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  1. 3.0 & 3.2 both use a 95mm piston. Any idea on the rods used to make the 3.2 pistons work?
  2. Later 9.8:1 pistons and 964 cams work well with CIS but if ITB's are definitely on the horizon I would be tempted to hold back and go for something like a 10.5:1 piston with 'S' profile cams. You would retain all the driveability of a stock SC but gain an extra 60 bhp for very little extra effort. It would also allow you to match port to manifold sizes during any machining ops with the heads off. Also consider your CIS, these are are all getting on for 40+ years old and can work fine if undisturbed. Removal and refitting is not always guaranteed to go to plan.
  3. Wossner pistons in my 3.0. Very nice piston but don’t know how well it would work with stock cams and CIS.
  4. Have a quick look on a SMART Car forum. They don’t have drain plugs and experience reliability problems resulting from poor oil changes.
  5. 20 mph is a big shunt. There will be some damage somewhere. Get it checked by a specialist.
  6. Have you tried Porsche? Part# 999 181 189 50 or https://www.advancedfluidsolutions.co.uk/14mm-id-916-x-500mm-cotton-over-braided-nitrile-fuel-hose-pipe-tubing-1827-p.asp
  7. https://www.halfords.com/tools/hand-tools/automotive-tools/laser-coil-spring-compressor-696385.html Not pushing Halfords or Laser tools but this type of compressor works very well.
  8. When the suspension is at full droop - ie car is jacked up or son jumping car over canal bridges, the main coil spring can slip off the upper or lower perch. To keep the spring in position small helper springs are used. https://funtodrive.net/coilovers-vs-regular-shocks-and-springs-what-is-the-difference/ If you find someone with a bit of carburettor knowledge then a tune up could help but most garages want to plug something into a computer. At best they mask the real fault by making incorrect adjustments. If you get the rebuild kit, take loads of photos use good quality
  9. Have the coil overs got the helper springs fitted to keep the main springs seated at full extension? Ref the carb would probably be worthwhile a clean and refurb kit - only a few £. If it’s a Pierburg they have a pull down actuator these are sub £15 and with changing as part of a service. Air leaks and and build up of crud are the usual offenders.
  10. You could drive it and put it through several heat cycles. ** Caution- there is the obvious risk of using a car with brakes that are not 100%. **
  11. Give it a try. I have a sunroof rear cage in a non-sunroof (also no headliner) car. I fitted a length of fire resistant foam across the top tube and it’s a very snug fit against the underside of the roof skin.
  12. New seals? If the seals are sticking on the pistons they can pull the pistons back giving the pedal feeling you have. You can get special assembly lube to build up the seals and pistons but many just use regular brake fluid.
  13. Have you test fitted it in the car? The rear section may slide forwards a little to give extra clearance.
  14. As Phill said, you need to backdate the oil scavenge pipework. It's also a good idea to remove the heater flaps and plug the holes.
  15. Father had a new metallic orange 2 litre 131 in ‘77. He liked the car and the way it performed but shocking corrosion. ‘78 he was back in a Volvo.
  16. Drill holes in the bracket and plug weld it??
  17. Front and rear pads are not interchangeable. For spirited driving and track days having a higher friction pad in the rear works well.
  18. Don’t forget Hamilton was very young kid when he swallowed up by the F1 machine. At his level, the training programs will be life consuming. Hunt etc had all lived a life before hitting the big time and not many had/have the consistency of Hamilton.
  19. V70’s worked well for me. Hard rear & medium front was a very good combination for track days. They seemed to be a couple of clicks up on 888’s and allowed extra track time without turning to mush. However, many of the ‘budget’ brands - Federal, Nankang etc have started to produce track day tyres. They seem to get very good reviews and will almost certainly be better for circuit driving when compared to premium road biased tyres.
  20. Perhaps someone has removed the higher final drive from a 915 fitted on a later 3.2. Could be worth a wanted on IB or a call to Tuthill?? Have you had your EFI system mapped? Is the economy down on the old CIS setup?
  21. Not quite the answer you are looking..... It will drop your speed in top by 10mph at the same RPM.
  22. My point still stands, do you know anyone with a mid 90’s to 2010 car that changed any of the airbags as part of scheduled maintenance? We have had owners on IB with 30+ year old rubber brake hoses. Only prompted to replace the lines as the vehicles were suffering poor brake performance.
  23. Remove the screw that holds the head on the shaft. Remove the two screws hold the bracket in place. Slide bracket off the shaft. Remove bush.........
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