, the main coil spring can slip off the upper or lower perch. To keep the spring in position small helper springs are used. https://funtodrive.net/coilovers-vs-regular-shocks-and-springs-what-is-the-difference/ If you find someone with a bit of carburettor knowledge then a tune up could help but most garages want to plug something into a computer. At best they mask the real fault by making incorrect adjustments. If you get the rebuild kit, take loads of photos use good quality screw drivers you will do a far better job than most garages. Carb repairs were usually covered in the Haynes manual.
  11. Have the coil overs got the helper springs fitted to keep the main springs seated at full extension? Ref the carb would probably be worthwhile a clean and refurb kit - only a few £. If it’s a Pierburg they have a pull down actuator these are sub £15 and with changing as part of a service. Air leaks and and build up of crud are the usual offenders.
  12. You could drive it and put it through several heat cycles. ** Caution- there is the obvious risk of using a car with brakes that are not 100%. **
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